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I'm looking to track a male trio with piano. Any LA area studios that shine in this department (pref. w/ a nice grand, able...

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Blazinghammer 10th March 2007
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eng is 90% BS and 10% talent see my other thread https://www.gearslutz.com/board/showthread.php?t=113564

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Sigma 10th March 2007
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heres the scenario.... i'm doing over this next year a complete album of songs with a very nice talented person. its a huge...

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tomwehrle 10th March 2007
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I just mixed an album project where they need stems made for the artist to potentially use in her live shows. My question is how...

Deleted bd1be4f
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Deleted bd1be4f 10th March 2007
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Hi!! Anybody here using a CMlabs controller? any advice? anything great o wrong? I am looking to get a CM Labs Motor Mate.

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drockfresh 10th March 2007
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maybe i'm missing something, but what is the difference between these. vintech is said to be an exact replica, even using same...

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Studiocat 10th March 2007
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I've had a couple people give me the yeah yeah about GS. Whatever, I've practically got a free college education off this board....

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Sqye 10th March 2007
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The Peluso 22 251 has been compared to the Telfunken ELAM USA 251. Harvey Gerst also compares the Studio Projects T3 to the...

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Cujo 10th March 2007
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I have been reviewing a few summing boxes. Costing between $700 to $3000 for a 8 to 16 channel unit. If summing is the only thing...

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TEMAS 10th March 2007
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need a cheap shockmount for a u87. im not willing to fork out £250 for a neumann shockmount. can anyone recommend any that work...

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woomanmoomin 10th March 2007
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Having seen a few pictures of Tom Lord Alge's studio, I've noticed that he has a Dunlop Rotovibe on his SSL. I'm wondering what...

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stevep 10th March 2007
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I wrote a theme song for the podcast "This Week in Tech", which is a fairly popular show. I told them they could use...

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Veej007 10th March 2007
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I just went to work for a local studio that uses Pro Tools HD3 with a Control 24 mixer. I use a d8b with Nuendo and it works...

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jonnyclueless 10th March 2007
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There has been a lot of bashing about the focusrite octopres on this forum! I have a live recordingkit that consist of 5 octopres...

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joelpatterson 10th March 2007
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As a vocal mic, I starting to think that the Rode NT2 (not NT2A) is not very good. Ive noticed that the high end sounds pretty...

Crystal Mixing and Mastering
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jkung 10th March 2007
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I got an EV Raven dynamic last year and still haven't recorded a single amp. I lent it to a local studio for tracking guitars and...

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bobwarren 10th March 2007
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I bought this active ribbon mic and I can't get it to sound good. I've tried it on drums OH, el guitar, ac guitar, vocals. The...

dim light
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dim light 10th March 2007
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i was thinking.if i compress a guitar in the mix im reducing the range between my direct and reverberant sound ( depth ). Does...

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Mike Caffrey 10th March 2007
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so, what is with these? any good for super squash? mosely tfl-280 limiter ever heard one?

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theom 10th March 2007
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Last year I built a small (250 sq ft) studio in my apartment. Possibly the least successful aspect of the build is the live room...

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Mike Caffrey 10th March 2007
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So, how much wave form or digital editing is availa ble on the Radar systems? Are you able to copy, paste, scrub, loop, move wave...

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Ruudman 10th March 2007
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I know that they are making new mics, but just curious if there still modding...Thanks

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cashewcupcake 10th March 2007
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i have a few TC piecs like a M -ONE and a M-TWO, does anyone have probelms with some of the LED lights going out on these units,...

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lwr 10th March 2007
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Let me explain my situation a little. I live in South Bend IN, and have been wanting to move to Chicago for a while. There are...

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Calfee Jones 9th March 2007
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What are some good decently priced, yet decently made full sized boom stands? I want to stay away from the $20 On-Stage stands...

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bobwarren 9th March 2007
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I got some mic stands that are made by Tama the drum company and I love them. Very solid. Made of chrome plated steel. I don't...

