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Lets say You had an 1176 strapped across an insert but - the desk is wired for ring send and tip return (like the Soundcraft...

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woods 6th May 2006
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Any tricks on how to handle vocals in a metal mix? IE: FX, compression, eq. Just a few simple tricks on how to make them sound...

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C_F_H_13 6th May 2006
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Nicolas Collins (who will be at the next Tape Op conference) has released a book called Handmade Electronic Music - The Art of...

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robd 6th May 2006
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Weirdness - or so it seems to me. I just got an AT 4050 and A/B'd it against my AT4040 and it is alot quieter than the 4040. By...

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CassidyGT 6th May 2006
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Something like a 2 channel Rosetta? I'm guessing the only way would be to go into it via the ADAT optical input. Doesn't seem...

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shortyprs 5th May 2006
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Hello, please recommend me best soft comp (VST or DX) for mixing into and also tips how to set up it. What about PSP mastercomp...

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warhead 5th May 2006
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which preamp is better? the s20 or the sebatron?

Drive All Day
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theblotted 5th May 2006
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Howdy, I'd like to be able to share large files with studios all over the world. Recently I used another studio's FTP server...

Rufuss Sewell
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Shan 5th May 2006
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OK I`m so excited being a bass player I ordered a custom shop warwick. Cost me alot but DAMN the thing sounds Wonderful and I...

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zarembo 5th May 2006
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I would love to hear what some other people have done to their drums to get the sound they want. Not with any kind of EQ,...

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wilkinswp 5th May 2006
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Hi, need some advice on upgrading my DAW. I bought a new G5, Dual 2,0 running Logic 7. So far, my converters have been a Motu...

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dan*leclub 5th May 2006
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Hi! I am currently planning a huge project with lots of money attached to it, this project might involve the building of a...

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RainbowStorm 5th May 2006
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During the last couple of days my Tinnitus has become worse for no appearant reason, so today I ordered the best CPU cooler I...

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bkspitfire 5th May 2006
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Hello all I just got a new setup and i need some help. I have decided to finally go to the computer, the problem is i am very...

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ScumBum 5th May 2006
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I know these AT mics have been discussed to death around here lately, but I'm planning on buying a good pair of LDCs, and I've...

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s_sibs 5th May 2006
Avatar for Psyko/Acoustics

Seriously, I want to hear what we have to say about this crucial task that some ignore at their peril. Having made my mistakes I...

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shikawkee 5th May 2006
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Hi, I've been using the Lynx 2-C and been very happy with it. I don't usually record any more than 1 instrument at a time in...

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Blenn 5th May 2006
Avatar for stellar

yo, my band has a gig in NYC next week... we are driving up the east coast in a van... we're not exactly sure how to go...

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Fletcher 5th May 2006
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Does anyone know anything about this midi controller, and are the faders and knobs assignable in pro tools? if so, how would you...

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eastcoastnme 5th May 2006
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experiences? what dou you prefer?

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ArcCirDude 5th May 2006
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Have any of you had any experience with mc2 amps - i've got the opportunity to buy one cheap, and am thinking about powering my...

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O.F.F. 5th May 2006
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I've had the builders in over the last few months building my new home studio at my London apartment. I've got a small temporary...

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fastlane 5th May 2006
Avatar for thejook

Let's say I just want to patch a few things in to my little studio and be on with my life. Something like a $20 Tascam patch...

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dementedchord 5th May 2006
Avatar for CZ101

I have limited experience with the 512c and Avril 1272 DIs . How do the Dakings stack up against the 3124 or the Wunder PA4 DIs?...

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wwittman 5th May 2006
Avatar for bluedragon

Okay, AC1 is incredible. It does some great things to a mix. I prefer it on the mix buss only, rather than on each...

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bluedragon 5th May 2006
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There seems to be a reverb/ delay effect on most of the guits and vocals on the Jellyfish- bellybuttons album that i absolutly...

