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hey, i have a chance to buy an apogee rossetta d/a for about $600. this seems to me a bit steep for a converter so old....

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lpkyer 9th August 2007
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Is anyone using these pre/eq's to in stereo to mix stems from their DAW? I know that would not be how they are generally used...

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ADWolpert 9th August 2007
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This poll is strictly for those whose primary source of income involves sound, music, etc. kfhkh

Ben J
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Ben J 9th August 2007
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Not much room to really ask this question in the title.heh So... Out at 96khz from DAC, into effects processor with 48khz ...

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Bierce85 9th August 2007
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I need your help. I've got an MCI 416B 24 channel 8 bus sitting at a friends spot and he needs it out. I don't have the space...

GL Respect Due
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mcijh 9th August 2007
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AllAboutTone 9th August 2007
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Your thoughts on the audio quality of this mixer/summing box. $1550 I have a bunch of hardware synths I need to sub into the...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 9th August 2007
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OK. I'm giving some courses about audio recording on saturdays and next class we're going to talk about reverb (among other...

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Oroz 9th August 2007
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Can you guys name a vst plug in compressor that allows you to compress the individual channels seperately? I wanna try using ms...

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vaesion 9th August 2007
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hi guys, I'm looking for very good 2 channel converters. I was kind of sure I wanted a Rosetta 200 (instead of RME ADI2 which...

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mark007 9th August 2007
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Hi there, I am currently using a Focusrite ISA428 without the AD card. So, I (have to) use the analog outputs and route them...

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Dan 8th August 2007
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I am currently in the planning stage for an upcoming recording complex solution. As you can imagine...

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Tibbon 8th August 2007
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Does anyone know where i could find a meter bridge for a mackie 16 channel 8 buss console? Model# mb16

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mus1k_freak 8th August 2007
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I've got 2 FMR RNC's and one Chameleon Labs 7602. I was looking to get either a high end compressor or high end EQ unit......but...

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mfender 8th August 2007
Avatar for amost

New to TDM land & don't have that many TDM plugs so I've been checking out what came with my rig. It sounds pretty good to me.

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recall 8th August 2007
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Ok, I want to finally make sure I understand just exactly how you run bus compression... Is this right for hardware bus...

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drewrevolution 8th August 2007
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Does anyone know where i could fine a 16 channel meter bridge for a mackie 16 channel 8 buss console, model # MB16

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AudioGeek123 8th August 2007
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Hi slutz, Just curious if any of you out there are using a native system to track 96KHz sessions? i just got a new Mac Pro...

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Jay Lee 8th August 2007
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I just bought an Audix I5 Instrument Microphone for recording my acoustic guitar, which also already has a mic built inside. I...

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JustinMac 8th August 2007
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Hello all. I have a track here that I need to get mixed. I am not talking about someone with an LE system and plugins. I would...

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Stick 8th August 2007
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So, depending on the sale of a guitar and some incoming generosity for my 25th birthday, I'm hopefully going to be the proud...

Matt Grondin
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Matt Grondin 8th August 2007
Avatar for Oscar

Hello all. I am in need of a good headphone solution and I am afraid I'm overcomplicating things. While I haven't bought the SPL...

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Oscar 8th August 2007
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My room is not perfectly acoustically correct. I was wondering if there are any headphone that I could mix through. I know this...

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Dream Send 8th August 2007
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Here is a breath of fresh air. Man I love some good ol' blues. Hope she makes it to the States for some shows some...

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Trancetones 8th August 2007
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First off, since this is a rant, read my entire post before responding please. Thanks. Okay, now I understand that gear is...

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Ethan Winer 8th August 2007
Avatar for nandoanalog

Bought one 2 years ago and used it only a couple of times. It sounds kinda weird... What is it? A limiter? Octaver? Equalizer?...

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BLUElightCory 8th August 2007
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I am not sure how to create a poll here, but am doing some research for a company that is about to go out (public) big time with...

