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I decided to stop by Guitar Center on the way home from work today, and left with a new Sennhieser MD 421. I have never owned...

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Coyoteous 19th September 2006
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hiya, just listening the new mars volta record: undecided yet.... vocal sound is nice any idea of the signal chain or...

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eligit 19th September 2006
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I'm considering buying a SSL Duende, but is worried that the FW-bus on the Imac won't handle both an FW-disk running audio, the...

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Zeppelin 19th September 2006
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I open SoundReplacer I highlight a mono snare track I choose to export to a new destination track (Which is a stereo...

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decibel 19th September 2006
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And some people do... Major CD, DVD Pirate Outfit Uncovered By NAHAL TOOSI (Associated Press Writer) From Associated...

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pan60 19th September 2006
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Hello, Can anyone tell me what the legal level is for the audio on a DigiBeta deck intended for TV commercials? Thank...

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ModernMusic 19th September 2006
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hey everyone. searched some posts and didnt find too much about the AMEK 9098EQ. im thinking about buying one of these if i get...

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Jonathan Starr 19th September 2006
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Hi all, A good friend of mine is setting up a high end video shop (one man boutique operation) and is seeking a set of 5.1...

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Jazzpunk 18th September 2006
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Hey guys, what are you using for a headphone distribution amp? I have been using one made by a certain company that's name begins...

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dbbubba 18th September 2006
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Hello Folks... Just wondering if any clever electronic people out there may be able to suggest some component values to modify...

Archival Audio
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T.RayBullard 18th September 2006
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I just got a bass cab, so I'll start miking it up as well as recording the direct signal. I was wondering what's the common...

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dangeorge6 18th September 2006
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Im in search for a transparent eq plugin for use on vocals and solo instruments. I'm using the Sonalksis a lot and also use...

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jdjustice 18th September 2006
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I'm getting that tell tale sound of what might be described as very light wind across a mic diaphram. Someone on another board...

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mbrebes 18th September 2006
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for voiceover, narrations, spoken words ? Please, anyone who tried them both ? I'm in the hurry of purchasing and I can't test...

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SveNaj 18th September 2006
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Hey folks, I've acquired a 40 ch. Harrison Console. It's a bit of an unknown to me. It is from the Warner Brother Era of...

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Bustylarou 18th September 2006
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Hi all.. How much does it cost (more or less) to get an album mixed on an SSL with great outboard gear and good...

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picksail 18th September 2006
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I understand a small amount about the recording process in the 60's and 70's. Why is that when I listen to the remixed and...

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juicylime 18th September 2006
Avatar for Local 47

I see a lot of people around here who're talking about their 3 or 4 sets of speakers, usually a pair of nearfields, a pair of...

Local 47
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Bob Ross 18th September 2006
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Hi all. I´ve been recording some nice drums and I think my current set to track drums is not that bad, i just want better...

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Dog_Chao_Chao 18th September 2006
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James, just curious on when your show will air? More info please.. thanks, Jim

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pan60 18th September 2006
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please read lyrics/story for what I did and why sucks a little more than it should. In the mix I used sends for reverb the...

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djui5 18th September 2006
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i have a digi 002 and pro tools 7 LE. im getting good pres and a good DA converter soon so...at this point im kinda seeing my...

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Rafthebeatmaker 18th September 2006
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My version of ProTools LE is extremely old. It's the original version 5.1. On the disc it says it's compatible with Windows 98...

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Geddyleewannabe 18th September 2006
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Hello Slutgang, I'm currently running the serious hobby of playing/engineering/juggling in my one man studio. So far everything...

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soupking 18th September 2006
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just sold my Wharfedale 8.2's, had them for about a year, wasnt so keen on them but for the price they were the best i could get...

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Lifer 18th September 2006
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Hello everybody. dont know if anyone has mentioned this before, but i just came across...

