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Hi all, i need a little help with a problem i have recently, I have a D&R Orion and it had a bit hum noise, but nothing...

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mfedderman 20th April 2006
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How do these SDC mics compare to say Earthworks or DPA ? People seem to give them rave reviews but no real comparison to the...

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MikeMcDonald 20th April 2006
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I'm trying to put together a low cost (2k to 3k) 5.1 system. Will be auditioning Tannoy Reveals plus sub with Bluesky Prodesk...

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kato 20th April 2006
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Hey, I just saw Ship's ad for the icon in a soundmag here in Oz. Dude - you look good in it (No I'm not gay... Not that there's...

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aevan 20th April 2006
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These SDC mics are reasonably priced and touted as having low self noise, can take high SPL, very nice off axis response and...

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rockyroad 20th April 2006
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Great forum! I am planning to upgrade from the following: MBox I KRK RP5's Marshall MXL 990 In other words...a basic...

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dsound 20th April 2006
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Ok this is what I've learned. 1. With $300, Power "Conditioning" is BS. and... that's about it. No one else...

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(DC) 20th April 2006
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I have virtually no access to Studer 24-track machines these days and lots of access to computer and hardware-based digital...

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GP_Hawk 20th April 2006
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I've read several posts stating that the original SM7 needs approx. 60 dB of gain from the preamp to be heard well. Since the new...

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TonyBelmont 20th April 2006
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Can some people name some, please only the ones you actually used though, and actually benefitted from, Pro tools format would be...

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TonyBelmont 20th April 2006
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Just got it and its without the manual. Can anyone talk me through a basic callibration. Which levels to set first. Like input...

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peterende 20th April 2006
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anyone know how this was done ?? mics ?? mic pre's ?? studio ?? its one of my all time fav songs as it has a vibe i like.

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dustpan 20th April 2006

Bob Vogt died of a heart attack at the end of March in Tallahassee Fl. Bob was one of the best engineers anyone could have worked...

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LightningBefore 20th April 2006
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Greetings to all, Akeeda Entertainment is looking for a Experienced freelance engineer ::preferably from NYC:: to work on our...

Akeeda ent
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Akeeda ent 20th April 2006
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Hi there Could anyone recommend a good analogue mixer to use in combination with a tascam 38 reel2reel. For recording 8 tracks...

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Sqye 20th April 2006
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I'm running the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 through a Behringer mixer. I've been planning on upgrading my Audiophile for awhile now,...

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scius 20th April 2006
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I have an unmixed project that was recorded on a 1/2"-16 track machine that I would like to mix in PTLE. Any suggestions?

groove guru
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bunnerabb 20th April 2006
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At the moment I'm mixing all my levels by mouse in Sonar 4, sending them out to a compressor/eq/effects processor from the MOTU...

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kevinc 20th April 2006
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Hi all, do you run your delays etc.'s outputs into a preamp or compressor or just run them right back into your board?

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echorec 19th April 2006
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What master plugin should I use with my mbox2 factory bundle and pt le 7? The maxim plug that came with it is too simple, and...

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2012 19th April 2006
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C/G 19th April 2006
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I'm getting some random clicks/pops when I do a mixdown in Cubase SX3. These glitches are sometimes barely audible and only 1...

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zakco 19th April 2006
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I just heard their latest effort.... Its not terrible.... its good, actually. I just expected more. I was so blown away...

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respirator 19th April 2006
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For metal music, I love to mix the mics with two or three samples to get the crack going through. I use API, Chandler pres and...

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[email protected] 19th April 2006
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Can anyone tell me what kind of reverb or delay people are using these days for that "dry" vocal rock sound? (i.e. Red...

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theblue1 19th April 2006
Avatar for Roger Starr

When listening to the funky guitar stuff of Prince on f.i. his latest album (Lolita) or f.i. on the Sly Tribute's Album Family...

