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how do you guys do this if you don't have two identical amps? do you just do two separate passes?

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opentune 20th July 2006
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Ok, so does anyone have any usefull reviews on this mic yet? Previously there have been a couple of threads about it but with...

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max cooper 20th July 2006
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Hi everyone, The audio school that I attend in Bangkok has a special offer with Genelec. I can get a pair of 8040As for ~...

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magnuspater 20th July 2006
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Hi guys, A guitarist/songwriter friend of mine has recently emailed me a demo of one of his new songs. I had a listen to it, and...

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compo 20th July 2006
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Next week, I'll be flying down to the Orlando area to meet with a band that is interested in me producing a full-length album for...

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treymonfauntre 20th July 2006
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Can you use these plugins on multible machines XP ? (ilok) ? Looking for some info before I invest

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dcrann11 20th July 2006
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I will be in orlando for labor day weekend and need to record an artist any sugestions thx

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JHJ 20th July 2006
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I tried bussing a vocal track from my soundcard into my fender deluxe reverb amp to use a real reverb instead of some garbage...

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shanghaitang 20th July 2006
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Found out something really interesting today. I wanted to get some tracks I recorded into the ISA220 to do some EQing and then...

WunderBro Flo
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WunderBro Flo 20th July 2006
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All right this is the 3rd time this month I've got dissed for another studio that runs Pro Tools! I'm using Cubase SX3/...

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Axiz7 20th July 2006
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Check these guys out: really cheap guitars Ok, I get the bait, and the catch ($288 shipping). Still, some of the guitars...

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swankdoc 20th July 2006
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im looking to send one mic signal to two pre's, whats the best way without degrading signal etc? it so i can take a pure...

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kellyd 20th July 2006
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Hiya... I gotta do a backing track of Shout for someone. Mainly I'm trying to confirm what made the flute noises... pretty sure...

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adamcal 20th July 2006
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hey there, recordings are going well, i am really happy with the sound at the time...........one thing is bugging me...

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Alexi 20th July 2006
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No big deal or recipe for disaster?

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aussie_techie 20th July 2006
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Here's a picture of the studio mixing board we used at the college recording classes I went too. They've upgraded the speakers...

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Tim Farrant 20th July 2006
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This doesn't exactly have to do with gear, but I was curious which pro audio/recording magazines y'all thought provided quality,...

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GYang 20th July 2006
Avatar for siegfried

Hello, I need new guitar for extreme distorted sound and B.C. Rich falls into my eyes. What's your opinions/experiences? Eg. for...

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GYang 20th July 2006
Avatar for warhead

Audio Technica is now releasing a side address pencil mic in their Artist Series called the "ATM450". The mic is very...

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warhead 20th July 2006
Avatar for Geddyleewannabe

I have been experimenting with my 1176 lately. What are the different tweaks engineers use to create an appealing overdrive from...

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Jay Kahrs 20th July 2006
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i have these two firepods, that i purchased about a year ago. I've been basically running my studio's business with them, and i'm...

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warhead 20th July 2006
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I would like to get my Otari MX5050 BII 1/4" 2 track serviced and calibarated by a qualified and experienced tech in the...

theron d
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theron d 20th July 2006
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Hey all! there are always people asking what is the best kick mic, or what is the best overheads, then they go and say 'well will...

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dobz 20th July 2006
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Yeah, and I don't mean with sandwiches and fruit cups. I am about to order a BAE empty 6-slot lunch box. There are so many...

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vernier 20th July 2006
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Wasen't getting any views on this thread in the other place I put it..so I'll try here.. I have a hard rock band in ATL...

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pigpen 20th July 2006
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Hello,my dear friend I’ve find a new way to find out game golds.Since we are all game players ,I would like to tell all of you...

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Avatar for Mike Tholen
Mike Tholen 20th July 2006
Avatar for whitepapagold

Yes, I know you CAN but is anyone loving it? Ive got beat detective and melodyne and I actually HAVE TO USE ONE! I usually resist...

