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YES!!! I have to make a list of good stuff "mics; pre's, analogue delays... what ever " that is made in china to...

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ArcCirDude 10th April 2006
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Giveaway of Violet Design microphones and introduction of ConEq™. You are welcome to visit our stand J32 in Hall 8.0 at Pro...

The Press Desk
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C/G 10th April 2006
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I always got the impression that waves (plug ins) is an arrogant, elitist company that operates like Microsoft. Take their...

Unknown soldier
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weedmaker 10th April 2006
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Has anyone here ever installed isolted ground receptacles (also referred to as "IG receptacles")? What's involved? ...

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Bob Ross 10th April 2006
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currently I use iTunes to Burn the Audio CDs for my clients, but I wonder what everyone out there uses (except Toast?) What is...

Andi Rauscher
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johnnyvince 10th April 2006
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cajonezzz 10th April 2006
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The Soundelux U-195 can be had for $1,100 new. Any mics that you've found to be better for male vocals (obviously, U-195...

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Jay Kahrs 10th April 2006
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I tracked (quad-tracked!) a demo's worth of guitars, using a GT Brick as a DI. Now, with the Brick's gain knob fully...

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Ziggy!! 10th April 2006
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howdy, i'm considering 2 more channels of EQ, primarily for use when tracking (music is usually various kinds of...

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brownmouse 10th April 2006
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Hi guys, I´m looking for another preamp for my home studio. I already have Millennia TD-1 wich I like a lot but I will like...

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espasonico 10th April 2006
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I finally got an Aeron a few day ago. Wow. Just Wow. This thing is amazing. If anyone is debating to get one or not, get one! I...

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20to20 10th April 2006
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At AES in new york last october there was a company who was selling pre fab studios. You could buy modular cabinets, console...

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tommymakestapes 10th April 2006
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Allen Heath mixwizard 3 16:2 routed into an rme fireface OR A Spirit 328 board going into an rme fireface? Why would...

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bkspitfire 10th April 2006
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what are your favorite songs that feature acoustic guitar? What type of acoustic guitar sounds do you like? Natural or...

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Kiwiburger 10th April 2006
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Just curious how you use it. In the studio almost everybody says that you should not put it right into the hole, because...

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joelpatterson 10th April 2006
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Hello to our friends across the Pond, howdy We have been receiving inquiries about A-Designs Audio products and who carries...

Peter Montessi
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Peter Montessi 10th April 2006
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I'm looking at a KM54 from Vintage King, but a little worried that the diaphragm won't be intact (which is sort of the point of...

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doorknocker 9th April 2006
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I'm choosing a sound interface and i have the possibilty to choose one of these two digital formats, any reason why to take one...

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TheSweetener 9th April 2006
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SparkyCanada 9th April 2006
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I am looking for a new pre. I am looking at the new Chandler or the Pacifica. Has anyone compared the two? I currently have...

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Peter Montessi 9th April 2006
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Hi, is this eq suitable for mixbus applications? Best regards, Macmod

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macmod 9th April 2006
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Fun stuff! thumbsup Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick remembers LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- John Lennon had a new song....

Sounds Great
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Steve G 9th April 2006
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Okay, There have been so many complaints about the WUP thing. Now, I also thought 'F.ck em' but finally ended up WUPping myself...

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ShamansDream 9th April 2006
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& what do you use them on? I'm addicted to the Putnam echo chamber from the Cello set... Still looking for that perfect...

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six_wax 9th April 2006
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bobdobber 9th April 2006
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hey. is anyone familiar w. ron holmes & the 414 tube mod that he does? http://www.holmeseng.com/ thanks, al.

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alschnier 9th April 2006
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Sorry...fella's i need some help....i'm kinda new to this!! I Live in Amsterdam, and another friend of mine lives outside...

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chumusic 9th April 2006
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An engineer I was chatting to today was telling me about how you can use the Sync I/O to track your drums at a higher sample rate...

