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I need some informed opinions... I am recording acoustic instruments only. One is similar to a mandolin, one is similar to a...

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kissingonstilts 27th March 2007
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I'm looking for a small-diaphragm condenser mic that I can use for recording, plus use at gigs, for acoustic guitar. Currently...

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kissingonstilts 27th March 2007
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Hi there, I've read a lot avout the Avocet, the Grace m904 and the Dangerous (their D-Box expected next month). However: I work...

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jhg 27th March 2007
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Hi, I'm new to recording, but I have a discerning ear and would like to get a few pieces of high-quality gear for overdubbing...

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dodd1967 27th March 2007
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Hey guys I am in need of some knowledge/advice before I plunk down $1500 just to meet with a lawyer. My bandmate just signed a...

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AMIEL 27th March 2007
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Ever wanted that airy, present, lovely NOW sound to your snare drum? I did. I've come up with a technique that may be old hat...

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BlueRadio 27th March 2007
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I've downloaded Reaper and I have to say I am impressed. I think that in the marketing mad world of pro-sumer audio it's probably...

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jslevin 27th March 2007
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hello everyone. i recently got a mix plus system. i have the aes inputs working with a rosetta but for some reason i can't get...

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judedog 27th March 2007
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Hello, I'm an 18 year old boy from Holland. I'm building a studio with some friends of mine, I want to get the best possible...

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uptheoctave 27th March 2007
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I'm still kind of learning the IBP. I started messing with those gain adjustments in the back. Now, I'm hearing some distortion...

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DigitMus 27th March 2007
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anyone have any opinions on how these ribbons stack up against the big boys? say a Royer 121 or an AEA R84/92? very...

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gm5k 26th March 2007
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How are these holding up? Any recent views out there? Btw, does anyone know what's the next "clone"?

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guitardom 26th March 2007
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Well, I got an up-close look at the unit. The unit cosmetically looks good, only draw back, you got it, those mushroom knobs,...

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Matt Hepworth 26th March 2007
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Hey guys, i have a band in now that was recording vocals in another studio then switched and came to mine. They had been using a...

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C/G 26th March 2007
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Hello all, I'd be very appreciative of any hands-on reviews of these desks. What is the reliability/history of these? Can...

Terry McInturff
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dbbubba 26th March 2007
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The last two singers have had terible timing problems, VERY LATE! It's like they are drunk or are doing a Frank Sinatra...

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Blindside 26th March 2007
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OK...I have made a decision on my recording setup. I am going to pull the trigger on a Great River MP2NV preamp. I decided that...

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Jeraz 26th March 2007
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At present my recording set up includes an O2R96 console connected via ADAT optical cables (24 channels) to my Mackie HDR24/96....

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guy1 26th March 2007
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If I plan on bypassing the pres and converters, is there any difference in sound quality between these different products? Do all...

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dodd1967 26th March 2007
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What I wish for with the Fireface is that it allowed 2 SPDIF I/O. It only allows one SPDIF and 2 ADATs. You can't set one of...

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beadgc23 26th March 2007
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I have had 6 Neutrik patchbays that have had numerous shourts in them in past 4 years... like all the time......I have tried to...

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gainreduction 26th March 2007
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Hi everybody, I'm finishing up the touches on a control room I just installed in my rehearsal studio. I'm interested in...

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soupking 26th March 2007
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Can I open a Nuendo project in Cubase SX3???

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dementedchord 26th March 2007
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I have been recording in analog for the past 6 years or so and love sound and feel of analog equipment. I have only started using...

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soundawg 26th March 2007
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borism 26th March 2007
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bonestar 26th March 2007
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For All who cannot decide or DONT want to decide which is better. TRUE. They are different. The debate roams unstopping on...

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NesNeedsGear 26th March 2007
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Which Pre-amp is of better quality, the Onyx or presonus firepod? Thanx

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reido113 26th March 2007
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Hi folks, I've got a question for you all: I'm using an Apogee AD8000 on a Pro Tools 24 Mix Cube system but when I go in the I/O...

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frenkonio 26th March 2007
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Man is it me or does the owner of Audio One look like Scott Baio? I keep double taking everytime I see it.

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Nu-tra 26th March 2007
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Heard great things about the amp, so I went to Guitar Center today and tried it out. They didn't have the Lonestar Special, so I...

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chris777 26th March 2007
Avatar for jazzdog

I have around 100 hours of radio programmes to archive onto an external hard drive. They're all on 1/4" tape, mostly...

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The Byre 26th March 2007
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I was thinking of the relationship between big firms and their smaller offspring where the *perception* on the part of many...

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Tom H 26th March 2007
Avatar for synth_head

Hi, Anyone know a possible source for DDA Interface Channel Modules? I need 8 to fill up my desk to the full 24...

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synth_head 26th March 2007
Avatar for airboy

What do you think about NEVE 8816 (Analog Summing Amplifier) ?? Do you think that it is worth to plug it for a "bounce...

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airboy 26th March 2007
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i already have a 1814 with m-powered, and i normally use channels 1&2 for making overdubs (wich apparently have...

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Freddo30 26th March 2007
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<HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> Hi... I´ve been...

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Kiwiburger 26th March 2007
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Hi there! I am an independent economist researching the recording and post production studio market as part of a series of...

Studio Survey
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Studio Survey 26th March 2007
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Seems Dave Boggs at loooper.com is still unwell. Can anyone recommend a pedal that can do A/B/C or A/B/C/D switching for a gtr...

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Blast9 26th March 2007
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Discharge-Her Majesty's Government... UK Subs-Endangered Species The Damned-Machine Gun Etiquette All of these recordings...

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nadsatrebel 26th March 2007
Avatar for mizzle

Quick question, I have an Ampeg B15 here that was left in the on position for a few hours (unintentionally) and it looks to...

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BOWIE 26th March 2007
Avatar for nomadic8

Can anyone one honestly tell me if release/broadcast quality recordings can be obtained from portable firewire based sond cards, ...

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nomadic8 26th March 2007
Avatar for manthe

Hello all! Well, I finally maxed out my UAD-1 cards. I now have 4 cards and *most* of the plugs. I am starting on the Neve...

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aryschien 26th March 2007
Avatar for Anselmo

Hello... Could someone with the kno-how tell me, how does the S/PDIF on digi002 work? Does the S/Pdif input work as one channel...

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PoorGlory 26th March 2007
Avatar for recall

Hi Guys, I was going to buy a DAV BG-1 to augment a 002 based mobile rig I have. It seems ideal for me but I came across this...

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mds 26th March 2007
Avatar for SonicExplorer1

Hello, Looks like I'm going to be purchasing an RME Fireface 400 soon. Any recommendations on places that have bargain prices...

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SonicExplorer1 26th March 2007
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Hello. My place is it's own structure with it's own 100 amp panel. in this panel are the regular things: lights (with...

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Jeff16years 26th March 2007
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I had let the good folk here at gearslutz know about the Cantos Museum a while back, but was recently made aware of another great...

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MusicKat 26th March 2007
Avatar for smk

Hi, does anyone know of any way to make a digitally distorted (i.e. peaks going past 0) track sound any better? Would Bias...

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Wayne 26th March 2007
Avatar for perx

I have been "playing" with the idea of getting cheaper compressors for the diffirent analog gear I have (for example...

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Lander 26th March 2007