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Call me crazy. Is there anyone besides me that LOVES a good independent hardware store? I love going into a new mom and pop...

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flail19 5th January 2007
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i know that topic isn´t that interesting, but i need some help. and any help would be greatly appreciated! alright. it´s for a...

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beranie 5th January 2007
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Hello,i'm glad to post here for the first time.I'm in search for my dream preamp.So far the api a2d comes first but i really like...

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haryy 5th January 2007
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I'm in Connecticut and I need to have a pair to use for Saturday. I've tried the inet so far and can't find anything. How can I...

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Stoneroses6300 5th January 2007
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I'd love to know more about this whole recording but two things stick out to me, ad I gotta ask, with the hope someone here may...

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taturana 5th January 2007
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sloanfiske 5th January 2007
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Hi guys, Diddlydoo or Howdy smilies, just wondering which is better and why? I have recently been considering using the...

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2leod 5th January 2007
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Hey! Can i plug the mic output from a preamp into the line input into a digi 002 with a canon/jack cable? Do i have to put the...

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(DC) 5th January 2007
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Hi everybody! I have a problem in my mixes with the lowmid region! I have done everything posible to fix that in a technical...

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erwinor 5th January 2007
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I need some serious advice. I have commissions from the media (eg TV, radio) to produce music. I write it, produce it,...

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reid 5th January 2007
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I was wondering what is my best option of hooking up the rosetta 800 to my pc. Which is a better solutions Lynx aes16 or the...

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gearobsessed 5th January 2007
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I'm having a little trouble working out how to get mp3 instrumentals etc. into pro tools i hear this is an mp3 add on somewhere?...

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zilver 5th January 2007
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Studios in West Hollywood? (project and big ones)

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James Lugo 5th January 2007
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Is this possible? I am trying to practice out my Rode NT1A - finally got it recording in pro tools however would just like to try...

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sleepwalker 5th January 2007
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GearBit 5th January 2007
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Can anyone help? I have a Sac 2.2 that i just recently learned how to use. It took me only 3 weeks after having it. Theres some...

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FiveDollarShake 5th January 2007
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PRobb 5th January 2007
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This is my first post on the site. I have enjoyed reading for the past several months and have learned a ton. I have an...

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Fash 5th January 2007
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look there its a more than 7GB library, but who cares? cad

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Protools Guy 5th January 2007
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Ok, Im in a jam and need some assistance. I run a 3.2ghz pentium 4 with 1gb ram and a emu 1820m card and audio dock. I have had...

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mrbowes 5th January 2007
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I see that some of you leave space between all units in your racks. Some leave none. Some leave a few here and there. Is it to...

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Tibbon 5th January 2007
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I've been listening to Deerhoof's "Apple O'", and I have to say I really, really like it. The production is basic, but...

John Suitcase
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maxsample 5th January 2007
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I know that alot of you will want to redirect me to guitar forums but I want to know from engineers. I am adding a fender amp to...

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doorknocker 5th January 2007
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Hello,I am searching for documentation for the old Urei Mod one Mixer preamps.Any info (schemo's,diagrams,pinouts)would be...

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capsized 5th January 2007
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Well, I'm enjoying my new(to me) tape machine. It's really changed my world in the last few months... It's been okay adjusting to...

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Velvetfreddy 4th January 2007
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hi, first of all, let me explain that i am not very good with wiring ! i am opening a new studio and am stuck on how to get...

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TEMAS 4th January 2007
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Anyone seen this IRL...or maybe even tried it? Looks kinda retro sci-fi.... diddlydoo...

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petsematary 4th January 2007
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Is it as easy as i suspect?.. Just copy the folder from one place to another? Will LE systems work on HD systems? I've...

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Albert 4th January 2007
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I teach a audio recording class and beginning this next semester I want them to start analyzing some of the major works from the...

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theblue1 4th January 2007
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Before I get flamed to death on this I think that Mary J. Blige is an exceptional singer and her and U2 performing One is...

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pan 4th January 2007
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I have a Tascam DA40 DAT and I am having problems with hearing/seeing the audio playback. I have level on the Input and am seeing...

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janiels 4th January 2007
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Hello everyone, I have a Sennheiser MD422 and i noticed a noticeable drop in output from it (it currently needs a lot more gain...

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jangoux 4th January 2007
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hey guys, wondering if anybody knows of a good tech in the new york city area (or other, I can ship). I picked up this shure...

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gibsonlp75 4th January 2007
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I bought the Avantone few months ago. I like them very much, particularly the cohesion of the sound. I have noticed that the low...

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theblue1 4th January 2007
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ok... my freelance stuff has been picking up for me and I am wanting to be modular with my gear. I'm about to buy a shock mount...

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gibsonlp75 4th January 2007
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Have classifieds been banned from GS? Am I lost to the vast, hostile wastes of eBay? Say it's not so! (never mind, I found it)

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 4th January 2007
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Hey all, I'm looking to add a ribbon to blend with my condensers ( Lawson L47MP and a Gefell M300) when micing acoustic...

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billgennaro 4th January 2007
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Based here in Scotland, UK. I'm running out of space in the house and I need to do something about it. I have a garage that...

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Stick 4th January 2007
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i just got ahold of an mc77 but im not sure how to set the meters. i did find some info through google but im still not clear on...

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Hpatty 4th January 2007
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Hello all, New to the mbox and pro tools as i am new to the boards! Having some trouble getting my RODE NT1A to pick up for...

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brado32 4th January 2007
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really looking into copping the new ssl x rack? a mini ssl seems so tempting to me. has anyone had any experience with the pres...

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jdjustice 4th January 2007
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First off; I've got 2 Chameleon Labs 7602's and like the eq section just fine. I'm thinking of putting together a rack of...

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TornadoTed 4th January 2007
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looking for good mastering, can you guys recommend good mastering studios/engineers for hiphop and rnb - in the UK or in the USA....

dharma one
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andrewj 4th January 2007
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I bought the Waves SSL a few months back. Good stuff. We all know that. But I am currently doing a mix and had the compressor on...

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TonyBelmont 4th January 2007
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just wondering how this thing sounds, and if it can be used in conjunction with my PT rig. ?

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cajonezzz 4th January 2007
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Hey guys. Im really new to the whole live recording thing. I lead music at a church and am trying to move us in the direction of...

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PDC 4th January 2007
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I was at a studio today that does a lot of jingle/radio ID singing stuff. The studio was once the location of PAMs Recording...

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dbbubba 4th January 2007
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I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to spend most of my money on a Germanium or Pacifica, new converters and ssl...

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lucey 4th January 2007
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Electronic Musician has added a podcast to their website (www.emusician.com) I am their first interview. Check it out. We...

Ted Perlman
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Ted Perlman 4th January 2007
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Hello All- I was hoping to get some suggestions for mixers in Nashville. This is for a single song, the sound of the band is,...

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jayfrigo 4th January 2007