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johnmanning 8th August 2007
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I know the traditional moves are to hang in there until your song/album charts or climbs the charts.. But what (ballpark) are...

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Blast9 8th August 2007
Avatar for numrologst

I'm in need of a relay box of sorts. My problem is interfacing my DAW and my 2" machine with my console... Right now I...

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numrologst 8th August 2007
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I don't get it. THE BEST according to what? According to who? Would anyone like to give it a shot to shed a light on...

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vernier 8th August 2007
Avatar for Crystal Mixing and Mastering

Does anyone know of any really great in-house recording engineers in the UK? If there are any In Glasgow that would be perfect!...

Crystal Mixing and Mastering
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Barish 8th August 2007
Avatar for Rockman

Hey guys, Got a couple of questions... How exactly (please share your specific steps and settings) do you guys get that...

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vernier 8th August 2007
Avatar for TobyToby

I could not resist on an auction and so I will have this machine soon on my front door (including KWOC -005 adjust discs and...

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Rossco 8th August 2007
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hi everyone. This happens to be my first post here. I was recommended by a friend. so whats up- anyway, i just got a new...

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JustinMac 8th August 2007
Avatar for bryancook

hi all, i am looking for a very simple summing mixer to work in conjunction with my folcrom. since the folcrom has no aux...

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funka 8th August 2007
Avatar for cl516

GML is narrow, so can NSEQ. Weiss is too expensive. what other hardware units have narrow Q? $3k range.

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aryschien 8th August 2007
Avatar for ejod

Hello, Got 2500$ to spend on PC interface with 8 analoge I/O (RME Fireface 400?), Couple of OH mics and couple of solid preamps...

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ejod 8th August 2007
Avatar for alexstringer

Hey guys, Would you by any chance know if there are some charity fundations that would take donations of old gear that may stand...

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TornadoTed 8th August 2007
Avatar for perx

I never used this function and just trying to understand it and maybe use it once I learn more about it. I have the feature in...

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nlc201 8th August 2007
Avatar for Jeff19

real quick here is my question: is there any value in bouncing tracks (1 - 8 at a time) out of my PC -> through high end gear...

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Avatar for Faderjockey
Faderjockey 8th August 2007

Take a guess at what mic i used.. TLM 103 U87 U47 C800G Just wanted have a little fun:)

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Avatar for ianvargo
ianvargo 8th August 2007
Avatar for I.T.

I've been running a 3124+ into the line inputs (5-8) of a 002. I'm looking for an EQ to insert in the chain. I don't often...

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Avatar for TonyBelmont
TonyBelmont 8th August 2007
Avatar for Bigbuzzum

Hey guys, I got a video of something I've been doing to get more emotion in vocal tracks... This singer's x had him head over...

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Avatar for CommunityMart
CommunityMart 8th August 2007
Avatar for audiblethought

Hello everyone, I am currently using PTLE with the MBOX and I think I am wanting to upgrade my interface to something with more...

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audiblethought 8th August 2007
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Avatar for not_so_new
not_so_new 8th August 2007
Avatar for nepo71

A few months ago, I bought an old sm57 (Shure Unidyne III Model SM57, stamped on it) and compare with the mexican models...after...

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Avatar for Yetti
Yetti 8th August 2007

I have to do some simple voiceovers. I was wondering if you usually use a very slight touch of reverb to give it a lil life, or...

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Avatar for VoxPro
VoxPro 8th August 2007
Avatar for Yetti

Please give me a reason to keep it, or I will go to the classifieds FS/FT. I have tried the SM7B on a few different vocalists,...

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Yetti 8th August 2007
Avatar for slickmf

Here is something I have wondered for a while. For the record, I have an HD|3Accel setup running into AD-16Xs and DA-16Xs...

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slickmf 8th August 2007
Avatar for 6dyslexicelephnt

Hello all I just bought a pair of Adam A7s and I'm very excited about it. I used to have HR824s but I didn't feel like I could...

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hogo 8th August 2007