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Gravity8058 5th May 2006
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I have a opinionated question, but I would like a suggestion on the comparisson of Graphic EQ's Versus Parametric EQ's and there...

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dbbubba 5th May 2006
Avatar for DivineMusic

using a K2 with a amperex bugleboy tube now though an isa220... would a 4060 be that much of an upgrade? i'm looking at...

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DivineMusic 5th May 2006
Avatar for frontierfran

so my setup (this week) is a 24 channel Soundtracs Topaz into a MOTU 24 i/o running DP for tracking and PT LE for editing, with 2...

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frontierfran 5th May 2006
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Has anyone checked out...

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max cooper 5th May 2006
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What's up? I'm about to embark on a weeklong trip to Spain this weekend. Can any sluts in Spain recommend any...

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Dor 5th May 2006
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Hi gearslutz I've pretty much decided what mic I'm going for to record vocals at my little studio - it's a Gefell M930. I've...

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ekimeno 5th May 2006
Avatar for PaRaNoId

Who can I go through to insure my "professional audio gear". AllState won't insure anything that is for...

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Mudnoc 5th May 2006
Avatar for arpodthegreat

I am thinking about uprgrading my DAW situation. currently i am using a Digi002r with a 17inch powerbook. i plan on getting a...

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arpodthegreat 4th May 2006
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streetbeats 4th May 2006
Avatar for cerla

Hello! I have a DA-16X connected via FireWire to a G5 (osX 10.4.2); it feeds a Dangerous 2BusLT. Now I've bought a Rosetta 200...

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Avatar for Axiomata
Axiomata 4th May 2006
Avatar for fuzzface777

First I want to say HOLY CRAP, I had my hard drive partioned with PTLE 7.1 partially installed on both (even if you pick drive...

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fuzzface777 4th May 2006
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Don't get me wrong--my new pair of Earthworks QTC30's are the cat's meow in every way. But I'm a little puzzled by the frequency...

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joelpatterson 4th May 2006
Avatar for zkaudio

So... how much is a fair price for one of these things...? 32 input, specs here: Modular chassis 24 track assignment with...

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maestro7879 4th May 2006
Avatar for Curious G

Yet another mic posting.... (sorry) It's time for a new mic and I'm interested in the Soundelux line. I'm looking for a great...

Curious G
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beats workin' 4th May 2006
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hey there folks. i am in need of a facility with a 1" 24 track analog deck, and hopefully some type of DAW to transfer an...

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[email protected] 4th May 2006
Avatar for Max Power

Hi Everyone!! I wanted to know where to buy Thermonic Culture Vulture in LA? Thanx!

Max Power
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Avatar for Tetness
Tetness 4th May 2006
Avatar for demel

I'm hoping to squeeze the HD recorder,mixer and a few pieces of rackmount gear (a few mic pres, compressors, reverb) into a...

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timmcallister 4th May 2006
Avatar for maestro7879

I'm selling off most of my gear and upgrading. I'm not sure what path to take though. Currently Using - Amek Tac Scorpion 32...

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maestro7879 4th May 2006
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anyone have an opinion as to which has better converters. i am not interested in the pre-amps, just the conversion. the logic...

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grahluk 4th May 2006
Avatar for RainbowStorm

I'm currently looking for a job abroad and the employer sent me a 6 pages long form attached to an e-mail where he asks me to...

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RainbowStorm 4th May 2006
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dubrichie 4th May 2006
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Dear Slutz, I got a ca. 5 year old 414 B-ULS that became one of my fave vocal (and FOK) mics over the years. Unfortunately it...

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doorknocker 4th May 2006
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The other day i had an idea. would it work to use an ipod FM transmitter to send to a radio to hear how the mix sounds over...

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Avatar for RadioMoo
RadioMoo 4th May 2006
Avatar for TestAccount

Here's what I've narrowed it down to. Help me choose! If you have any experience with these or any comments, please share....

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Avatar for riteup3
riteup3 4th May 2006