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hi, i am looking for a recording studio in Tokyo. A nice room and a good mic selection.

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mrgrimm 25th February 2007
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Just ran synths through my TG2 and distorted the hell of them. Unreal. Sooooooooooooooo cool.kfhkh

Bump Music
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norman_nomad 25th February 2007
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Hi guys, Just wondering what your takes are on various methods of promotion for recording services? What do you think works...

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Shandy 25th February 2007
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Hey guys, spotted this Fender 4216 16 channel mixer on ebay. Fender 4216 I've never seen anything like it manufactured...

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epicproblem 25th February 2007
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Does anyone know the difference between a Beta52 and Beta52A? Any appreciable sound differences? Thx! Bill

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drBill 25th February 2007
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Hi Guys, New to the forums here. I have a moderate Digi002, Focusrite OCtopre via ADAT and some Soundelux Mics (U195) that...

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SimonT 25th February 2007
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Do you guys with Distressors that have developed scratchy pots have a home grown fix/cleaning method or do I need to send it in...

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jackmac 24th February 2007
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I mix all my music ITB and I want to record my final mix to tape. If I wanted to maintain the fidelity and get the loudness and...

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vernier 24th February 2007
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Almost everyday for the past week i've been unable to log-on to Gearslutz for a few hours at a time. Sometimes I get a...

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jchas 24th February 2007
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Had a great experience with John Peluso of Peluso Mics. Actually, it's the second time I've dealt with the man. Just wanted to...

Empty Planet
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Empty Planet 24th February 2007
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This question might be really dumb... But this idea comes to my mind a lot. What if I take my gear to my back yard (or farm)?...

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Kiwiburger 24th February 2007
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We're shooting this week with Nashville engineer, Shane Wilson (Switchfoot, Mercy Me). We'll be covering tracking & mixing,...

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ron florentine 24th February 2007
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maybe i'm the only one who's tired of taking the amps in to get a pro bias, but what exactly goes on with biasing? i do a fair...

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juledude 24th February 2007
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I beg for forgivenesssss, I don't like to post such a critical entrees, but I feel like a wake-up call guy on the mission. hittt...

Bob Amirian
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jacko 24th February 2007
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Looking for someone to track me some big drums for use as an EXS sample instrument Looking for a nice real room acoustic kit;...

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squeegybug 24th February 2007
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How far do you guys travel roughly to get to your nearest studio? And would traveling further be worth it for a really good...

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rmproduction 24th February 2007
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Which times, days and months do you feel are best and worst for a recording studios business?

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rmproduction 24th February 2007
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Anyone have a scamp rack with ADR S31 comps? I'm trying to stereo link a couple of these in my rack but something's a little...

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montanasan 24th February 2007
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I'm gonna have access to an SF-12 for a bit, and I was wondering what you happy owners are using it on? I'm planning to use it...

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Mark Warren 23rd February 2007
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hi - i own a non-profit recording studio and we just got donated a quantum audio labs series 22 8-channel broadcast board. anyone...

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garbagelarge 23rd February 2007
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There is a short video at http://www.hyfntrak.com/clapton/AFF29328/go.php of the recording of the JJ Cale/Clapton album Road To...

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Farmerbrown2200 23rd February 2007
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voiceone 23rd February 2007
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Hi everyone - I may be needing to go Firewire in my studio and would like to stay below $1000. Theoretically I would like 16...

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rokn4jc 23rd February 2007
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Is anyone using the Lake Mesa Quad EQ in their studio or mastering suite? And if so ... would you be so kind to give me your...

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PandaFOH 23rd February 2007
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Sorry if this has come up elsewhere - I've searched but can't seem to find. I'm looking to get a small HD set up (pcie core and...

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Ken Lewis 23rd February 2007
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So i've searched through the forum, and i couldn't find any reviews on the Motu 8 Pre... But, i did read that a lot of people...

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-Noodles- 23rd February 2007
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I record church services at my sunday gig. I mix it from aux 3 in mono to a cd deck. The recordings sound terrible already, and...

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Kiwiburger 23rd February 2007
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Where can I hear a recording of the "Barkiest" Rhodes? I'd like to compare it to the sound of my late model. Thanks,...

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uncle duncan 23rd February 2007
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I was having a bit of trouble with my TG-2(WHICH i LOVE!) so I sent it in to Chandler for a "look see". Turned out to...

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orsano 23rd February 2007
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i need to record some phone conversations for a couple album interludes, i want them to be the highest quality i can get. can...

Mike Chav
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DontLetMeDrown 23rd February 2007
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does anyone know who mixed this song? i can't find outconfoosed hope i'm posting in the right spot? sorry if not

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lpkyer 23rd February 2007
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Who mixed Elephunk? Who mastered it? I think for its genre, this album's sonic quality is unmatched... what do you think?

Rev. Robb
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thethrillfactor 23rd February 2007
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I'm looking to upgrade with a somewhat-low budget, and I'm wondering what are the good mixers out there that really have a good...

Mr Wiggles
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Led 23rd February 2007
Avatar for PoorGlory

....just to get 2 more outs on my 002R. I've not found any products that go for under $500, but there has to be, right?

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chrisj 23rd February 2007
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Picked one of these up a while ago and would like to be able to track directly in and out to my ProTools rig, can anyone...

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kenn.michael 23rd February 2007
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So I've been browsing and searching for a good dual channel compressor that will work good on 2-bus AND on tracking...

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squeegybug 23rd February 2007
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I put my nomad plugs back into my new tools setup, didn't care for them, and I uninstalled them. They still show up in my plug's...

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Kiwiburger 23rd February 2007
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I am a poor solo artist with running a Digi 002 ...... I am looking to do demos that sound good. I know you need good...

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audiomichael 23rd February 2007
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Hi Guys, I am pricing up a budget and the project I am working on has suggested I augment my equipment with some extra pieces...

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jdjustice 22nd February 2007
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i know, hardly a new record but this is such an odd band and the more the years go by and bands (like coldplay) who have been...

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Mr Wiggles 22nd February 2007
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Question about converters: I've got a DM24 mixer and motu 2408 mkii, connected via TDIF. Am I using the converters in the DM24...

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iziphonics 22nd February 2007
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This was published and available freely in a tape op article correct? Where can i find this schematic online? Anyone have a copy?...

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Recycled_Brains 22nd February 2007
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Okay, I tracked some drums to 2" tape (straight to tape without compression). I recorded them quite hot to get some tape...

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Joemamma 22nd February 2007
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i hate clangy, irish sounding cybals. it doesnt help that i use 184 but but thats notthe only reason. any tips on getting those...

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tINY 22nd February 2007
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I would like to hear some prices on HD you've scored via Ebay or other internet sites. Is it possible to get a working had...

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Gregg Sartiano 22nd February 2007
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How do you edit guitars? Which programs do you use? Anyone using Melodyne?

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JonCraig 22nd February 2007
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hey team Austin- i'm doing a couple location recordings during SxSW and i'm being hyper-anal about getting my rig...

marty lester
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marty lester 22nd February 2007
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Hey, anybody ever been exposed to the Red Stripe Compressor? http://keyclubrecording.com/skibbe/index.html

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C/G 22nd February 2007
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Hey guys, I've recently started doing some engineering for live in-studio stuff at the college radio station I DJ at. The mic...

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Josht 22nd February 2007
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I just got a message from a client: "The mix sounds amazing, but when i put the CD in my computer the wrong name comes up,...

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Jim Kerr 22nd February 2007