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Stick 21st June 2007
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I've got a Motu 828 which has mic preamps built in, I believe - and a mic I used to use some years ago, which I'd had good...

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Kiwiburger 21st June 2007
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Just got an Toft ATC2, sounds wicked...but the stereo link doesn't seem to be working? Anybody notice have a problem with the...

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grantlandau 21st June 2007
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HI!! Just wondering...assuming you have a temperature regulated soldering iron/station, what soldering temperature do you guys...

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pan 21st June 2007
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Hi slutz I am a lover of Pat Metheny sound, many years.. The guitars sound great , drums amazing , bass , Piano .. all !!!heh...

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andremattos 21st June 2007
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What is the general consensus on recording / reading a Pro Tools session from an encrypted disk image, made with disk utility?...

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Tibbon 21st June 2007
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Does anyone else feel that the track counts are getting insane? I think it's good to have some limitations. What do you...

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Nu-tra 21st June 2007
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hi, what do you guys think about adding hifi subwoofers in a studio enviroment? i was recommended the following...

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Stick 21st June 2007
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I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with this new SSL MADI interface and PT yet. The idea of connecting my Sony DMX...

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scott petito 21st June 2007
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I just finished a mix on a song i've been working on where I used Hybrid for all the drums and percussion parts. For the snare...

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zimv20 20th June 2007
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Damnit. How do gearslutz get your kick and snare to sound soooo tight crisp and big. I can never get mine to sound tight. Do...

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svart 20th June 2007
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Is the Yamaha NS-10M so different with the NS-10M Studio? Some of my friends told me that they are so different that the NS-10M...

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jfw3 20th June 2007
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I've asked this twice before. This is the final time I'm looking for opinions on this...As I'm layering over electric guitar...

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slaves666 20th June 2007
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Alguem aqui tem ou sabe algo sobre os equipos da CANIL? To interessado num clone de NEVE, e e um amigo mei me indicou... Alguma...

Fernando S.
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Mauricio Gargel 20th June 2007
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Hello, though I like my AT4040 for vocals I am looking for a slightly warmer and more present sounding LDC. I record manly...

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djanogil 20th June 2007
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BezowinZ 20th June 2007
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Hi everybody, I have a bunch of 48k/24 bit files and need to upsample them to 88K/32 bit for a test project. I do not have the...

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Farshad 20th June 2007
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HI!! I am quite new to soldering and started soldering my own XLR --> XLR cables at this very moment. I thought that you...

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Marrone 20th June 2007
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I am not sure where to post this at, but I was curious where would a songwriter pitch his/her demos? Thanks,

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tazman 20th June 2007
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Ok, I have a hypothetical question about what type of mics are likely to be appropriate for certain types of...

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Elsteve9 20th June 2007
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I know there are many very complex delays around, but I'm looking for something medium complex like the Waves Multitaps.. about 6...

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analographi 20th June 2007
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What happends with those Great River and Chandler? Do the need more power than the Api lunchbox can feed? What about that noise...

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Gonzalez 20th June 2007
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I love my Lexicon MX200.. Doesnt matter that I bought plugins worth thousands of dollars - I keep going back to the MX200...

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perx 20th June 2007
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Does anyone know somewhere I can rent a few channel strips and maybe a compressor or 2 in chicago. Were gonna be recording in...

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Drumsound 20th June 2007
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I have written an original rock song for an up-and-coming cell phone company, and am really wondering what to charge. I plan to...

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bpatural 20th June 2007
Avatar for heisleyamor

Does anyone have any or know where I can get any good samples (kick, snare, or toms) for poppy music? like John Mayer? I have...

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Autocrat 20th June 2007
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anyone know anything bout this analogue/digital mixer which has 10 in 10 out firewire connectivity and octane pre amps? im...

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skygod 20th June 2007
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okay so im right now in the middle of setting up a project studio to a place other then my stupid attic anyway this calls for...

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Third Story 20th June 2007
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It seams like Cad179 is very popular for toms, but has anyone compared this to MD421, Audix D2-4 or SM98?

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warhead 20th June 2007
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I would like something to control the DAW (a simple controller) for output level, record, overdub, etc. Preferably wireless,...

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warhead 20th June 2007
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HI!!thumbsup Just started soldering and was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is anything different when soldering...

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Cojo 20th June 2007
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I am considering adding substantially to monitoring system. Depending on how the demos go I will more than likely be adding a...

True North
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pdlstl 20th June 2007
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Not happy! Another software vendor choosing to piss off his paying punters. I suppose it's about time I bought a decent...

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Kiwiburger 20th June 2007
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I'm upgrading my current setup to accommodate the recent influx of paying VO gigs (YAY!). I've done the research and for my...

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tylerdurden7m 20th June 2007
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After getting an analogue desk again I've been on a bit of a spending spree and got, Sony R7 Roland SRV-330 Yamaha...

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markus enochson 20th June 2007
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This is a sweet version of their song, live. What mic is Stephen singing into anyways?cooge </a><br><embed...

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patrox247 20th June 2007
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The new Ozzy CD was totally done in Protools, only plug-ins, no outboard, no summing box! It sounds *ucking...

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barryjohns 20th June 2007
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Ok, so this morning, while waiting for any auction to end over at eBay, I did a test. Many of you have done before as well. This...

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Resonant Alien 20th June 2007
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Here are some basic clips of various mic preamps compared to Gordon Instruments. These were recorded over a period of time,...

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squeegybug 20th June 2007
Avatar for AllAboutTone

Anyone use a 716 ? if so i would like to hear your thoughts on this compressor and what you use it for ? thanks

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AllAboutTone 20th June 2007
Avatar for bitman

What are "sidecar" consoles used for? :Ron

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bitman 20th June 2007
Avatar for Deleted 0a764d2

I need to replace my trusty old akg 240s, thought about something like Shure e4c, or similar? do these sound better, can they...

Deleted 0a764d2
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cajonezzz 20th June 2007
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Heya. I've been listening to and getting in to more drum'n'bass and dubstep music recently, and i've been considering jumping...

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Nut 20th June 2007
Avatar for Kyle S

Will it harm a preamp in any way if you have it powered on with no mics connected or anything. I never plug condensors directly...

Kyle S
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stevep 20th June 2007
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So, yeah, I'm about to take my first dive into becoming a slut. I think the sluttiest thing I've done before this was buying some...

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MX582 20th June 2007
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Hi my name is Sean. I'm new to this forum. Im having trouble finding midi plug-ins for Pro Tools v6.9. Im wondering if any of you...

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PhilE 19th June 2007
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Greetings. I have a pair of 414-XLII (the new ones), and the AKG shockmounts for them are making me semi-crazy. Very two-handed...

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Omicron_9 19th June 2007
Avatar for Keyplayer

Anybody here have any experience with this Yamaha portable studio? I have the original VS-880 & VS-1680 and I WAS...

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N.J. 19th June 2007
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Is Chameleon Labs 7622 MIC and LINE have the same quality? Not so clean is ok , Grit is cool to me. but still offer FULL...

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Raggedy 19th June 2007
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so..... the new rme aes 32 PCI express card does not come out till fall. which is too bad because i have had great...

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eligit 19th June 2007