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Sorry...I thought Telecaster was a requirement in all headings today.

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pan60 3rd June 2006
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Hi Gearslutz, I have a room where I wanna record some vocals and electric guitars. This room is very small and some acoustic...

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Alexi 3rd June 2006
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Im debating on hwat to buy for my kick drum recordings, audix d6, EV RE20, or EV ND868, I know what the re 20 sounds like nd I...

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JohnNy C 3rd June 2006
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heh... gibson tone shoulder-saver volume on 8 or 9 = greasy spoon (gibson) volume on 1 or 2 = dry chopstick (fender) cheap...

Deleted 6f6e2d3
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max cooper 3rd June 2006
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i know this seems like a dumb question. i know i would need a PCI card with digital outs. but would i need a PCI card for EACH...

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jhg 3rd June 2006
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Anyone with any info on how to service this machine? How to use this funky machine? (like what does the 'endless tape' diagram...

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kimowasabe 2nd June 2006
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i love my 160x for kicks and snares and bass sometimes (tracking of course).. i am wondering, if i get a distressor will i no...

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Tibbon 2nd June 2006
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I don't have a board to run my monitor path from protools through, so... Does anyone have a good recommendation for a dedicated...

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gsilbers 2nd June 2006
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I have tried most of the american made telecasters (new) but to me a japanese made tele (new) sounds much better, not when...

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Meriphew 2nd June 2006
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Hi, I am looking at purchasing an Allen and Heath GL2400 mixing desk with the intension of doing live sound and studio recording....

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joeq 2nd June 2006
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I like to buy everything in stereo, but I find it very difficult to find gear that has stepped knobs. Take my Fatso for...

Bump Music
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bpatural 2nd June 2006
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anybody know of any good tips/tricks or articles on overhead mic placement? Im looking for the jedi techniques.

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junebughunter 2nd June 2006
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I'm looking into getting the Coleman Audio M3PH. What is the difference between the original model and the MKII? I can't find...

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bpert 2nd June 2006
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If there was a way to imbed quicktime videos I'd do that. I am aware I am breaking at least two million monitor positioning...

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junebughunter 2nd June 2006
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Single or multi channel--- any recommendations? 1RU please.

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neekolas 2nd June 2006
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Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew how the best way to connect a Telefunken V676a is. FX, what happens if you apply resistors...

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peeceebee 2nd June 2006
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There are two new Brauner mics to be released soon. boing The VMX is the "A side" of the VMA. The VMX Lite a...

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mahasandi 2nd June 2006
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I'm running 16 ch of RME ADI-8 DS AD/DA and about to add a Nicerizer. I'm wondering if I should just run my tracks out Nuendo...

GL Respect Due
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JazzYoda 2nd June 2006
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Very simple test done in 5min- 4 (24bit) stereotracks - 1 bar - 140bpm -DFH Superior drums -Trilogy acoustic...

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steffo 2nd June 2006
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Kinda like... well, like a new car where the finish has been accidently stripped off with some industrial-strength soap in the...

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synthoid 2nd June 2006
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Probably been done here before, but I thought I'd just add the chance for a little rant... Me Gefell UM70... What a nice...

Reggie Love
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orville 2nd June 2006
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A bit of history: I've been using a Delta44 for like 6 years or so (ever since they came out). Now we are recording a full album...

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r0ck1r0ck2 2nd June 2006
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Hey i've read great reviews on both of these mics and i'm really looking to get one. I will mainly be using it for vocals. Just...

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ethan_c 2nd June 2006
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The MPCist 2nd June 2006
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sorry....double post.....screw my provider....

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Alexi 2nd June 2006
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Okay, I'm in the process of replacing all my middling gear with good gear, and I'm at the point where all my ins and outs are...

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audiomichael 2nd June 2006
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So pictures says more than a gazillion words..... I thought it was a really cool show. And it was nice to see everyone's...

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Jim vanBergen 2nd June 2006
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Trusty... Good deal... Shipment to Brazil. Any advice? Thx!

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lang_dave 2nd June 2006
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LOL. I know I need to get or make bass traps. But I just got a subwoofer for my system. And even listening at a...

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crabtwins 1st June 2006
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Slated for my project studio overhaul in the next few months. I recalled this thread...

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andrewj 1st June 2006
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ban13 1st June 2006
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insomnio 1st June 2006
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Hi folks. I've been a bit relaxed about the whole Tape Op Con thing only to find that the registration prices go up the closer...

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picksail 1st June 2006
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Anyone know of a good repair facility in NY that would service Universal Audio gear? My M-610 seems to have crapped out -- it...

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retropete 1st June 2006
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Is it a horrible idea to have one set on top of another if you don't have anywhere better to put second pair? How much will this...

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TheSweetener 1st June 2006
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I'm fascinated with modern pop recordings that were tracked directlyl to two-track tape (aside from the obvious jazz and...

max cooper
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[email protected] 1st June 2006
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I've been a die hard mac guy, and will remain that way for the most part,that being the platform I've been raised on since the...

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AdamJay 1st June 2006
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So I'm thinking, with hurricane season on its way, i need to get my gear insured. Its not a lot, maybe $10,000 worth of stuff. ...

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KROK 1st June 2006
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Buy Mutt Lange's old house and studio in Switzerland The price is right too! thumbsup...

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ArcCirDude 1st June 2006
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So I'm watching Adult Swim as is my usual routine at night and I see a T-Mobile commercial. It's the one where they're...

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TEMAS 1st June 2006
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I spent a quiet weekend ploughing through ****loads of my favourite Sixties tracks – British: Hollies, Kinks, Who,...

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djwayne 1st June 2006
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Can you? I've been comparing a couple of bounced to disc mixed files in 002 & Nuendo. The Nuendo default Panning Law...

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amost 1st June 2006
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Finished tracking drums for a record and am starting to realize the snare was hit too hard and choked itself out. In the...

planet red
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u b k 1st June 2006
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seems that theres a lot of guys still dressing , listening , playing etc like if still the 80s in LA. you know, the black...

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u b k 1st June 2006
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Hi, I am reading this board for quite a while now and it's just great. Question; I you would have about 165k EUR to spend (circa...

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ArcCirDude 1st June 2006
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what kind? (beverage/console) me: 3/4 's of a new castle into a tascam m3500 across 10 or so faders. had to pull 2 of the...

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ArcCirDude 1st June 2006
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A friend of mine just asked me this, and I didn't know, so I figured I'd ask here. Are the massive quantities of background...

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goldphinga 1st June 2006
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Ok, So, Ive been working (writing) with this artist writing and doing cheap "great sounding spent way too much time on...

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M2E 1st June 2006
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i bought a couple of patchbays from mr patchbay. they are normalled adc punchdown bays and i am trying to figure out how to...

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quincyg 1st June 2006
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Anybody know any Plugins Compresspr and Hardware have the same Function as Drawmer 1968's "BIG" Switch? Thanks for...

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Sizzleboy 1st June 2006