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Anybody heard of 'Analog-Lab' before? Here's what was in the mail (I realise by posting this here I am in fact doing their...

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RichT 11th January 2007
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Hi, Im interested in the Neve 1073 DPA. I went to the Neve website, www.ams-neve.com, and dowloaded the DPA 1073 flyer. At the...

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Geoff_T 11th January 2007
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I'm interested in purchasing one of the Neve replicas for a strong yet smooth R&B tenor. I need some suggestions and...

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Bob Yordan 11th January 2007
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Hey everyone, I just thought I'd post this incase anyone can figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'll try to keep it as brief...

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aldgreen 11th January 2007
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I'm looking for a place in Los Angeles to move into. I'm looking for one of the many studios that have shut down that has a...

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Nu-tra 11th January 2007
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The post on mic'ing hi-hats made me think about something that a lot of people really don't consider. To a large degree the...

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joeq 11th January 2007
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Hi guys, just thinking aloud here. I won't have this room until March. My question is about the corners and bass trapping. As you...

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rainsinvelvet 11th January 2007
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Once again I find myself wondering how my feeble brain remembers to continue breathing all day and night... So here comes my...

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mrbowes 11th January 2007
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I know I should remember how to do this... If I've got a song with a tempo of 140bpm with a sample rate of 88.2 and I clock it...

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EleKtriKaz 11th January 2007
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Hello! This Norm Kerner-former Record Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Composer/Session player/Studio Designer/Owner....present Real...

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Shandy 11th January 2007
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hi what happens if i connect apogee minime spdif out to a spdif/ toslink converter and then the toslink cable to a adat input?...

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d_fu 11th January 2007
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OK, I have spent the weekend in bed with Madona, jammed for an hour with the Rolling Stones (all in my dreams) but I've...

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Sounds Great 11th January 2007
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Roger Nichols in EQ: "Also, keep in mind that AES can contain 24 bit audio, but S/PDIF can only contain 20 bit audio...

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fillmore999 11th January 2007
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I have a great deal (at least I think->300eur) for a Mackie UAD-1 card. I know of the whole UAD range, but I've never heard...

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synth.ignition 11th January 2007
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well we know where the money goes at least....

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thenoiseflower 10th January 2007
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Hi guys, happy 2007! I am looking for a great Vocal mic ..and is a very hard task with so many options here. I narrowed my...

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Fuel 10th January 2007
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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but it's the mst popular so I figured, why not? I'm currently...

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Ethan Winer 10th January 2007
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I have a pile of cassette recordings of recitals and jams from the old days that need to be digitized. There must be a ton...

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drockfresh 10th January 2007
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for anyone whos used this pre, well, you already know its "odd" controls. nonetheless, it still sounds...

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frontierfran 10th January 2007
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I just got a white noise machine for my baby. It helps drown out the sounds from the living room. I've heard of white noise as...

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7 Hz 10th January 2007
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I need a studio to records drums, so far I found two that are fine. I need some help choosing which one to use. Studio A has...

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Berolzheimer 10th January 2007
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I've recently acquired a Denon DN-790R. Using its ballanced outs I plan to hook this into a Metric Halo ULN-2 to a/d convert some...

phil m
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phil m 10th January 2007
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bendecido 10th January 2007
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Hi all, fairly new to this stuff so hope you can help... Running a G5 imac and just acquired an old allen and heath system 8,...

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bezzler 10th January 2007
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Spikeh 10th January 2007
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apple news new all purpose cellphoneheppy http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6246063.stm

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GearGuy 10th January 2007
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Part 1: When double micing the kick, both rezn & beater heads, do I have to reverse the phase polarity on one of the mic...

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UnDeFiNeD 10th January 2007
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I'm ripping my hair out trying to find out what this effect is. I've heard this guitar sound used about twice, both in the early...

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analogtodd 10th January 2007
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Of releases since 2000, what is the most dynamic album you've heard? One that hasn't been brickwalled all to hell.

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Iscralatchtical 10th January 2007
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I've been reading about people recording tracks as cleanly as possible, then "reamping" by sending the signal through a...

Ben J
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tINY 10th January 2007
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I use protools le 7.3, I am fairly new on DAW, but I like it. I know HD is a big step up, as it F#$%ing be for 10000 USD! ...

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defjamm 10th January 2007
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api 312, ba 312 any differences? which do you prefer and why? Ps...Ive narrowed it down to these 2 finally, thisl be my last...

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doorknocker 10th January 2007
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Okay, from all that I've heard and read, if somebody posted a thread wanting to mic a guitar amp about 20 people would simply...

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everybody's x 10th January 2007
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I'll be tracking drums on Wednesday and using the FF800 for the first time. The FF800 has 10 channels of analog AD...

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JB872 10th January 2007
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Looks pretty cool. I've got 3 buds with the 600and they've been solid.... here's the next bump...

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Tibbon 10th January 2007
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I'm curious to see how many other people this has happened to: So I'm listening to the album mix of "Tanis" by Lynam...

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emrr 10th January 2007
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Hi, this isn't another clone debate or plug or whatever. Amtec are changing the chickenhead knobs on the PEQ. I bought one last...

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Led 10th January 2007
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I have a Fender Twin serial # A774806 and a Fender Champ serial #32408. Anyone got any idea how old these are and what they...

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tubesandteles 10th January 2007
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I'm gonna take the (mental) plunge and wrap my head around PT. From what I know/have seen its as deep as...

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Umlaaat 10th January 2007
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Have they changed the names on these? I thought they were called 6301B. What is this BEAV abbreviation? Does anyone know if the...

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max cooper 10th January 2007
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I need an Adat XT20 machine NOW! Anyone in the New York City area that can help?

Benjy King
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pramrod 10th January 2007
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Folks new to mastering might find the podcast interesting + there is a PDF to download about mastering...

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Jules 10th January 2007
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help! i just got a shiny new EMPTY lunchbox for Christmas and i need my first set of 500 series pres. i am searching primarily...

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jebjerome 10th January 2007
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I'm curious to know where does these mics sit in terms of performance. I only have one LDC and that's the AT4033. I've heard...

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djanogil 9th January 2007
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Rode NT5's Sterling Audio 44's and Studio Projects C4's... These are my choices. I'm looking for a more darker...

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PMIReid 9th January 2007
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I make instrumentals (mostly pop and newage hiphop) I need help improoving my sound. I recently joined up with TAXI and they need...

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jiemayn 9th January 2007
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in general, how many dB do you go up to give someone a "vocal up" mix? is there a standard number for this? thanks in...

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mrlouie 9th January 2007
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I wanna verify this is not a problem. We are currently setting up a new studio in a 1400sqft house built in the 1930's and we...

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Bassace 9th January 2007
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Hi, In collective mode what's the difference between Adding All Current triggers compared to Unique Triggers in Beat...

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jpupo74 9th January 2007
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Hello all, I came across this mic in a box that was in storage. I searched the forum here and only came up with 1 thread and...

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BeerHunter 9th January 2007