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bobwarren 9th March 2007
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How does the Shadow Hills Pres compare to the Avalon 737? How much are the Shadow Hills Lunch Box Pres?

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Pericles 9th March 2007
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Does anyone here know if the UA Plug-ins work with Pro Tools 7.3 HD?

[email protected]
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[email protected] 9th March 2007
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Was wondering if anyone was having success using the profire as an aggregate device with other Daws (coreaudio). I get that...

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edham 9th March 2007
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I am recording an album in mid april in Morin Heights and was wondering if any fellow Slutz know of any control 24's to rent as...

Mike Shipley
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Bad Khan 9th March 2007
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Looking through the grill of my AT4033 I can see that the capsule is considerably tilt backwards. As this is my second AT where I...

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zilver 9th March 2007
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The shockmount on my AT4050 is starting to fall apart after all these years, the "bungee cord" stuff is starting to...

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Pasta4lnch 9th March 2007
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I have two alternative ($ is a factor) ideas for buss submixing ( drums , keys , guitars)- what do you prefer ? Sending from...

janek 68
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janek 68 9th March 2007
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i just got a used mix plus system but i'm having trouble finding the pro tools 6.4 software...anyone know where i can get it or...

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T_R_S 9th March 2007
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just picked up the Soundtoys bundle and am very impressed! however, there's one really annoying glitch that I can't seem to get...

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hive 9th March 2007
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As I bought Genelecs 8040s a while ago I decided to turn my 1029As into my new home stereo system. I use it with a Studer A727 CD...

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doorknocker 9th March 2007
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It's on! We are having a Thanksgiving gear demo party at Vocal Asylum. Saturday November 25th from 6pm on... Dinner and...

James Lugo
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rascal9 9th March 2007
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i'm looking for an equaliser for amplified harp (pickup sound) for live performance i thought maybe this electro harmonix tube...

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cebolao 9th March 2007
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I am posting this in here, because it seems to have much more traffic than anywhere else. With the price of gear, what do some...

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AlexLakis 9th March 2007
Avatar for pepperjack

does Big Ben help in anyway the sound with the Roestta 200? i don't really need all 8 channels of the 800, so i thought i could...

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Johnkenn 9th March 2007
Avatar for Chuck B

how high do you guys like to have your near/mid field monitors? I've heard that you should have the tweeter and the same height...

Chuck B
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woomanmoomin 9th March 2007
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And he's a very nice guy, enthusiastic twinkle in his eye, laid back, centered, focused, happy, courteous... Did I speak to him...

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Sqye 9th March 2007
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Hi guys I am still wondering how to free up some dough. After much debate on getting the SSL Duende I decided not to go for it-...

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C/G 9th March 2007
Avatar for skamaniac

This may be a dumb question but using a M-Audio Project mix controller for pro tools.. Do I need a AD/DA converter or does this...

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Kiwiburger 9th March 2007
Avatar for ecsound

Just thought it might be interesting to see how everyone started out. What you started with, your first project, how old,...

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Sigma 9th March 2007
Avatar for Joemamma

How do you go about recording drums when the drummer plays "normal" snare, sidestick and rimshot in the same song? ...

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Musiclab 9th March 2007
Avatar for ryjan

hello here is my situation i live in a old apartment building in seattle i have a humble setup just to make my music i will list...

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ryjan 9th March 2007
Avatar for TheMikesmith

or is there something like this out there? What I want for my live bass setup... I run my bass into my tuner pedal then...

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Tone Obsessed 9th March 2007
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I'd really like to hear some opinions on which comp you would buy first. I have narrowed it down to a Buzz Audio SOC comp or...

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numrologst 9th March 2007
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What would you guys compare the DDA console pres to? My AMR24 was 8 grand for 36 channels of press and, 60 eq's! Thats bang for...

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KingDaddyO 9th March 2007