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i just got this catalog and can i say "wow". there is actually some good stuff in here that other online companies...

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joaquin 15th October 2006
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toms mics


Hi.I looking for a good mics for toms.somebody could say to me that they seem to them the following ones? Audiotechnica...

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Steved 15th October 2006
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I need to buy a really cheap spdif to adat converter so I can play my cd player spdif out through my apogee 16x's... what's out...

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Jim Williams 15th October 2006
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I do short-run duplication and have used an Epson R300 for CDs and liner-notes for the past several years. It's worked very well...

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cc1 15th October 2006
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Sorry, this will be very long ... Something got me thinking about the way that we record full bands. I've been taking time off...

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MaJo1 15th October 2006
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Was recently mixing a disco-sounding track (late 70s slick-ass sound) and by accident set the mix compressor up with a fast...

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TML 14th October 2006
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I'm digging his live sound especially the toms, anyone know what those little tiny tom mics are?

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dwdrummer 14th October 2006
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I have an old AKG ADR-68K reverb that I'd like to get serviced. It is currently working just fine and I use it all the time, but...

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Sui_City 14th October 2006
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Long time reader, first time poster!! I'm wondering if any of you lovely folks have been capable of making contact with...

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TEMAS 14th October 2006
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I think I've found a nice combo. The AT4050 and the Germanium pre. I'm really able to abuse the signal I've recorded with this...

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rapfreak 14th October 2006
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Hello, I did a search and found a few threads, but nothing to in depth. Does anyone have any experience with Sontronics mics,...

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kbshearer 14th October 2006
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I recently picked up and starting using a MCU in my home studio. Very cool toy but it seems to be inducing a ton of noise into my...

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Rogervandeberg 14th October 2006
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Just finished some sound pannels and AC. Whatcha all...

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Sqye 14th October 2006
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I'm looking to Sync Logic 5.5 with a tape machine and I'm looking to find out how to do it? Ive used tape before but have...

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wineredno1 14th October 2006
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Hi! I am very excited to upgrade from lurking in to finally joining a community that has shaped and nurtured my gear addiction...

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MythUndreamt 14th October 2006
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Hi! I'm looking for a few closed headphones for the recording room. I really need something that works with e-drums as well....

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DeepSpace 14th October 2006
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Hello again. Time for me to absorb some information from you my co-forumists. We've got this guy from Texas/Hewitt coming over...

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NorthernDigStar 14th October 2006
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Maybe some of you guys can turn me on to some interesting stuff I can listen to that features a rock band (drums, bass, acoustic...

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max cooper 14th October 2006
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I just picked up a 1978 Gibson RD Custom and am looking for more information about it. I know that it has a preamp built-in and...

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max cooper 14th October 2006
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I've been reading the converter posts here and decided to see if I would notice a difference in a blind test. A few years ago I...

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norman_nomad 14th October 2006
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Hi slutgang, I have a Music Man HD150 head. It's really nice. However, I've recently been peeking at the Germino 55's. Has...

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bjm007 14th October 2006
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He guys, I'm want to buy a mixer for my studio. First choice was a Mackie 32-8. and like they say: "the 32•8, 24•8...

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Jeroko 14th October 2006
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Ok...I listened to you guys. AT is not represented in this second round of voting. Again, please vote, and if you are going to...

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amigo 14th October 2006
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maybe i've been missing something here but i just tried these free amp sim plugs and to my ears they are pretty...

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Mike Tholen 14th October 2006
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D.W. Fearn has announced shipment of the VT-7 Dual-Channel Vacuum Tube Compression Amplifier. The VT-7 audio path is entirely...

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Improv 14th October 2006
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Last year I sold my HD3 rig along with my studio. I got out of commercial audio work because I wanted it to be a fun hobby again....

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Wes Kuhnley 14th October 2006
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Well, I'm looking for a new DAW and want to get some help. Which audio interfaces are considered truly pro quality. It seems...

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bringmewater 14th October 2006
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Hi, I have a pair of HS50M Yamaha Active Studio Monitors. I use them with a external USB soundcard (Tascan US-122), but for...

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fastlane 13th October 2006
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Here's what I'm buying from Guitar Center: Fantom X6 AT4047 Avalon 737 Yamaha HS80M M-Audio Project Mix Intel...

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jumpnyc 13th October 2006
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Hey everyone I am trying to get set up for recording percussion hittt ( tamborine , cabasa , shaker , ect..) I have a Blue...

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conguero 13th October 2006
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Hi I have the option on a few rooms for music/studio use. Anybody have any comments on the best way I could make use of...

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Ethan Winer 13th October 2006
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Hi all, I've read on this forum that good mic placement can make up for a lot of later required EQing. I assume I...

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not_so_new 13th October 2006
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Nice to be on the forum, I've been hanging around reading threads since I first heard about the site a few weeks ago, great...

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over-man 13th October 2006
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I just curious to know what anyone would suggest as two good room mics for a full room sound without any other mics. Whatever...

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shaggseb 13th October 2006
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HEy guys, I appear to have been lucky enough to have a job offer to go work for a production company in NYC making ads,jingles...

Hammer v2
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jumpnyc 13th October 2006
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and if so, got details on the new Aurora stuff? shipping dates and $$$? word...

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PlanB 13th October 2006
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SF Soundworks studio http://sfsoundworks.com is hosting a Gearslutz open house evening Saturday night 7th Oct starting at 9:30...

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PlanB 13th October 2006
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Hey does anyone have anything to say about this console. Im thinking about picking up one from Don Larking out of europe. I love...

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Audio_Vault 13th October 2006
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Jules 13th October 2006
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Still waiting to hear some good reviews, as well as the project mix convertors from M-Audio, however, I am very leery of the Digi...

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scuzzywuzzy 13th October 2006
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Seems I can find very little on these around here, just curious if anyone has used them and what you think of them. I'm able to...

Rocket boy
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DanDan 13th October 2006
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A few years ago I read a brief statement that some engineers position the U47 slightly off axis for a better or different...

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mixer 13th October 2006
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I know that there are engineers out there that specialize in things like tuning vocals. So my question is, would there be a...

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Deleted d78e603 13th October 2006
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I'm currently in the market for a top notch AD converter. I can sell the TG2 for $1400 or so and get the API A2D. Haven't heard...

Unknown soldier
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Kenny Gioia 13th October 2006
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I only really need a board that has line ins (From outboard pre), faders, and line outs. I really don't need it to have mic...

Curtis Franklin
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Curtis Franklin 13th October 2006
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Ended up bringing about 3-4 weeks of work with me in the relocation to LA, and I need a room I can do some mixing and overdubs in...

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Bounce 13th October 2006
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I've been using my API 225 as a duck. Sending a kick mic to the compressor and sidechaining in the snare. This compressor works...

ray dsr
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ray dsr 13th October 2006
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I've been using EMTEC SM900 for years. I've got a failrly big supply and it often gets recycled after transferring to...

Mike Caffrey
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Deleted 2ef94c5 13th October 2006
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So Im looking to upgrade my studio some (GAMA 8, Pacifica) and thinking about purchasing some higher-end converters to be in par....

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max cooper 13th October 2006
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I have a chance to get a mint condish ampex 2" 16 track... Only poblem is, i could really use a 24 track, as most of my...

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numrologst 13th October 2006