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Who does he get that sound? crancking the gain on the pre, or the compressor?

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ericdevine 23rd November 2006
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confoosed I have an AEA R92 sitting in front of me. A friend of mine loaned it to me brand spankin new. He hasn't even used it...

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edvdr76 23rd November 2006
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I am looking for a new stereo or dual mono compressor, something that is NOT transparent, that is versitile. So far I have...

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cchord59 23rd November 2006
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Hi to all! I guess you know about the issues with CS units that were manufactured before/ including september of 2004. The...

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warhead 23rd November 2006
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Has anyone had any luck with building an isolation booth for guitar cabs only, mainly just for home usage. I like...

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mds 23rd November 2006
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What piece have you bought that you had high hopes for that dissapointed or what did you reluctantly try due to its low end...

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CorkyTart 23rd November 2006
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Has anybody had any experience with XTA DP202 digital equalizer?

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soundman2 23rd November 2006
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I've been using Reason stock loops and sounds for my all of my drums and frankly I'm over it. They seem to have a certain sound...

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stevep 23rd November 2006
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Windtaken 23rd November 2006
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Sup Fellas Anyone of you sluts ever run a SS or HV-3 Pre into a tube buss (Like a Avalon 747) to get a tube tone? I guess...

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Windshore 23rd November 2006
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It's an additive synth that I've been offered at a decent price. I'm only starting to get into the world of synths and when I use...

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lucey 23rd November 2006
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Hi, I finished the audio engineering diploma 2 years ago in my native city Rotterdam( The Netherlands) and now im thinking...

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mladja 23rd November 2006
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Oh my god!!! I thought this would be an easy open and shut case trying to find a preamp for my vocals, but I had NO...

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Meriphew 23rd November 2006
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What's the differences aside the live 19" racks being built for a much harder life?

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pan60 23rd November 2006
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Just wanted to pass it on. I had a session this past weekend, and used the d6 on the lead vocals. It sounded fvkin great! What...

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nadsatrebel 23rd November 2006
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I have to try mixing some songs in the box. I wish i had time to use the board, but I have to do this project in my spare time. ...

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PlatinumSamples 23rd November 2006
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Guys The Essence has finally hit Australia. We only have a handful as there was a big back order in the US, but they're here...

Scott From GBG
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jerbtracey.com 23rd November 2006
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ignatius 23rd November 2006
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i'm looking to make a big step up and would LOVE something that can do a ton of tracks simultaneously through firewire..I've...

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crispycat_ 22nd November 2006
Avatar for Matt Hepworth

So, I saw the AES demo and screen shots and the V-Series that's in the Waves Mercury bundle looked just like the real Neve...

Matt Hepworth
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TonyBelmont 22nd November 2006
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I have a 002R and a RME Fireface 800. I am connecting my Fireface to my 002r via Adat lightpipe in/out. I currently have my...

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bdevoid 22nd November 2006
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Hi all Anyone been able to compare the quality of these relative to say the Tascam DV-RA1000? Any reviews on the...

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dlmorley 22nd November 2006
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I beleive I am sold on the Great River ME-1NV. Does anybody have anything "bad" to say about this preamp? Or...

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dreamsongs 22nd November 2006
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Hi everybody, I have a friend who's a professional tech at a major studio. He's given me so much advice and consulting for...

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soupking 22nd November 2006
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Ok, I've been in the business for a little while, in a few different hats, and I've seen some big breaks, of all different sorts....

John Suitcase
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Cheech 22nd November 2006
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I have recently purchased the Neve Bundle of plug ins from UAD and am extremely impressed with the modelling of the 1073/1081 Eq...

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billg 22nd November 2006
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NAMM is in two months and I was wondering if anyone knew of any new converters coming out Thanks CT

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CorkyTart 22nd November 2006
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Hi, i have a small room which at the moment im using for tracking and mixing, it measures about 11 feet x 13 feet x 8 ft - im...

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Ethan Winer 22nd November 2006
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If you're in a position to blow as much money as you want, I'm not applying this to you. For the rest of the folks, at what...

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alexstringer 22nd November 2006
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Is spaced pair or xy better for drum overhead miking?

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toolskid 22nd November 2006
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I have a motu 896HD that I upgrade via blacklion audio. It has 8 channels with pre's. I need a cheap way to expand to 12...

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stevetothink 22nd November 2006
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Hi, I'm a newbie so please be gentle with me! I was wondering if anyone can recommend a console with the following features...

Jase Blake
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T. Morgan 22nd November 2006
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Mine seems to be. Lovely, deep sound, beautifully proportioned, but can I record it? Can I ****! What's the secret? Bright...

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corn55 22nd November 2006
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I mix mostly ITB, but have recently been acquiring some decent outboard gear, and now want to integrate my outboard with my DAW...

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mrbowes 22nd November 2006
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Although a lot has been said on this, I mostly see people asking a question that is not really specific. So, thanks in advance...

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Dus 22nd November 2006
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as far as I know, Genelec 1032a is flush mountable. and have a exclusive flush mount accesary kit for 1032a. and most car audio...

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bluesj 22nd November 2006
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It may not be the best thing out there, but I had a blast with this processor. Turns out a power surge took out the...

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FFTT 22nd November 2006
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check this out, this is new to me, i think its terrible. http://drumsforyou.com/ the FIRST 2 MODIFICATIONS ARE FREE !!!!...

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Arsene 22nd November 2006
Avatar for Last Legend

After transporting, I found that the outer edge of the woofer cones (the black part) had collapsed. I unscrewed the woofer and...

Last Legend
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roxxon 22nd November 2006
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Hello everyone I'm wanna get the E604 and E609. One for drums and the other for guitar amps. Anyone know if it's worth to go...

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tubedude 22nd November 2006
Avatar for Tunes 666

Hi I have been useing EZ drummer and it has sounded cool and I am glad i have it.. also with the vintage EX but now and...

Tunes 666
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Tunes 666 22nd November 2006
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diddlydoo Look I even got my own log in! I wanted to update you. As I said before, Bob Payne of VintageLoop sent me one...

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Tom H 22nd November 2006
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Jules 22nd November 2006
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Just wondering what the census is regarding amp sims from Tech21 SansAmp to Vox, Mesa, Line 6 for Rock/Pop vs say a small...

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mrkz1974 22nd November 2006
Avatar for Sound Chaser

Yes I have read previous threads, but they are clouded with more expensive units. What are your recommendations for active...

Sound Chaser
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nadsatrebel 22nd November 2006
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hei slutz, just wanted to know, if somebody is there and we can have a meet and greet (with a lot of BEER):D I arrive on the...

George Necola
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George Necola 22nd November 2006
Avatar for Cujo

Can anyone shed light on what some of the general set ups were for recording disco style kicks in the 70's? Was it normaly a d12...

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springs 22nd November 2006
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who mixed pinback - summer in abaddon? Thnx Jonny

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kittyboy 22nd November 2006
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I'm looking for a rackmount echo/reverb delay unit for my guitar pre-amp. Anything else besides G-Major as I have one of those...

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mwd 22nd November 2006
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So I just purchased a UAD-1 Flexi pack finally and immediately bought the Neve 1081. I still have some money left over on the...

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retropete 22nd November 2006