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Hi, I own both Altiverb and TL Space. I like running TL Space in pro tools for its tdm capabilities, but I want to use my...

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EleKtriKaz 6th September 2006
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Hi there, so i have some decent gear. nothing fancy. But i tried to insure this with my "statefarm" agent... no...

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NL5 6th September 2006
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Hi, I know I should just take it to someone to get fixed, but my Boogie Mark IV is cutting out every once in a while. I usually...

Rufuss Sewell
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Rufuss Sewell 6th September 2006
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Hi, I'm looking for list prices on Mesa/Boogie stuff but I can't seem to find anything on their site or any on-line dealers. I'm...

Rufuss Sewell
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Rufuss Sewell 6th September 2006
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i have the pulteq and neve eq's but think i need some thing more surgical, i have the waves reneq is the cambridge much...

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Matt Smith 6th September 2006
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I know that this has been discused many times but I would like to ask how thick should be a panel filled with cotton material of...

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tINY 5th September 2006
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Hi guys. I have been asked to supply a mic for a Fishman Blender. Does anyone know if they have a P48v supply on board?

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garymusic 5th September 2006
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How many different manufaturers make preamps and other devices that will fit into one of these ? abduction

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seaneldon 5th September 2006
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Hey Everyone, Just curious about these "500" type modules and boxes. I noticed that there is not a large selection...

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WidgetNinja 5th September 2006
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I'm looking for an affordable sub to be used for these speakers in order to hear some of the first and second octaves at a low...

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mrbowes 5th September 2006
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Spent 5 days tracking. I will be mixing this at The Library next week..

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max cooper 5th September 2006
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hi! first of all sorry if this is not the right place for this thread, but I don't know where to put it.. I'm moving my studio...

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SoLo 5th September 2006
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I don't know if anyone has asked this before but I was curious to see if I was the only one not impressed with the VT-737. I had...

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Reptil 5th September 2006
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I know this is kinduv a cheezy thread, but im hoping it will draw some attention. Lately I have been working with a local...

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fuzzface777 5th September 2006
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Is Oceanway Selling Their SSL 8000G+? I saw an ad for this online from a Pro Sound News news subscription mailout. The email...

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SnakeCained 5th September 2006
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Just got two new sm81's and two sm57's for exactly 700.00 out the door at guitar center. Good deal is it? Or did I get...

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fross 5th September 2006
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My apologies if it's already been posted...

Loud Noize Ent.
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aussie_techie 5th September 2006
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Ok, can anybody tell me what the general situation is with this as it's something I'm a little clueless about. Let's say you...

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matt thomas 5th September 2006
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Just linked to your website and was enjoying the breadth of sonics in various projects you've been involved with... Particularly...

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Blast9 5th September 2006
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G'day Sluts I'm interested in hearing from Slut'z in regional areas of NSW. I'd like to know how you purchase gear? Are...

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jerbtracey.com 5th September 2006
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hei all, im looking to purchuse the 500 series mic pres 321a, seems that nobody sells them online ... anyone know where to get...

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w2w 5th September 2006
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wondering if there are some good ones out there i am missing. i spend most of my forum time here and occasionally hit...

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ozraves 5th September 2006
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so i have been noticing lately. i set my level by ear. of course i change levels quite often and pretty organic when it comes to...

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DAWgEAR 5th September 2006
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guys, bought a soundcity 4x12 last weekend for 100 euros. there is no label, no nothing on it. just a plain 4x12 with a cool...

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Jay Kahrs 5th September 2006
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Hi: I'm looking into guitar synthesizers. I can go into a store and hear the GR20, but not so with GR33. I understand that the...

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Antaren 5th September 2006
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Hi all. I guess this can be a very stupid question but i still didn´t find the best way to use reverb when it comes to drums....

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Benmrx 5th September 2006
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someone move it to corr.furm. cheerz...who has been there...and what did u think?thumbsup ...therez bugz still on this page

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Shabo 5th September 2006
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I think many of you will remember when I asked for my recommendations on pedals...I have about 3 days left in my auctions left...

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vernier 5th September 2006
Avatar for planet red

So if you've got some sort of trash for cash project lined up and a bigger better band thats guaranteed to sell a good deal of...

planet red
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rufus13 4th September 2006
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Any thoughts about this one? http://www.proaudioeurope.com/images/products/Update-07-08-06/airdale-1.jpg

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GL Respect Due 4th September 2006
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Just out of pure curiosity, is it possible to hire the big name ME's for non-lable work? Can you call them up and hire them to do...

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minister 4th September 2006
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Hi guys. every piece of information that i hear contradicts everything else that i have heard. please tell me which PTHD...

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kittonian 4th September 2006
Avatar for canopener

I'm re-constituting my studio and need a savy, reliable set-up person to help me out. I'm more muso/composer than AE/mixer. Oh,...

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canopener 4th September 2006
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what is??? http://myspace-233.vo.llnwd.net/00368/33/25/368895233_l.jpg

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KingDaddyO 4th September 2006
Avatar for ihateregisterin

Im a bass player that plays guitar as well, and have been looking at getting a new bass amp that is good at amplifying both...

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True North 4th September 2006
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Hi Australian Gearslutz Just a quick note to let you know that Mr Ken Kimura of DPA will be in Australia from Denmark on...

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Graemeasia 4th September 2006
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hey all, i just sold something on ebay tonight, and the buyer sent me a paypal payment, but it comes up as...

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T.RayBullard 4th September 2006
Avatar for Acoustic Cloud

My brother is hot after a discoed STUPID blue metal flake Gibson Firebird. (Why, I dont know, I hate those.) Hes looking...

Acoustic Cloud
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reid 4th September 2006
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Hey guys.. after exhaustive reading of all the ITB vs OTB threads it seems clear that the arguement is very subjective and...

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JohnnyTonk 4th September 2006
Avatar for kudzu

I've had a tough time in my home studio ... loadsa unstability ... Duende recently caused new pain ... 3xUAD's in a magma chassis...

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Curtis Franklin 4th September 2006
Avatar for bobx

i remember hearing more about the AD9624 and DA9624 not too long ago, but i haven't really heard much about the lucid converters...

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bobx 4th September 2006
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Ok so there's this band that I spotted in a club one night , playing support . I liked them and asked them if they wanted to do...

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djui5 4th September 2006
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I've tracked some stuff that is to be sent off to another guy with a Protools rig for mixing. I've tracked at 24-bit with...

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danasti 4th September 2006
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ignatius 4th September 2006
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Hey everyone My company is still in its startup phase, but I thought some of you might like to take a look at our first...

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Anthropic 4th September 2006
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Do most pro recording engineers do outboard mixing of digitally recorded music versus summing/mixing internally with the...

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remo 4th September 2006
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Hi guys, Every studios seems to have a 480Ls,which program is your favorite for Vocal,Drums,Strings....both rock and...

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raal 4th September 2006
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Thank you for you attention. Now, back to our regularly scheduled broadcast....

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heyman 3rd September 2006
Avatar for J.F.K

Has any of you guys an opinion on these speakers? All the best Fredrik

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J.F.K 3rd September 2006
Avatar for tamasdragon

I would like to know that what is the quality of these units? (Afc-2, atc-2, ec-1) How do they compare to the big legaue of mic...

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Avatar for Henrik
Henrik 3rd September 2006