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thenoiseflower 26th June 2006
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We've got a full-time, entry level position open. Please let me know if there's anyone you'd recommend! We stopped taking...

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tonyespinoza 26th June 2006
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Encouraged by the success of an earlier buy, folks over on homerecording.com are organizing to do a second group mic buy. I...

SMC Productions
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bigbone 26th June 2006
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And why? What do YOU do if you have 1, 2, 3 or whatever acoustics in the mix?

Recording David
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mrface2112 26th June 2006
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Are they all compatible with the PCI express format?

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seaneldon 26th June 2006
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I just got a good laugh out of this... I'm not a drummer and I don't know maybe this guys is good (for his style)... :-) sorry...

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h4nc0 26th June 2006
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So, I'm waiting on an ADK A-48, and doing what I do while I wait on something . . . read forum posts about it. Interested to...

bobby yarrow
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gregl 26th June 2006
Avatar for Rack n' Ruin

I still find daily use for my trusty H3000 D/SE, but have been pondering over purchasing either another 3K series, or...

Rack n' Ruin
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Rack n' Ruin 26th June 2006
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theblotted 26th June 2006
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Cujo 26th June 2006
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so i have read how a lot of multi-fx boxes can sound great but usually the presets suck. i assume this is the same with my mpx-1....

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arpodthegreat 26th June 2006
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order of importance when recording drums? these are not in any order or maybe they are you tell me 1. Good Drummer 2. Good...

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username 26th June 2006
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I have the 280's now and really like them, but I have heard great things about the h25 pro's too. Has anyone ever tried...

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Jeff S 26th June 2006
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hey all, i have a female artist with a ton of songs that need to be mixed. One in particular is giving me the hardest time. ...

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jtvrdy 26th June 2006
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As a spinoff from the Korg Oasys thread, is anyone using Symbolic sound's Kyma? It looks amazing....I like the sound...

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Q&A 26th June 2006
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Hi Im after a new Mic for recording vocals, i have heard about the amazing price offer on the Phantom C at a cut price of...

impact studios
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Avatar for TheSweetener
TheSweetener 26th June 2006
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Meriphew 26th June 2006
Avatar for M.S.P.

I might be shipping a pair or nearfeilds across the country in the next couple of weeks. Anyone got any advice? Id like for them...

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Avatar for FS0420
FS0420 26th June 2006
Avatar for jgrif08

I was setting up a while back for a little recording session with some friends of mine. Between all of us we only had a couple...

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Avatar for qbert1
qbert1 26th June 2006
Avatar for demel

A friend of mine played me a few songs that he engineered and produced. They sounded really good. I asked how how bass was...

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vernier 26th June 2006
Avatar for dsound

Hello, I recently made some upgrades to my home studio, investing in new pre's (Vintech 1220) and Dynaudio BM5A w/ Tannoy 10'...

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dsound 26th June 2006
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I think the 312 and 512 are similar, what about the 212?

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cap217 26th June 2006
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ok so I am posting this thread because I didn't know exactly how to search for this. For those with experience with this, do...

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stellar 26th June 2006
Avatar for RainbowStorm

What component in recording, out of Console, DA converter and monitors, do you think is the most crucial for great final sound...

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RainbowStorm 25th June 2006
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I realized that when I sync my SP1200 via Midiclock to Logic that the SP1200 is not perfectly synced. When you record the SP1200...

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Avatar for waveterm
waveterm 25th June 2006
Avatar for spsnoise

Sorry to do this again, but I would like some insight from people who have experience from these three pre's: Great River...

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spsnoise 25th June 2006
Avatar for Messiah

A band that I work with are wanting to downsize some equipment without downgrading the sound. The guitarist wants something...

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Avatar for lukesquared
lukesquared 25th June 2006
Avatar for The Scienc

The only info we have is that it is supposedly a russian made envelope filter pedal, and a Reggae producer called Mad Professor...

The Scienc
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Avatar for The Scienc
The Scienc 25th June 2006
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I am looking for a Mic under $2000. I would appreciate any advice to help me make a selection... This would be for a male...

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Avatar for bigpharoah
bigpharoah 25th June 2006
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Maybe they are just hard for me to understand.. I work at a studio where the two sets of speakers are NS-10's and Auratones....

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Avatar for wallace
wallace 25th June 2006
Avatar for preben

OK, I KNOW we already have a thread on the SSL Duende which I have been following with great interest. A lot of time in that...

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Avatar for cpezc
cpezc 25th June 2006
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First of all, hello everyone, im new to this board. I have a question about compression/limiting. Hope to find some helpfull...

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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 25th June 2006
Avatar for Urban Angel

Hello everyone, I'm considering some improvement in my setup. I was thinking at Brauner Phantom C , Neve Portico 5032 mic pre...

Urban Angel
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Avatar for Urban Angel
Urban Angel 25th June 2006
Avatar for Nerd Alert

Hello people I'm new here, although this has always been my main info source, for almost everything I do. I got on today to ask...

Nerd Alert
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Avatar for Deleted d78e603
Deleted d78e603 25th June 2006
Avatar for RainbowStorm

... if you were heading towards the bank and it suddenly would rain money from the sky... like it happened to these people... I...

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Avatar for RUSCO
RUSCO 25th June 2006
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Hey there, Sorry to be off-topic here, but I wasn't sure what other thread to post this in! I am a singer/songwriter/half-ass...

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Avatar for Slogun
Slogun 25th June 2006
Avatar for emreyazgin

Imagine a magical aladdin type of orchestration with a pop style male vocal, tempo around 58..The singer is a great one, great...

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Avatar for Blenn
Blenn 25th June 2006
Avatar for Neukoln

Hi folks, Recently I had the good fortune of picking up a couple of unused Emtec 468 tapes 1/4" to use with my lovely...

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Avatar for audible
audible 25th June 2006
Avatar for planet red

I have no clue what midlevel studios are charging for their rooms.. I'm in the process (slooow process) of building a new place...

planet red
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Avatar for hallkm
hallkm 25th June 2006
Avatar for chrisrulesmore

Dovetailing off of the "what are you buying this year thread," I got to thinking about "what have I bought this...

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Avatar for SK1
SK1 25th June 2006
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Avatar for Jules
Jules 25th June 2006
Avatar for Amstel

1) Mac G5 + Nuendo or Logic + Lynx aes 16 + aurora 16 2) Mac G5 + Nuendo or Logic + Apogee symphony + AD 16x DA 16x 3)...

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Avatar for uptheoctave
uptheoctave 24th June 2006
Avatar for Shlomo

I recently bought a used Hafler transnova power amp that has too much output power for my Mbox setup. Instead of plunking down...

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Avatar for Shlomo
Shlomo 24th June 2006
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Avatar for djwayne
djwayne 24th June 2006
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Avatar for robot gigante
robot gigante 24th June 2006
Avatar for steins

I´m not a big fan of the Auralex absorption stuff (I have RealTraps in my studio), but those space array diffusors looks...

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Avatar for steins
steins 24th June 2006
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Avatar for levens
levens 24th June 2006
Avatar for Monokit

Hi all, first post! About half a year ago I got to try an Apogee Mini-Me and loved it. Being an M-Audio Delta user, you'll...

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Avatar for TZk
TZk 24th June 2006
Avatar for Jules

I just made one up... Father.. Now son, i don't want you to EVER talk to strangers... Son.. OK Dad (Father thinks a while...)...

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Avatar for knightsy
knightsy 24th June 2006
Avatar for 84K

Which Shotgun Mic For Over The Drum Kit? What do you like the most for this? Has anyone done shootouts of shotgun mics over the...

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Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 24th June 2006