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I am wanting to feed the output of my MOTU 896HD to the input of a mixer I have. The MOTU output can be set to either -10 or...

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tazman 23rd July 2007
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For an upcoming project, I want to record the singer through 2 preamps at a time (1 clean, 1 distorted). I plan on using a...

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Coldsnow 23rd July 2007
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Brad Lunde 23rd July 2007
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I don't know if this is right forum for this but here goes... I'm 22, and I'm just starting getting into serious recording (not...

project 114
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Blackwater 23rd July 2007
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A digital delay, yea, but which one? I don't know much about earlier Eventide delays, so I'm a little puzzled. eventide...

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yrplace 23rd July 2007
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Looking to audition the 2 of these for lead vocal eq. Any commentary from people have used both? I'm very familiar with the eq...

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chymer 23rd July 2007
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I recorded one of these like 15 years ago when I was in school. I used a 57 of all things for it back then. It did not sound bad...

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camerondye 23rd July 2007
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It’s time to put together my own home studio to record and mix myself, my friends and some local talent. My goal is...

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joelpatterson 23rd July 2007
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Hi, bonjour à tous, I'm building up a studio with only one room and I want to be able to do classic stereo mixing for music...

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steve_flower 23rd July 2007
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Not a big fan of the band, but noticed the guitars while listening to it on the radio today. Are my ears playing a trick on me or...

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C Heat 23rd July 2007
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got this because it has a lovely Peerless transformer and does dual + single band limiting. And its green and O-L-D. and terminal...

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emrr 23rd July 2007
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Alright, not actual Neve or API. Clones have attacked me, but I'm not complaining. :D Anyways.... I Have 2 channels of SCA N72,...

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filthyrich 23rd July 2007
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Are they any good for drum recording??? at the moment I use sm57 on snare(top and bottom) senheiser 421 on toms and bassdrum and...

tommy lee
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Myriad_Rocker 23rd July 2007
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Ok I dont have the absolute perfect acoustically sounded room but I did have the chance to sample some gear on my Digi 002...

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andremattos 23rd July 2007
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This lady is amazing! Had here album for awhile but never searched her on youtube YouTube - Imogen Heap - Just For Now (live at...

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amost 23rd July 2007
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I read somewhere about someone running a preamp into another preamp...And someone said something about totally f*cking up the...

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DeeDrive 23rd July 2007
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I will be buying a recording set up next month. Was originally sold on PTLE but after a lot of research find that the quality of...

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peeder 23rd July 2007
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hey- gonna move a bunch of 110v gear to 220v country. what's the best way of going about it? example: gml 8200 with its...

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chrisso 23rd July 2007
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Hi, I'm overdubbing and mixing in a small single room studio. What is the most ecomical, while still effective, way of quieting...

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peeder 23rd July 2007
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Any Gear Slutz in the NYC area interested in doing a gear shootout? Dan Carter

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jambirn 22nd July 2007
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Does anyone have a copy of the diagnostic/technical manual for the 224X? Perhaps in PDF format? Our LARC keeps giving error:...

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RichTone 22nd July 2007
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We're gonna do a gear shootout party this coming Friday night July 20th at 8pm. RSVP is a must! 20 people tops. The last few...

James Lugo
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James Lugo 22nd July 2007
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For tracking that sounds good im using a coleman mp3h that has seperated volume controls.

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spektor 22nd July 2007
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My friends at Gearslutz. I have been proud to consider this forum my home for many years, and it's the only place I hang out. ...

lane thaw
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lane thaw 22nd July 2007
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Thanks for all of the valuable reading here over the past few days. I've been ready for a new vocal mic, and I was thinking of...

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cfdude 22nd July 2007
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Hi all. . . I've got a lot of great studio gear (Fearn, Manley, Avalon, UA, Crane Song, Purple, Forssell, etc.), and it all...

Stephen Pruitt
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gurubuzz 22nd July 2007
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Hi, I want to make my protools mixes less sterile. The massey plugin sounds great. But I have heard that the fatso is a great...

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Albert 22nd July 2007
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Hey, Any suggested place for discussing hifi gear? My new system is having troubles (the vinylplayer blew out the top speakers...

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Casar 22nd July 2007
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everything I recognize is labelled... who's the slut who can fill in the ???s GAME ON!! hittt...

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11413 22nd July 2007
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I remember an interview years ago with Steve Vai to the effect that he asked Eventide to develop software that would enable the...

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Blast9 22nd July 2007
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OK, it's not gear, but a studio manager is a fairly important item in the operation of a high end facility. If you operate a...

John Moran
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amost 22nd July 2007
Avatar for AndrewsLaneRec.

this might be a stupid question, but what's the difference between regular bantam/tt jacks and plugs and tt longframe jacks and...

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The Byre 22nd July 2007
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Hello slutz! Tomorow i'll be recording upright bass for the first time.. I know there are several threads covering this but...

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digitalM 22nd July 2007
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Me personally I have problems with cubase 4 and randomly occuring white noise audio BURSTS (ear and speaker damaging loud) on...

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analographi 22nd July 2007
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Hi guys - I tried searching these two mics on the forum and have gotten some good overall impressions of each, but I'm really...

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oudplayer 22nd July 2007
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Hello, I posted this in the high end forum also, but it seems to me that this may also be the right place. I am using pro...

user of gear
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user of gear 22nd July 2007
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I'm considering buying the Korg Legacy Analogue soft synth, just wondering if anyone knows if Korg have stopped making the MS-20...

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rapfreak 22nd July 2007
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There`s a wrecked soundtracs console at the classifieds section. Is it any good? It says it cost 90k new...? I don`t know that...

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Kamikaze Kyle 22nd July 2007
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Would you?


If I offered to install a fully functioning analog console of your choosing, into your studio for free, would you keep it or sell...

Kenny Gioia
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peeder 22nd July 2007
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Sorry, I meant "switch". I have a '61 Hammond A100 with/Leslie and want to move the rotary speed control switch to...

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uptoolate 22nd July 2007
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I'm about to pull the trigger on this and want some advise before I do. I will be using it for a live male vocal in...

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uptoolate 22nd July 2007
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Hi slutz! I'm having a GREAT night in the Airwindows studio and lair of producing insane DSP hacks :D Check this out. This is a...

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ickefes 21st July 2007
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Today I connected a line into the AUX inputs and found no sound from the 'C' outputs. 'A' and 'B' outputs are fine. And I get...

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squeegybug 21st July 2007
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I'm building double doors for my vocal booth. Each one is approx 2 feet by 7 feet. I wanna put two panes of glass (spaced...

Bump Music
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Bump Music 21st July 2007
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Hi, I'm looking for a studio with Barefoot MM27's in the region of Belgium, (south) The Netherlands, (west) Germany, (north)...

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barefoot 21st July 2007
Avatar for Brandnewpavement

I am currently looking at two different amps: the Vox ac30 and the Orange rockerverb 50 combo. I know that i like the sound of...

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FFTT 21st July 2007
Avatar for Kveld Ulf

I'm finally building my first 'real' home studio after years of all-in-one recorders and 'guitar-->1/4"...

Kveld Ulf
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Kveld Ulf 21st July 2007
Avatar for uptoolate

My 3 year old son messed with my leslie one day. There is a little band that connects the horn to a pully that goes down to...

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uptoolate 21st July 2007
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I am looking at a Cascade DR-2 w/the Lundahl transformer. Anyone have real world experience with this mic?

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TheArchitect 21st July 2007
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Can anyone recommend a small amp for mic'ing up and recording keyboards through? Just thinking of more ways to get a little more...

Kevin Thoms
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hangman 21st July 2007