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Hi! I owned NI's B4, and really liked it. Always wanted to learn to play a B3 (or similar), but more in the Jon Lord "rock...

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Steffmo 10th February 2007
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i hope this will be dealt with in manner in which it deservesfreshflowe

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Bassace 10th February 2007
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There are efforts underway to ban incandescent bulbs in favor of the compact fluorescent bulbs that screw in to the same socket. ...

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CoteRotie 10th February 2007
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I know its been asked whats the best interface under 1000. They are all great but let me explain my situation, I need a maximum...

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opium89 10th February 2007
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I'm looking for links to articles/discussions aimed at phase relations/issues, particuarly during mix down.

GL Respect Due
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Ethan Winer 10th February 2007
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what mic is this? http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/4248/beyeror0.jpg thanks!

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jeff deff 10th February 2007
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What do you use? Anyone see a problem buying one through eBay? Thanks.

Jesse Dunn
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mixerguy 10th February 2007
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I got this email from Will Lee. ________________________ Dear Friends & Family o’ mine, I am excited to announce that...

Benjy King
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bluestarbass 10th February 2007
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Just curious. What are your studio's methods for backing up in-progress recordings and protecting them against disaster? A...

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DCtoDaylight 10th February 2007
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GearBit 10th February 2007
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What a great release, their recent Album "inside in/inside out" really impresses me.... It was mixed by Michael...

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rwhitney 10th February 2007
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I currently have 2 MOTU HD 192's and I'm considering the Black Lion mod. Its either that or sell them and get 2 Lynx Aurora 16s....

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numrologst 10th February 2007
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We all know Monsta Cable. Love or hate they have some stuff that many have used. I am wondering the following: DO THE CABLE...

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Acoustic Cloud 10th February 2007
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I am looking for a smoke'n deal on a neumann ksm105 ? new, sub $500.00 US Suggest a good mic store ?

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rwhitney 10th February 2007
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My band received a call last night informing us that there is an opportunity for us to cast for a nationally syndicated (sp?) TV...

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big country 10th February 2007
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okay i just got a central station and ive got it hooked up n everything and audio is going through it (i can see it on the...

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MX582 10th February 2007
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FYI http://www.netscape.com/viewstory/2007/02/08/recording-the-beatles-geoff-emerick-speaks/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.netscape.com...

JFK Chopper
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JFK Chopper 10th February 2007
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here is my set up u87ai, blue dragonfly -> chameleon 7602 -> 1176 LN -> apogee AD92 -> Digi002 rack ->...

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MatzeMillion 10th February 2007
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Does anyone have this tuner or has tried it out? My old tuner has served me faithfully for seven years but now it's starting to...

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polimorfos 10th February 2007
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what console is it from?

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zarembo 10th February 2007
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Don't know if anyone has posted about this before, but I found some excellent Pro Tools tutorial videos by Kenny Gioia over on...

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idylldon 10th February 2007
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Can I pull power tubes from an SVT classic and drop the wattage? We think there is a bad power tube? Thanks. Soundchecking...

Jim Kerr
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Jim Kerr 10th February 2007
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Does the Fletcher Munson curve guide your decisions during the mixing stage? If so which ones? Do you apply an eq or band...

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KingDaddyO 10th February 2007
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Lets say you have the following gear available to you. No external compressor, preamp or anything else, just the 2 following...

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gm5k 9th February 2007
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El Fatso 9th February 2007
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The samples are pretty good !

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Josht 9th February 2007
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Hey guys, little problemo. I'm producing some 5 second (yes, 5) spots for radio. I'm exporting them from PT and then into...

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RKrizman 9th February 2007
Avatar for Trancetones

Hi, I have two A810's that need some work. Looking for someplace close to L.A. or close to Santa Barbara would be even better. ...

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GL Respect Due 9th February 2007
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Alright guys, I need to figure this out, hopefully someone can help. I wanted to add 2 additional channels to my 002R from my...

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ecsound 9th February 2007
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Ok, so I am the cheapest of the cheap, but I am intrigued because I know I saw Aptrigga listed for $39 and $45 somewhere before,...

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TyRip 9th February 2007
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UREI 527 graphic eq? It came out of a club and I was curious if the faders are capable of being douched with cleaner. Thanks in...

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dementedchord 9th February 2007
Avatar for tubalicious

Is there such a beast? I have TT to 3 male elco and three XLR to male Elco wanting to use for my pt rig. All I need now is an...

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jhg 9th February 2007
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I had lil brainstorm and decided to build a box around the kick. The panels are 2'x4'x2" 703 inside readyacoustics tan...

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Jax 9th February 2007
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Looking to get a pair of power tubes for my Hiwatt: Anyone know about these?

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Sizzleboy 9th February 2007
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Allo, Can anyone recommend a high end recording studio in the Washington DC area? We have a project to record a live big...

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ndogg 9th February 2007
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Hello, I can buy a used Eventide H3000 D/SX for 1000 euro's (1299 dollars). I think it's a bit too much isn't it?? What are...

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Ribbonmicguy 9th February 2007
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I have heard that this is a hated piece around here, but I don't care...I want to know more about it...If you hate it, please...

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Avatar for Kenny Gioia
Kenny Gioia 9th February 2007
Avatar for Firemans Run

hi, i'm getting ready to have a session mixed, so i'm bouncing all of my reason files to audio in PT. how can i translate the...

Firemans Run
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toolskid 9th February 2007
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Any gearslut advice would helpfull pleasse I am singing through a cmv563 into a v72 pre with no mods. Into a rme fireface...

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C/G 9th February 2007
Avatar for cajonezzz

I'm about to make the move ( if the prices are indeed lower) from HD3 PROCESS pci x G4 1.42, to PCI e on a macpro. just...

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[email protected] 9th February 2007
Avatar for PoorGlory

Stopped by a major facilty today to test drive my new cheapo ribbon (Cascade Victor) against some other stellar mics. We put the...

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Alexi 9th February 2007
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hi guys, i'm in the process of purchasing a john hardy m1 preamp and wanted to ask you the following question: does the unit...

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grexter 9th February 2007
Avatar for Matt Grondin

Hey do you guys that use a CL 1B on vox set it up like an LA-2A with the 10:1 and similar attack/release settings, or do you find...

Matt Grondin
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Matt Salazar 9th February 2007
Avatar for Nu-tra

I'm getting one for really cheap. all working a couple of mute switches are scratchy but all is well. How do these boards sound?

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Nu-tra 9th February 2007
Avatar for zamboknee

Greetings, I was looking to splurge on a Neumann m147 or BLUE Kiwi but decided my aspirations are bigger than my budget so I...

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Brent Casey 9th February 2007
Avatar for rodrigo

Has anybody here listened to and compared both reverbs? I have heard great things about Altiverb, but it's a CPU hog from what...

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dlmorley 9th February 2007
Avatar for ecsound

So I'm going to be recording a drummer with a huge kit for the first time. Most of the kits I've done have been 5-piece's. So I...

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stevep 9th February 2007
Avatar for filthyrich

Here's my problem: Everyone (not everyone; I know) seems pretty sure that tracking drums with little or no comp/eq is the way...

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filthyrich 9th February 2007
Avatar for Sensater

Hi all, I'm mixing a project featuring a female vocalist recorded through a MOTU preamp and a Neumann TLM103. The resulting...

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Sensater 9th February 2007
Avatar for tubalicious

This is a question i have not seen answered has anyone seen this elusive creature kinda like nessy Seems like you'd be able to...

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Avatar for Tone Obsessed
Tone Obsessed 9th February 2007