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Mikey MTC 20th July 2006
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kfhkh I went out and bought the 1988 Marshall JCM 800 2205 and it is astounding how good it is. The guy even had the...

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Sizzleboy 20th July 2006
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Hi all Last year we developed a very interesting business model for our studio. This generated immediate positive cash flow,...

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mcguin 20th July 2006
Avatar for dsound

What would you recommend to put in the front end for vox and acoustic gtr recording to control levels? I'm looking at either the...

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Kiwiburger 20th July 2006
Avatar for BLT

Hello all. I just came across these very very cheap snakes (I could get 3 of them for the price of one Mogami, or two of them...

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Jim vanBergen 20th July 2006
Avatar for spsnoise

Don't want to start a war or anything, just wondering if anyone has compared these two directly. I am about to purchase one of...

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felino 20th July 2006
Avatar for Jules

You can ask him other stuff here too..

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Jules 19th July 2006
Avatar for jansens

Hello, I just broke one tweeter of my KRK E8. Does anybody knoes where I could find some replacement parts? Here in Europe...

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tINY 19th July 2006
Avatar for pingu

Are there any decent electric drumkits out there guys. Are you using them. I'm thinking of getting one to trigger BFD...

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jerry123 19th July 2006
Avatar for Bounce

Hi. My name is Mckay and I have a studio in Los Angeles (Atwater Village area between Hollywood and Glendale). I am looking for...

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Bounce 19th July 2006
Avatar for DryOcean

Hello Everyone. I have a small bedroom studio, daw + few synths, using RME multiface converters, Mackie Big Knob, and some...

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Avatar for DryOcean
DryOcean 19th July 2006
Avatar for shaddai

What do I need to know? What's the difference in results between the table top versions that hold a reel vs a handheld one? Total...

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mahasandi 19th July 2006
Avatar for fucanay

For cost savings, I've decided to go the passive route on monitors. I just purchased an Adcom 535 amp for pretty cheap. I'd been...

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Avatar for max cooper
max cooper 19th July 2006
Avatar for demel

Used the 421 for kick drum duty and was pretty impressed except for the seemingly lack of boom. It seems as though I ended up...

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GP_Hawk 19th July 2006
Avatar for mixernet

Guys , I saw here recently a post about copying a vocal track twice, then shifting each one down slightly in pitch, ort...

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at leisure 19th July 2006
Avatar for at leisure

I was wondering if anyone could share some drum sounds with me. I am recording sounds but I would like to reference those against...

at leisure
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at leisure 19th July 2006
Avatar for wilkinswp

If you're familiar with this band, I'm wondering how they are achieving their albums' sounds. Tape I imagine is in there...

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wilkinswp 19th July 2006
Avatar for kats

After measuring my mix postion frequencies I'm about +/- 3 or 4 dB across the board until 10 or 12k where there is a 8dB boost. ...

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Avatar for kats
kats 19th July 2006
Avatar for Captain Beardy

Hello again , my fellow slutz,.... I'm in the market for a decent set of active near-field monitors for a moderately sized...

Captain Beardy
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Avatar for James Lehmann
James Lehmann 19th July 2006
Avatar for Firemans Run

can pt files align to the dp grid and vice versa? does the click in each program tick differently? how can i get this to...

Firemans Run
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Firemans Run 19th July 2006
Avatar for jaffa

This annoying because I'm beginning not to trust my own ears. I have SX3 which I've been using happily, very easy, very quick....

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Avatar for jaffa
jaffa 19th July 2006
Avatar for AlexLakis

I've been working without Waves plugins for a while now at my home studio (and loving it!) I find myself missing some plugins,...

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Avatar for Ruudman
Ruudman 19th July 2006
Avatar for canopener

I'm looking to pick up a half way decent acoustic guitar (martin, taylor, etc) in Brisbane next week. Used is cool. And I'd...

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Ricky 19th July 2006
Avatar for cheeky b

I'm going to get one of these: I've always wanted one, I don't need one so I don't need alternatives.hittt But I've become...

cheeky b
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cheeky b 19th July 2006