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Is it me are the masterlink AD converters are crap, even at 24 bit they are still not up to par.

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DSD_Mastering 23rd April 2007
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I know most of you here don't know me too well, but I'll tell you that I feel strange about buying software. I'm part owner of...

Seamus TM
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robot gigante 23rd April 2007
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Hi y'all, What are the opinions on these reference speakers from M-Audio. I wanna use them in my home studio... Thanks, ...

Jeroen S
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Jeroen S 23rd April 2007
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I'm thinking through downloads, CD's ordered from websites etc. (not gigs) without a record or distribution deal. A freind told...

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Saudade 23rd April 2007
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Up until now, I have been using TC Spark for conversion of my mixes from 48khz to 44.1khz. It sounds a million times better than...

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theblue1 23rd April 2007
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Hi folks, I am still trying to decide on my front end upgrade. I am using a LA 610 to nuemann U87 for my wife ( sounds like...

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dbbubba 23rd April 2007
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All, I have killer mics pre's and compressors. I need an outboard EQ. Judging from the rest of my gear it would seems that I...

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sloanfiske 23rd April 2007
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I just spent enough money to buy a decent microphone on one of these. My wife thinks I'm crazy. But I played with it all day...

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macr0w 23rd April 2007
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Friday was a bad bad day!! Stolen out of my car in BackBay. Kurzweil KSP8 with ADAT/TDIF card (no rack ears) Kurzweil RSP8...

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williams 23rd April 2007
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Hi guys Want to buy an insert Y-cable to hook up the 160xt to my great river preamp. The only problem is, there seems to be no...

The Beatsmith
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The Beatsmith 23rd April 2007
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Aside from the higher sample rate, preamps, FW & headphone amp. Has anyone compared the 2 units base on the converters alone...

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reflexon 23rd April 2007
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A friend of mine, Mark Biddiss of the band The Elusive, has launched a project which I think will be of interest to the gearslutz...

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Jules 23rd April 2007
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Hi I just bought a trident 4t channel strip. It sounds great!! I’m totally happy. There is a dynamic CV section in the...

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manthe 23rd April 2007
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Hello fellow slutz! I will be in NYC (lower part of Manhattan on Broadway) next weekend working. I should be done by 6pm or...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 23rd April 2007
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Anyone know of some great places to find some used Acoustic Guitars inAtlanta? Mainly Gibson and Martin.

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Glenn Kuras 23rd April 2007
Avatar for moi

Tried to record an acoustic set with a condenser mic Oktava MK 012 (Russian) through Presonus Firebox at 44.1/16 (mono) and...

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moi 23rd April 2007
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I'm pretty sure the answer is through rentals but just curious if you all have any other suggestions. I'm recording my school...

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mamcdonald 23rd April 2007
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If you will please pardon my ignorance. I know they're used primarily on vocals and drums, but are there any general...

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intolerance 23rd April 2007
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A few of you guys know my "journey" in recording, but in a nutshell, after twenty five years of mostly analog mixing I...

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dbbubba 23rd April 2007
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Title pretty much says it all... I would post this in Music Computers, but I'm kinda hoping for some quick replies for a session...

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Improv 23rd April 2007
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Hello All, Recently my only and beloved KM84 fell to the ground, product of a drunk drummer knocking the mic stand down. As...

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basskater87 23rd April 2007
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i forget the exact but it was bet 76 and 79 hrs.. by the end of the 2nd day i would eq a guitar then crawl under the console...

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Gravity8058 23rd April 2007
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Hey guys, my first post! Glad to be here.. I am currently running my mic pre's through a Tascam DM-3200 and am using the...

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valhallasound 22nd April 2007
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Jonboy79 22nd April 2007
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current setup: pewter: macpro 2.66 3g ram running nuendo 3 with bootcamp on xp DP on mac side. converters /...

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ribteen 22nd April 2007
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Hey y'all, Just started recordings with my new Home recording stuff. It goes pretty well, but I am using Nuendo 2. I am only...

Jeroen S
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Farview 22nd April 2007
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I've realling been digging dynamic mics lately. I've been using the Sm7, and a Sennheiser MD421, for various applications. ...

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sheltersoton 22nd April 2007
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Here's what I got I need to upgrade my mic pre's I'm using a Octane into Alesis HD24XR which gets the done so so but I need to...

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Nosound 22nd April 2007
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What is the reasoning behind having multiple instruments in a studio? For example.. having 4 different elec guitars (all 6...

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dreamsongs 22nd April 2007
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Hi, I've been using DP5 for a while and like it. I'm using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 I/O interface and there are 2 headphones...

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geiristudio 22nd April 2007
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Haven´t read much about surround sound on this board... so i´ll start this nice lil´ thread. I´d love to do a surround...

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RKrizman 22nd April 2007
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Anyone have one (or two) in working order/decent shape they want to part with??? Thanks... stevenkh1 at yahoo dot com.

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Shawn Simmons 22nd April 2007
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I'm genuinely sorry if this has been covered many times before, but what is the best way to insert analog hardware devices such...

jacob eli
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kats 22nd April 2007
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How/why did you get interested in the production/engineering side of music? I ask because I've only recently become fascinated...

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Chrizcol 22nd April 2007
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I wondered if anyone knew who is selling mcdsp plugs at lower prices? I have a mix almost finished and I want the Analog Channel...

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The MPCist 22nd April 2007
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I am starting this thread in response to the feedback I am receiving on my recent polling attempt of a similar nature. It seems...

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Jules 22nd April 2007
Avatar for AllAboutTone

Im tracking /mixing at 44.1 24 bit (no ITB ) and mixing thru a analog board to a masterlink 44.1 / 16 bit, i have notice in my...

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Kiwiburger 22nd April 2007
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I need to build a studio my needs: I want to record bands simultaniously with medium quality (electric drums & keyboard in...

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trikolad 22nd April 2007
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Hey all, for #()ts and giggles... AND Without researching it.. For: Guns n Roses - Dont cry (use your illusion 1 album) INTRO...

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Chrizcol 22nd April 2007
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Hey fellow slutz! I am needing to buy a electric guitar direct box that is the 'best bang for the buck' so to speak. Need it for...

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Sigma 22nd April 2007
Avatar for beesting

one of my ns-10m studio monitor woofers is starting to split at the seam. it still works but i dont know how long it will hold...

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boggy 22nd April 2007
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i foresee a cash influx happening very soon in my future, so new gear needs to be considered. lemme give u the low down... i...

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rodge 22nd April 2007
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I am looking to add a nice high end microphone for electrics, both clean and distorted as well as some acoustic stuff. I am...

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pixelhead 22nd April 2007
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Hey All, My vocal chain that has been working out really well has been: Mic (SM7, V69, or MK-319 "Oktavamod") ->...

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MWPROJECT 22nd April 2007
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Have you heard this song yet? Go here to see/hear what I'm talking about That guitar tone at the beginning and throughout the...

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84K 22nd April 2007
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I was going to use a Coleman TB4 for my setup. Now I'm considering a Dangerous D-Box. What benefit would I get from using the...

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84K 22nd April 2007
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I thought it would be a valuable resource to start a thread where people can link to audio examples of a variety of similarly...

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Dove 22nd April 2007
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Hi, I was looking around at my options for getting my foot in the door for recording. I found this website called...

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Sigma 22nd April 2007
Avatar for Sigma

why so little info on it

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Sigma 21st April 2007
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Thought about the Toft Audio Atb as an extended summing option. Any users??? ///Jamzone

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ProFool 21st April 2007