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Tripper 18th September 2006
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Does anyone know what serial number the revised CS's start at? Cheers

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warhead 18th September 2006
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OK Below is what inspired this thread. I want to hear about any totally over blown funny things you have heard on...

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MikeK 18th September 2006
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I am Trying to Setup a studio and I really need your help. I have tryed starting threads asking questions on this particular...

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daoriginalqupes 18th September 2006
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Hey! Im thinking of buying a nice stereocompressor for my studio. Its a homerecording studio and i use a Powermac G4 Dual...

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Rafthebeatmaker 18th September 2006
Avatar for Local 47

How come disressors are, with a set input and att/rel, compressing more in 1:1 than in say 2:1 or 3:1?

Local 47
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Tim L 18th September 2006
Avatar for mixerguy

Someone over on the DUC mentioned..... " Is TL Space supported any longer? I know Digidesign took over when TL labs went...

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aussie_techie 18th September 2006
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HI! Please help me! I´am doing new investment for my studio but don´t know which is most important, new...

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uncle duncan 18th September 2006
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hello all, I need your advice.Which microphone would be a good pair to my Joemeek VC3. I plan to use it mostly on...

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DJ Z 18th September 2006
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Slutz, Well I figured the last part of the chain to go into ProTools would be the preamp, but then I hear a couple of users...

John J.
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BCains 18th September 2006
Avatar for corn55

This kinda just donged on me. Analog tape ain't transparent so why the freak am I seeking the latest "transparent"...

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TonyBelmont 18th September 2006
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1) is TL Space Native (RTAS) more CPU efficient than Altiverb 5 RTAS? How much more efficient? (or worse) 2) When I quickly...

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mixerguy 18th September 2006
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When miking two guitar amps placed side by side, with one mic on each amp, do you adjust for phase alignment btw the two sources?...

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Avatar for Rednose
Rednose 18th September 2006
Avatar for Detuned6

I am looking for a cable for a tube mic (oktava mkl-2500) one end is 6 pin (female-connects to mic) and the other end is 7 pin...

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Detuned6 18th September 2006
Avatar for RooF

So I was checking out the Air Studios site and they talk about that Air recall patchbay... Does anyone know what that is in...

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Avatar for RooF
RooF 18th September 2006
Avatar for Nut

Heya. I've got an ADR F760X-RS Compex Limiter sitting here which i'd love to have tuned up and back in good nick, and possibly...

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jonboyrock 17th September 2006
Avatar for gainreduction

What do you guys consider "modern sounding" today ? I get this from clients all the time, I'm a producer/songwriter...

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Sqye 17th September 2006
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Drummers can be very hard to please sometimes in the click department. jkthtyrt I hate getting halfway through what may have...

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Makinithappen 17th September 2006
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Hey guys I just got some last minute time to go to the convention, and sadly my wife won't be able to come this time. So If...

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adrianex 17th September 2006
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I am presently upgrading my studio (home set up for recording my own acoustic/groove/melodic album) and have a couple of options...

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sloanfiske 17th September 2006
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i think i have heard some people say that the whirlwind snakes were no good and I have heard others say they are great. has...

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Jeff16years 17th September 2006
Avatar for Matthew Murray

Hey, anyone know where I can rent or borrow a UM-900 somewhere in western Canada? I'm in Calgary. I have to put one of these next...

Matthew Murray
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Avatar for kats
kats 17th September 2006
Avatar for Alexi

hey there, i have got a little problem over here....... i recieved a package from america (an art pro vla) two days...

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Alexi 17th September 2006
Avatar for gm5k

hey guys i recently ordered a powerrack from OSA and i also ordered an OSA MP1-L3 and a Buzz Audio Elixer to go with it. this...

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Avatar for George Necola
George Necola 17th September 2006
Avatar for Gabriel Sousa

hello, just like to know is the shure sm7a is the sm7, or there are the sm7 and sm7a ? thanks a lot

Gabriel Sousa
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Avatar for jackinthebox
jackinthebox 17th September 2006