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Hi, I recently upgraded my interface to the Apollo Twin Mk2 and since then have noticed a real honky sound around E & F at...

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DMan 12th January 2019
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Looking to upgrade my mic, and I seem to be zeroing in on these two. The new mic will be used mostly to record my vocal. Would be...

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Overdrive 12th January 2019
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I was thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these as Sweetwater has an excellent deal going on. I have a P1 and MA5...

Twenty Staxx
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Henri13 12th January 2019
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Here's my predicament. Being a fairly new father with a now 3 year old my time for producing is limited, (primarily electronic...

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subharmon1c 12th January 2019
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Hi all, So I'm bringing to the table an interesting and controversed debate... I want to start by saying that I am a...

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caton 12th January 2019
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hey everyone! I'm booking a room in SLC on the tail end of a trip to Sundance and want to record a bunch of rarer percussion...

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DGByrne 12th January 2019

When a track gets uploaded to sites like appleplay, Spotify and tidal, what do these sites do to the original audio? Each have...

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MUSICMUSIC 12th January 2019
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Hey, what is the best piece of gear I can get for a reasonable price that will allow me to pitch shift my vocals down a small...

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WillSqueak 12th January 2019
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never gonna be again ..sad..these guys were the budget team for low cost productions....and they rawked... notice the TSOP/SIGMA...

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12tone 12th January 2019
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Is Steinberg releasing a new controller ? Yesterday I saw some stores had stopped selling the CC121 and pulled it out of stock....

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Ciaccona 12th January 2019
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Really love the Joly modded MK012 and K47H head. But, now they are no more. Of course I can keep my eyes peeled for used...

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ben_allison 12th January 2019
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Hey found 16 channel TL Audio VTC valve Console, (this model TL Audio VTC 16/8/2 Valve Mixing Desk | Marc's Gear |...

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Gearo 12th January 2019
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Stumbled across this is my latest hunt for the elusive Yamaha Nuage... Yamaha Nuage Nio500-A8D8 Dante AudioIF Nio500-A8D8 8...

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hocusprocus 12th January 2019
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Stealthtank 11th January 2019
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So I have a studio that I sometimes make money from, but I'm really trying to eventually become a professional composer and...

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BIG BUDDHA 11th January 2019
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im looking around ebay for some hardware comps and eq was wondering if the urei 539 eqs are any good?? heres a link to...

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Bhays 11th January 2019
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Hello, I read more and more literature about modern sound microphones. They name for example the Neumann TLM 107 like a...

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Henri13 11th January 2019
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If you had good preamps, a well treated recording room, a Sennheiser MKH416, EV RE20, and a great old RCA ribbon mic, what would...

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Bob Ross 11th January 2019
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Being sponsored Sennheiser I have just been offered an MK4 mic for my studio, I have read great reviews of the MK8, my ideal...

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John Willett 11th January 2019
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Hiya. Could anyone out there please help me identify and name a microphone which I believe is a akg? If anyone can give me the...

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Solderon 11th January 2019
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Hello guys, first post here, really need your help for the most important investment of my life. I need to record some high-end...

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Wizhard 11th January 2019
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Does anyone know where I can get a Capstan motor for a Tascam 234 Syncaset 4 track cassette recorder. ANY help would be...

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nosebleedaudio 11th January 2019
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Hi and happy new year everybody ! i ve just bought a speck ssm24 and an expander ,early serial numbers,they need a restoration ,i...

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boops 11th January 2019
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To thrill or anyone who knows the box - I'm soldering some cables for this Dynatron DRP20 I just bought ($350 and it looks like...

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flextone 11th January 2019
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Hi, Im new to this forum so wasnt totally sure where to post this thread. I am looking for a contact for Mixing engineer Andy...

Crystal Mixing and Mastering
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slutbox 11th January 2019
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Hi Hi! New member here - I've scoured every forum I could find for any information on this 10 channel Studiomaster desk I picked...

