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Hey everybody, This is a relatively new mic, and I'm thinking about purchasing it. I've only found one online review, and I'm...

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davey boy 1st March 2007
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hI! I have the possibility to get a Control 24 with an Argosy desk for a awesome deal l! But I am debating between this an the...

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AMIEL 1st March 2007
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This is mostly a point of curiosity, but has anyone worked with this board, or the DM1000? How are the converters in it? Where...

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username 1st March 2007
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Hey there. I've been using alot of analog outboard (compressors / EQ's) via insterts while mixing in a PT HD system with 192...

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paterno 1st March 2007
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I found this in an internet classified ad: “Ampeg Bass Amp B25B 55watts rms at 16 ohm / 8 ohm option ..this is a tube amp...

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ampman1961 1st March 2007
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I'd like to be able to use plug-in instruments/fx like Sculpture, Space Designer etc. etc. in Nuendo, without having to resort to...

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16942 1st March 2007
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Taken from here http://www.protoolers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6834

C Heat
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RealToReel 1st March 2007
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I've been looking into replacing my D2B with the Nicerizer 16. After reading reviews and hearing one for myself I'm convinced it...

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houseplant 1st March 2007
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I am in the market for a summing mixer solution (e.g. 8816, Tonelux, MixDream, Chandler MiniMixer, etc.) and being an OTB mixer...

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Mike H 1st March 2007
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...what are you listening music on when you come home - if at all?! I have an old linn setup in my living room: 5103 preamp,...

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NoisyNarrowBand 1st March 2007
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Hey guys. This is a follow up question from yesterday. Today's the last day I have to track vocals for my band's demo. I had no...

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lordmiguel 1st March 2007
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I like the clean sound of the JC, but it is noisy. I need something for gigging small clubs and something for...

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DeathMonkey 1st March 2007
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Hi guys. Have been looking through emperical labs web site and can find nothing on the brit mod. What is the brit mod?

Ski spiggy
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Ski spiggy 1st March 2007
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What Studio is this in the video. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Rquyv1cWiXI Thanks

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pixelhead 1st March 2007
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I've got a little feature in this weeks 'Time Out New York'....

Benjy King
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jomo1234 28th February 2007
Avatar for Shaman

Anyone using this combo with success on a Mac Pro / MB Pro ? Does live support all 32 I/Os of the lightbridge ? Thanks !hittt

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kenn.michael 28th February 2007
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Man, what beauty design. Look that meters ! Damn cool recorder styled. The most beautyfull standalone recorder of the...

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No4PCs 28th February 2007
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Apparently he's bored and uninspired.

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severe 28th February 2007
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What's the vocal mic on everybody on that aweseome video? Cheers, Recky

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KrisNY 28th February 2007
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Is this a good deal? Im a in the box guy trying add some "vintage " flavor to my mixes. For converting i am using a...

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pistol-pete 28th February 2007
Avatar for ampman1961

Okay... So everyone has their favorite platform for final mix. Dat is becoming history. 1/2" analogue is my favorite, but...

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DSD_Mastering 28th February 2007
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Is a "Light mic" the same thing as a "Laser mic"? The promise of Laser mics a while back were that...

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tINY 28th February 2007
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Ive been coming here for a long time and love the site. This is the first time ive felt the need to post. Im having trouble...

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Barish 28th February 2007
Avatar for Booda

HI there - wehre are the differences between live and studio mixing (Eq, Subgroup compression)? peachh Booda

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Zwinter 28th February 2007
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Hey all - <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>...

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Deadmeat 28th February 2007
Avatar for Muso

Apparently the TL Audio has a much "sweeter top end" than the "limited bandwith" of the Toft and...

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waxx 28th February 2007
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Im using nuendo 3 with an rme digiface and apogee rosetta 800. IM using my dp4 as an external effects in the vst connections...

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vaesion 28th February 2007
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I will be tracking some upright bass this weekend, and will be trying the mic between the bridge legs trick with some SDC'S. My...

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ericdevine 28th February 2007
Avatar for Improv

It's been several years since I was working in SSL rooms. I'm all PTHD now and loving it, but I do remember the unique sound of...

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Matt Smith 28th February 2007
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Hi there, haven’t been able to come here in a while since my work blocked the website. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

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urobo[l]us 28th February 2007
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Ok need some quick help! I wanted to get the motu ultralite but it was sold out, and will be back in 2 weeks, but i dont wanna...

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carlan 28th February 2007
Avatar for SLy_drums

When it comes to distorded guitars, do you tend to use several amps simultaneousely ? I mean, is it possible to record two amps...

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analogtodd 28th February 2007
Avatar for sahiaman

Hi, I have a situation that I don't know how to deal with. I have a client that sent me stems of a mix, 4 stems, guitar,...

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quietdrive 28th February 2007
Avatar for cdhps

im bettin on the focusrites, what do you guys think?

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cdhps 28th February 2007
Avatar for dangeorge6

Hey there, I'm putting together my new rack and I have a few issues. First, I need to solder a snake. 1 side is a Dsub...

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grindx 28th February 2007
Avatar for mchimes

Frankly . . . I don't sum analog because I can't afford good conversion and a good summing box at this point. So now that I've...

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Avatar for starseed
starseed 28th February 2007
Avatar for Dopamine

I want to experience the sound of vinyl that many people say sounds better than CD. I picked up a turntable, now I need some...

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Avatar for RadioMoo
RadioMoo 28th February 2007
Avatar for Lazer Toms

I'm looking to replace my worn 7506's. Can anyone recommend a pair (under $200) that singers really love? Maybe something...

Lazer Toms
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StudioTinPanAll 28th February 2007
Avatar for erock

A lot of times when I'm using mix bus compression, my snare drops out of the mix and my overheads blast over everything else....

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Avatar for andymixer
andymixer 28th February 2007
Avatar for SLy_drums

When I record some bass guitar for rock/heavy rock, I tend to use a DI and 2 mics in front of the amp. When mixing time has come...

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baikonour 28th February 2007
Avatar for hogo

Can anyone give any insight to the vocal chain on her new album? Great sound.

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Avatar for hogo
hogo 28th February 2007
Avatar for BLueROom

I've been busy getting together some really BIG sounding snare samples and I'd like to share my efforts. These samples (gog file...

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Avatar for Einstein
Einstein 28th February 2007
Avatar for Robert Sands

Might be a stupid question - something I should really know by now, but how do you tell the difference? What should you be...

Robert Sands
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Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 28th February 2007
Avatar for Kewk

I just bought a Roland td-3 sound module for my dDrum triggers, and tried to use both michrophone and triggers. My problem is...

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Kiwiburger 28th February 2007
Avatar for marshallplexi

Anybody ever used these ?? How do they sound like ? Thanks !

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marshallplexi 28th February 2007
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I tried to save a session as usual (after installing some waves plugs)and it says an access violation ocurred. I realized had...

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fuzzface777 28th February 2007
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note: just FYI, I made this same post at PSW to get some exposure from different folks. I'm looking for some advice on what...

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BobSchwenkler 28th February 2007
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gm5k 28th February 2007
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i dont know if this was posted or not. email i just got..is this a joke? sounds funny! but crazy! ( this is a maybe?! but...

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T_R_S 28th February 2007
Avatar for ecsound

Well I bought BFD for the sole purpose of using it's samples along with Dgog to supplement less than perfect kit sounds. I find...

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Avatar for PlatinumSamples
PlatinumSamples 28th February 2007