Roger Starr
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Steamy Williams 19th April 2006
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Roundtrip (ad/da) on my converter is 2555 samples when I have my buffer at 1024. Am I wrong to assume that the D/A portion is...

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StudioRhythm 19th April 2006
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alyi 19th April 2006
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does anybody have info and schematics for a TELEFUNKEN mic preamplifier module called 620 (a,b, or c) it's a module the same...

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Forenheimer 19th April 2006
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just noticed, is it new? pretty cool Jules.

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Albert 19th April 2006
Avatar for MACHINE

Im actually only going to be using this guitar as a midi controller so I wanna stay within the 300 or less range so can you...

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Jim Williams 19th April 2006
Avatar for el cochino

A fellow Gearslut just asked me this question and I didn't really know the answer. Maybe, someone (Fletcher?) could explain this...

el cochino
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Dog_Chao_Chao 19th April 2006
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a 4 channel version of the 550 eq in a single space to match thier 3124+ and a 4 channel, single space 525 would be nice also....

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Sqye 19th April 2006
Avatar for Kiwiburger

OK - this is probably not the right forum, because this is very much a case of "so little gear, so much time" instead...

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Avatar for Allen Wrench
Allen Wrench 19th April 2006
Avatar for opentune

Given the fact that most (or all?) of us slutz want to/need to improve their skills (no matter in which audio field you work)...

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opentune 19th April 2006
Avatar for Mastering101

i can get one new in box for 400.00 ..is that worth it?..i know a few people really like it....i was just going to toss it in a...

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Synth80s 19th April 2006
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Hey, i'm looking to buy some plugs, and was wondering what the best bargain pack would be. I've been demoing the v5 waves plugs,...

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AdamJay 19th April 2006
Avatar for petsematary

I have a bunch of old police radio-type mics lying in boxes and they've all got weird 4 pin connectors which I assume is the...

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tINY 19th April 2006
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell

The website says... The NAMM shows are not open to the public. Only companies which are currently doing business in the music...

Rufuss Sewell
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Sqye 19th April 2006
Avatar for bkspitfire

Was wondering how the samplitude built in plugins compare to other 3rd party plugins like waves, eas, kjaerhus, etc? Are they...

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oneartist 19th April 2006
Avatar for quincyg

was thinking about rigging my patchbay with warning led's when phantom is on for a channel. is this crazy? and would it be a...

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quincyg 19th April 2006
Avatar for Messiah

Every time I replace the mains fuse (T2A) on my 50 watt Plexi reissue and switch it on, it lights up for 1-2 seconds then blows...

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pulsar modular 19th April 2006
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My brother-in-law had a little studio in the late 70s to the end of the 80s. He sold it all off, but had a few mics left in a...

Sean Holland
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Sean Holland 19th April 2006
Avatar for JDN

this should be a very simple question, I'm looking for the pro tools audiosuite plug in that you can highlight a region and it...

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Avatar for RadioMoo
RadioMoo 19th April 2006
Avatar for Ghost Logic

Does anyone have any updated information about the Purple Audio API 500 format compressor?

Ghost Logic
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Ghost Logic 19th April 2006
Avatar for AB3

I keep on getting "runtime errors" when I go anywhere on this board. I am using Windows Xp. Anyone know how to fix...

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AB3 19th April 2006
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When mixing in effects at the mix on previously recorded electric guitar tracks, do you guys add modulation, ambiance, and delay...

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Coldsnow 19th April 2006
Avatar for StuartMac

My main live room is fairly small (about 16' x 15' with 11-foot ceilings), and wood-pannelled. It has Auralex tile, some on...

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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 18th April 2006
Avatar for steffan.karlsen

I currently have a set of Event ASP8 in my studio and they sound great. I have an opportunity to trade them for a set of...

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dbx.type2 18th April 2006
Avatar for theblotted

i'm using RME Fireface. when i change my sample rate, the noise floor of my analog in's changes. @ 44.1 or 48kHz, my noise...

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Avatar for JonCraig
JonCraig 18th April 2006