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This year has been pretty good for my studio, the calibre of bands coming through is the highest I have seen it since I started...

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nadsatrebel 28th November 2006
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i have cubase LE and a tascam US-122 a ibook g4 mac and krk monitors i leanred on pro tools, i took an engineering course in...

gear head
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Bump Music 28th November 2006
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anyone has some info on how they did that kind of wired and very interesting tone? I just can't imagine what they did:D very...

George Necola
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George Necola 28th November 2006
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Been considering purchasing a some Audix channel strips I've found for a very decent price. Haven't done this before and was...

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nchacona 28th November 2006
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I'm looking for one of those radio broadcast style mic arms that swings around and can be mounted to the ceiling or wall. Below...

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jhg 28th November 2006
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I would likr to know what is the favorite use of the sennheiser 441 ?

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James Guitar 28th November 2006
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Well, I got my Seventh Circle rack with A12's and N72's in it. I had to try it out to see if it was on par with the API 3124+...

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not_so_new 28th November 2006
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Hi All, I've done a search, but can't find the info I need. So... Does anybody know if it's possible to turn a MOTU 24io...

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foldback 28th November 2006
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What's up sluts. I've spent $13,000 in the last year on audio and recording equipment on guitars, drums, basses, monitors, mics,...

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(DC) 28th November 2006
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Hi, I posted a thread about my monitoring level problem, without getting any answer, I might have not be clear in my...

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ProFool 28th November 2006
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Its snowing and Im wasting time. So I just ran across this auction for a "Neumann U47" mic, "refurbed" by...

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djui5 28th November 2006
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125 Hz 1.24 250 Hz 1.28 500 Hz 1.45 1 KHz 1.39 2 KHz 1.27 4 KHz 1.31 I know what an NRC is but I don't...

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tINY 27th November 2006
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Hey, Ive been doing alot of research into my next pair of mics. I basically decided on a pair of royer 121s. However many people...

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thedommer 27th November 2006
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The best mic in my collection at the moment is a Nuemann KM-140. Have you used a SDC for vocals? Any tips?

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VelvetGoatmine 27th November 2006
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Lookin to spend between $6k and $7k. Macbook (2.0ghz, 2 gigs of ram)- $1,500 (I'm set on this, don't even try to convince me...

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jgrif08 27th November 2006
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juicylime 27th November 2006
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I am trying to hook the rosetta into the rme hdsp and someone said use the SPDIF but I went to a music shop and they said they...

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gainreduction 27th November 2006
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im trying to find film score percusion samples that sound great. you know, the big action sequences that have timpani and other...

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chrispick 27th November 2006
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Blending the direct snare with the overheads/room mic has got the crack out of the snare but I'm having trouble turning that...

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edvdr76 27th November 2006
Avatar for JohnnyTonk

Hey people.. I am about to embark on an album for a metal band of the soilwork ilk who want a similar drum sound to all their...

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Methlab 27th November 2006
Avatar for studio freak

Last weekend i was recording a progressive metal band and the bass player brought a cool Fender Bassman 135 head (1977-83), ...

studio freak
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studio freak 27th November 2006
Avatar for The Beatsmith

I had a quick search but couldn't find a proper answer. Sorry if this has come up loads of times, but i'm interested to find...

The Beatsmith
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Stisse 27th November 2006
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Greetings I wanted to get your opinion on this matter please . I am currently deciding between buying the Duende or the...

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Elias Gwinn 27th November 2006
Avatar for jlsgear

Hi all, Quick question for a newbie mixer : After intro section (instruments only), do you regularly drop the backing...

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jlsgear 27th November 2006
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this album has really been in heavy rotation around my place. i am not normally into the prog-rock thing (if you could call it...

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max cooper 27th November 2006
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I´ll get a preamp soon and I´ll use it mainly for recording vocals directly to a computer in my home studio. Considering...

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tomdarude 27th November 2006
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First of all - happy holidays. www.giveproductions.com/files/FirstNoel-Flint1.mp3 I'm producing this with some people from...

