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Hello. I have been using my Lavry DA10 dac for home pleasure listening for a while. I have no issue with the sound, but as it...

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gregory 4th March 2019
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hi all. not sure that this is the correct forum (mods feel free to move it). I have what is I'm sure a very lame...

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ECGS 4th March 2019
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The track is called "I Guess I Just Feel Like." I ask because it sounds lot different than his typical vocal tracks. A...

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Jwoody86 4th March 2019
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Hello all here, I have a question. I’m currently using a Focusrite 18i8 to record my synths at home. It does the job very...

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Marceys 4th March 2019
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So I've recently become interested in the Yamaha MGP32X for my home studio, once my wife and I purchase a house. (I'm well aware...

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FreshProduce 4th March 2019
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I was recently playing Son of a Preacherman in my new control room to get a feel for the space on my PMC IB2i monitors and the...

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inasilentway 4th March 2019
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Finally got a chance to hear a pair of these bad boys in action. Sounded GREAT! I'm primarily a hip hop guy, and for the...

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Sigma 4th March 2019
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Hi! ATM I am looking for a secondhand UAD Quad, and last month they had a really nice action which allowed you to get up to like...

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neoking 4th March 2019
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If not it would be a great way to split signals.

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ppaulsen 4th March 2019
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I have the option of recording into my PC DAW via RME Hammerfall 9652 cards versus into my Pro Tools rig via Dig 192s probably at...

Mr. Anxiety
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crimsonnoise 4th March 2019
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Looking to move up to the Eve SC207 or 208 or the HEDD 07. My room is small but has good heavy duty bass traps on the rear...

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pdpd 4th March 2019
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Goodmorning guys, What do you suggest for a Keyboard/midi controller/whatevere fits best that will drive my Abyss Dreadbox,...

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charliebros 4th March 2019
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Hi guys. Had a look about and couldn't find any comparisons from actual users. By end of the week I need to purchase a new...

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filpgc 4th March 2019
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I've been quite happy with U-he Satin for this purpose. It sounds nice and it is hard to make it sound bad. But in the last two...

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ProgFree 4th March 2019
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Hello there's not much Info about that Sony Mx-710 Mixer from the 70ies i guess. Anybody used it? How does it Sound? And for...

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ciggi 4th March 2019
Avatar for Peter Craft

I have two hardware stereo compressors at my disposal and neither are quite doing the trick for me with acoustic guitar. I have...

Peter Craft
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James Lehmann 4th March 2019
Avatar for ft13

so after some testing, it seems when i plug in the midi from the Electribe out to the Microbrute in, the Microbrute is on channel...

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ft13 4th March 2019
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I would like to audition different OpAmps for my TAC Bullet mono input channels. Is it possible to just swap them without doing...

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turbocharbo 4th March 2019
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Hi, Our band are recording a new record soon, we (I) will be recording everything except drums which will be done in a decent...

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chit 3rd March 2019
Avatar for PoorGlory

I read some post on here a while back that the 2500 series Tascam boards are somewhat crappy. Can someone elaborate? And even so,...

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Avatar for MFSAKA
MFSAKA 3rd March 2019
Avatar for Car Crash Studio

Hi GS, I recently bought a PreSonus Studio 192 & they use the 33079 quad amps in the xmax preamp stages. I was wondering...

Car Crash Studio
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Avatar for Car Crash Studio
Car Crash Studio 3rd March 2019
Avatar for Alex Banks

I have a DDA D series and I'm thinking about getting a Q series as a back up. My question is: are they fundamentally the same...

Alex Banks
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atavacron 3rd March 2019
Avatar for hywyn

Hi, Is this a normal occurrence for people where converters develop a fault on one output? I have only ever known problems...

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hywyn 3rd March 2019
Avatar for Uncle Freddie

Hi, I have a Tascam DA-3000. I am running the latest firmware available, 2.02. When recording, sometimes the Stop button...

Uncle Freddie
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AudioKemestry 3rd March 2019
Avatar for dvalleyjim

I been using Nuendo 8 with an aes 16 and aurora 16 for years. I route everything through a mackie sr24-4 vlz pro mixer. The...

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jwh1192 3rd March 2019
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jwh1192 3rd March 2019
Avatar for rabbit friendly

I am starting a small boutique label with cassette and vinyl. Already have a dedicated audience of 15k+. I'm not sure how many...

rabbit friendly
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joe sixpak 2nd March 2019
Avatar for SnM

Hello slutz, it's time to upgrade my setup. I have a small studio, up until now I'd record up to 3-4 channels at a time, but...