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dabhoys 9th April 2006
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what are peoples opinion on this mic, i find my vox sounds a bit nasal/ tizzy through it-is this my placement/chain/ singer.. or...

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josha 9th April 2006
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Hi, I'm going to be trying out an Apogee mini me tomorrow and need some advice. Here is the question; I have no AES cable...

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djanogil 9th April 2006
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Avatar for GL Respect Due
GL Respect Due 9th April 2006
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I have had a 512 Shuffle, a 4GB Nano, a 2nd gen. iPod and a 3rd gen. iPod. My new 4th generation iPod sounds terrible. Its...

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Anonymatt 9th April 2006
Avatar for w2w

Not super new news,but the sytek site has been updated.still pretty slutty. 8 channels - $9,500.00 12 channels - $12,500.00...

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Stormkloud 9th April 2006
Avatar for jeffpardo

hey all, anybody have any thoughts on RME converters? I can't afford the apogee stuff at this point, the RME ADI 2 goes for...

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thermos 9th April 2006
Avatar for edham

Anyone have first hand experience or some inside info on the differences between the S2A and the A7? Does the new A7 really...

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Rep 9th April 2006
Avatar for bigmarchie

So I'm in the market for a power conditioner/regulator/make my aduio as clean as possible black box. After combing many...

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jdunn 9th April 2006
Avatar for Andi Rauscher

Hi all, I have connected my Line 6 POD xt Pro to one of the Digidesign 192 I/O Interfaces via AES / EBU (the Digital Card.)...

Andi Rauscher
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Andi Rauscher 8th April 2006
Avatar for RPiper

Im about to record some guitars with a friend and im wondering what people may think of this approach.. I dont have huge amounts...

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Avatar for DeepSpace
DeepSpace 8th April 2006
Avatar for feyshay

The Blue Robbie has been out for nearly 2 years now. I know that enough units were sold for it to have been unavailable...

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Avatar for Paul Vnuk Jr.
Paul Vnuk Jr. 8th April 2006
Avatar for weatherbox

So I've got this tube mic I like a lot. Problem is, it's breakin' a lot. First month I used it problem free, then it konked....

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weatherbox 8th April 2006
Avatar for TLMUSIC

Hi. Im looking for info and oppinions on what gear is essential for the production of pop music - meaning anything from Britney...

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Avatar for Sqye
Sqye 8th April 2006
Avatar for superburtm

I got some ugly corrosion on my PU's on my Les Paul..what's a good safe way to clean this crap off? Graciaskfhkh

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Avatar for nathanvacha
nathanvacha 8th April 2006
Avatar for Sleargut

Dear audiofriends, I was planning to buy apogee's new ensemble interface.. but i am thinking about changing to the rme...

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Sleargut 8th April 2006
Avatar for no ssl yet

Guys i have a folder full of "reference" songs that I look to to make sure I'm in the ballpark when mixing early on...

no ssl yet
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manning1 8th April 2006
Avatar for chumusic

Let's say i have the Apogee Ensemble... Would it be wise to put a Big Ben to clock the Ensemble?....will the Big Ben make the...

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chumusic 8th April 2006
Avatar for audioalchemy

Has anybody ever ysed this pre, is it any good. How about compared to the UA 610 pre. Any input would be...

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max cooper 8th April 2006
Avatar for kindkind

going to be buying some converters... Ill be buying them new i think, and from the usual suspects on the internet, sweetwater...

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Avatar for John Suitcase
John Suitcase 8th April 2006
Avatar for Geddyleewannabe

I was planning on getting a Mytek Studio 96 A/D converter only. It then occured to me, if I want to insert a piece of outboard...

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Avatar for LightningBefore
LightningBefore 8th April 2006
Avatar for Matt Grondin

Ok, first my Apogee Rosetta started wigging out... had to send back the Digimix X-Series card to get repaired. Then my new FM...

Matt Grondin
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Avatar for Matt Grondin
Matt Grondin 8th April 2006
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squeegybug 8th April 2006