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grimwabs 11th January 2019
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When I'm turning the knob "Current Control" (which is Threshold, I suppose), I hear some low frequency noise, kind a...

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Arseny 11th January 2019
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I am a bass/baritone, and my singing style makes some harmonies a bit subtle. I got a Audio Technica AT2020 for free and it...

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blindspotlight 11th January 2019
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I have a lobby that's about 700sq large, and I want to put speakers that I can just play music with good quality. My listening...

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theblue1 11th January 2019

So let's say for you there's no debate over itb/otb, you're decidedly itb. You have a plethora of plugins, a few UAD...

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bigbone 10th January 2019
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Hi there, Currently have an Apogee Symphony mk II 2 X 6 and using Munro 150’s as my monitors. Want to be able to switch...

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scandal 10th January 2019
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Hi there, This is partly copied from a specific Focal Shape 50 vs 60 post, but I reckon it make more sense to post it here as it...

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deedeeyeah 10th January 2019
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Looking to upgrade to a dangerous convert 2 & the 2BUS. My set up will be U87 AI > 1073 (OR AVALON 737) > CONVERT 2...

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TheRealMacVibez 10th January 2019
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Hey! Does anyone have experience in changing the tweeter in Focal CMS series? I have the replacement tweeter and I opened up the...

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andresnol 10th January 2019
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Hello all. I have a Mojave 201 Fet ( 2 actually ) that one of them has out of no where developed a small hum coming from it. I...

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szyam 10th January 2019
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What's your favorite monitor manager? I'm looking for something that's going to have a pure signal path, and also has some...

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CJ Mastering 10th January 2019
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Hello All, I am running a Strat > Keeley Aria (compressor and drive) > Strymon El Caspitan tape echo > Strymon Flint...

mike vee
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avare 10th January 2019
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Sounds like the vocals has been double tracked, but then again they match up so perfectly I'm wondering if they are 2 versions of...

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CJ Mastering 10th January 2019
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Hi, I'm trying to get this effect chain on this track sound similar to mine. But can't figure it out. Sounds so clean. Seems...

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SJMC 10th January 2019
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This is mainly a sound design and mix shootout between PSI A17 and Amphion One18. But I threw in a couple more for fun; Geithain...

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Kimotei 10th January 2019
Avatar for hewhorocks

I recently picked up a Carvin Quad Preamp from the let 80s 90s ? I wasn't really looking for a new rig but the opportunity...

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mikeSF 10th January 2019
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Hello! So I recently bought an E&S DJR200 mixer. With my previous mixers (Pioneer), I would just plug the active monitors...

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kflynt 10th January 2019
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So i updated my Se 02 and everything seemed to go fine. Im able to record notes in the step sequencer with my k25 no problem but...

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myksta02 10th January 2019
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Please advise. Need a double-channel amp to power both NS10s and Auratones. I read a zillion threads on this subject here, but...

Deleted 5edf3fa
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Deleted 5edf3fa 10th January 2019
Avatar for MoltenVoltage

I have old JBL's and new Mixcubes that are passive, but am finally going to pull the trigger on KRK ROKIT 10-3 G3 active...

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MoltenVoltage 9th January 2019
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I compared (not under strict scientific conditions though) three different stereo sets: - A pair of 3U Warbler 127 SDC with...

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rojaros 9th January 2019
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Hello all, I know a few guys here have (or had) an original GEMINI Mic by sE Electronics, that big twin-tube daddy. As far...

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SHXDOHMUSIC 9th January 2019
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Ok, so there are often threads on here about famous records that were made in bedroom/home studios etc, but I'm just wondering if...

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jauslong 9th January 2019
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So I know this has been brought up on GS before and I've read through a lot of threads but gotten to answer. I love the...

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dandeurloo 9th January 2019
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hi.. thank you.. i plan (would like) to do sample based hip hop... meaning i sample a snippet of a real song.. maybe taken...

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churchtzsf 9th January 2019