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thismercifulfate 2nd March 2019
Avatar for pixeltarian

So I'm just sick of mic stands. After having some threads stripped on another couple boom arms, I found these guys: Triad-Orbit...

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6_Three 2nd March 2019
Avatar for robotchicken

what kind of hardware are people using to tie together their mixes? especially interested in whats being used in projects that...

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robotchicken 2nd March 2019
Avatar for 6_Three

I just bought 4 of the mini Triad with boom stands. I was excited until the main tripod tube kept slipping down through the twist...

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6_Three 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Newbie956

i just ordered a lynx e44 pcie soundcard for my audio productions...the next step is purchasing a good sounding microphone preamp...

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Avatar for ade2
ade2 2nd March 2019
Avatar for VTNate

Looking to upgrade my HD280 headphones. I don't feel like I'm hearing what I need when I'm tracking. After some searches I'm...

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VTNate 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Henrik Hjortnaes

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody: Are there any pictures or any media out there showing how the drums were recorded with regards to mic...

Henrik Hjortnaes
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Henrik Hjortnaes 2nd March 2019
Avatar for symeboy

Hi, I'm experimenting with different DI guitar signal chains with the goal of 'reamping' later I have an RNDI (active), a...

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symeboy 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Jackash

I just ordered my first 500 series rack (Neve r6) and several modules (MA5, Purple Action, and The Brute). I'm considering what...

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proxy 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Moony57

Hi guys, my first post here at gearslutz... I am in desperate need of finding out what wireless microphones/headsets, singer...

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Avatar for CallumBryant
CallumBryant 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Sysexdx

Sound Patches for Yamaha DX7 and Emulations (Reface DX, Volca FM, Arturia DX...) Yamaha DX7 DX7II DX21 TX802 DX9 TX816 DX5 DX200...

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Sysexdx 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Providence

I’m hoping this can be simply done. I am a drummer and been using my OP-1 live for some pads with my band. I already have...

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Avatar for Providence
Providence 2nd March 2019
Avatar for wa2png

I am trying to set up the remote controls on a stanton c.502 dual cd player but so far I can't find out what makes what happen,...

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Avatar for JayHennigan
JayHennigan 2nd March 2019
Avatar for DanDaMan

Hello guys, I've got a question about tape machines and the Motown sound. I had a thought last night whilst I was listening...

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Avatar for john morris
john morris 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Ahellam

Opinions on these? Im sure this has been asked before but Im pretty new here and havent been able to find any threads on it. Im...

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Avatar for Howling Terror
Howling Terror 2nd March 2019
Avatar for robotchicken

Anyone know of any big sounding Mics on the cheap? Preferably on the condenser side so I can boost the highs. Thanks!

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Avatar for Shannon Adkins
Shannon Adkins 2nd March 2019
Avatar for tyrebo

updated to Mojave, the old Vyzor software won't work on it. Psicraft website been near dead for years. I don't need editing, but...

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tyrebo 2nd March 2019
Avatar for mustardeer

Any idea how these vocals were mixed? I’m guessing a compressor like an La2a, a little delay, a hall reverb, some eq....

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Avatar for aremos
aremos 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Bruce_ski

So I just bought a pair of NS-10m Studio monitors from reverb and a used Crown xls-202 power amp from guitar center. So whenever...

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Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 1st March 2019
Avatar for PluckinTones

I´m especially torn between the Royer R101, Audio Technica AT4080 and sE Voodoo VR1 (at half price), all seem to be less dark...

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Avatar for Geoff Poulton
Geoff Poulton 1st March 2019
Avatar for terrible.dee

$620 USD for a Kawai SX 240 What do you think? Is this a good INVESTMENT, I like the synth, I would use it, but I sure as...

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Avatar for Syntheseyez
Syntheseyez 1st March 2019
Avatar for KingOmni

I recently got a Whisper Room for an amazing price from someone who was moving and included it in an auction. I don't live alone...

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Avatar for MoonMusic
MoonMusic 1st March 2019
Avatar for tubedude

Wondering how its worked out for anyone that may have one. Its an incredible piece of tone changing kit for the like $120 or so ...

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Avatar for unfiltered420
unfiltered420 1st March 2019