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VelvetGoatmine 27th November 2006
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Saw the new 007 movie yesterday. Really good. The new guy is the best Bond since Connery. Chris Cornell did the vox on the title...

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blaugruen7 27th November 2006
Avatar for BenzOu

Hello, I would like to know more informations for to connect the Apogee ROSETTA 800, Apogee AD 16 x, Apogee DA 16 x converters....

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cerla 27th November 2006
Avatar for seb37000

Can someone tell me the difference between the senheiser 441 and the 441N.

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bram 27th November 2006
Avatar for jockrocks

I'm looking for a pair of eq's to do everything- tracking,mixing, fixing, surgery... What do you guys think is the one unit...

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13030 27th November 2006
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i have done a search and according to the results i got there are *no* threads with "LTD-2" in the title... how can...

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thethrillfactor 27th November 2006
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell

Hi, I have a 6176 and I'm trying to think of a time when I'd want to use the Line In XLR on the back. I use all the other...

Rufuss Sewell
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rwhitney 27th November 2006
Avatar for soundslave

Any one tried one of these? If so, what on and how did it hold up?

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popmann 27th November 2006
Avatar for h-man

Hey guys- I'm looking to finally get serious about my recording setup. I'm going to finally have a room solely dedicated to the...

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Pohaku 27th November 2006
Avatar for statikcat

I am sending video out of my Mac via firewire and am looking for a convertor that will take the video from firewire to standard...

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Avatar for Improv
Improv 27th November 2006
Avatar for the-oger

I recently got a hold of a few old dynamic mics. I want to set them all up along with my current dynamics in a tight cluster...

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Pasta4lnch 27th November 2006
Avatar for imnickb

Im trying to find a manual or a recall sheet for a MEP 250. I know the sontec stuff is hard to find these days and i feel like...

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Avatar for dave-G
dave-G 27th November 2006
Avatar for tasker

I'm at the point of purchasing some plug ins and have been reading everyone's thoughts on the UAD vs URS plugs. After talking to...

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Avatar for foldback
foldback 27th November 2006
Avatar for marcan

Hi, I have 5 active monitors (for my 5.1 setup) from the same brand/type. Because they were build at different date, three of...

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Avatar for JohnRoberts
JohnRoberts 27th November 2006
Avatar for studio825

Hey,friends just got the new pres we ordered a week ago.We have a session this weekend and i plan on using every-one on the drum...

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mike scott 27th November 2006
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Patolqa 27th November 2006
Avatar for The dman

I see you guys are tweaking them in. It should cut down on some redundant posts. Nice workthumbsup

The dman
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The dman 27th November 2006
Avatar for barryjohns

Ok, so you nudge tracks by 2048 samples with the UAD card or use their included ADC plug-in. For the sake of understanding,...

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barryjohns 27th November 2006
Avatar for Stoneroses6300

I was trying out a couple multiband compressor plugs on the master...Some soft, some hard...Some of the really hard ones made...

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Stoneroses6300 27th November 2006
Avatar for chrisso

Looking for some more mic flavours for drums. I already have KM84's, Coles Ribbons. I primarily want to find something that has a...

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Avatar for chrisso
chrisso 26th November 2006
Avatar for jgrif08

I'll mainly be doing tracking in my friends basement which is a whole 'nother story. Basically what I need is to deaden my room...

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jgrif08 26th November 2006
Avatar for Einstein

I have a pop punk type band in the studio right now using a triple rec. We dialed up tones today for his guitar overdubs. He...

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rolandk 26th November 2006
Avatar for soupking

Hi everybody, I'm about to embark on a project recording to 1/2" tape. I wish I had 2", but heck some guys wish they...

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Avatar for Ricey
Ricey 26th November 2006
Avatar for HABBER

Here is a link to a won ebay auction recently. There is another one available. I've never seen or heard this pre before. It's...

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Avatar for HABBER
HABBER 26th November 2006