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So I bought this mic from an antique dealer on fleabay. It doesn't work.hjghfgg Does anyone know who can repair these old...

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dave-G 14th August 2007
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I am shopping for some mid grade overhead mics. These will mainly be used for drum overheads but occasionally for what ever...

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trumpetadam 14th August 2007
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Looks like I've got my posting ratio up to one every 4 months now. Going strong! Anyway (and apologies to anyone who read a...

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JCorbett 14th August 2007
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Well, I have 1 slot left for my API 600-B. I have 3 OSA MP1-A's, I OSA L3 and 1 API 512C. I have the Waves API bundle, so the EQ...

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rowdy322 14th August 2007
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Hi! We were recently buying TC electronics MD3 to our HD2 system. But there is a matter that been driving me crazy for a...

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greyskull 14th August 2007
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Anyone have any info to share on how the drums were recorded on any of the BM records? Gear, Placement, Etc? Thanks, Pete C

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GuitarRuss 14th August 2007
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Hello, I'm looking for a device (1U or less) that will sum 2 line level signals into 1 for my guitar rig. I will be using high...

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BradM 14th August 2007
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I bought a Studer B67 and I'm testing it now so I thought I'll ask your opinions too. This is my first tape recorder. OK,...

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Mark1353 14th August 2007
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Hi everybody. I was going to try and buy an 8 channel preamp that I can use with my 003 console. I was going to try and find one...

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jslevin 14th August 2007
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The best plugs I have are the ones that came with UAD-1. I use them all the time. Should I get a second UAD-1 and buy some of...

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barryjohns 14th August 2007
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Anselmo 14th August 2007
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i found a few definitions everyone says a different thing what do you guys reckon? eXtra Low Resistance eXtra Long...

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Led 14th August 2007
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Does anyone know if you kan have sonalksis plugins on an ilok?

Logic G5
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Logic G5 14th August 2007
Avatar for True North

I am in the midst of having a new "argosy" type desk built for me. I need to find a source for metal rack rails,...

True North
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stevep 14th August 2007
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Ok, so I've been reading the brochures and manuals on these two consoles. Basically anything I can find. But there's a couple...

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stevep 14th August 2007
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So, I am currently a student at Belmont University in Nashville, with a major in Audio Engineering Tech. I have been doing a lot...

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Daedalus77 14th August 2007
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Hiya Folks, I've posted this in a few forums on the net and wanted to include it here. So, I just picked up a cheap...

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Lander 14th August 2007
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Ok, I vote for dumbest title ever, but I couldn't find any info over them here on GS, so just thought you guys/galls cared to...

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UnDeFiNeD 14th August 2007
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I'd like to know about any of the lesser known studios in Twangtown that are putting out high quality acoustic music. I'm...

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russchapman 14th August 2007
Avatar for synthz

Hello guys, I was wondering if anybody can give some tips on processing hammond sounds with Liquid Mix? So far, i've been using...

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synthz 14th August 2007
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I am doing a drum tracking session with a drummer who really wants to accentuate the tone of this 2 rack toms. I am trying to use...

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DigitMus 14th August 2007
Avatar for clonewar

I haven't been able to find much feedback on the quality of the mic pres in the Ensemble. They're supposed to be clean and have...

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lanervoza 14th August 2007
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Hi,m I'm experimenting with mix bus compression. I've been using the Waves SSL Master bus plug in and I'm going to combine it...

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bob123 14th August 2007
Avatar for bit mangler

A DUC member has documented repeatable bugs & posted them on youtube.I think it is great because users can clearly...

bit mangler
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bit mangler 13th August 2007
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Well, the title about says it all. I'm usinig a Midas Venice 320 for live and I love it. The Midas has been awesome all around...

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Jalabodu 13th August 2007
Avatar for soupking

Okay, this question might sound kind of lame, but my tech told me that it's wise to stack your effects away from your preamps...

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Avatar for diamondjim
diamondjim 13th August 2007
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Hey what are some good examples of songs that you can easily tell that have been autotuned? I was listening to some Ben Folds...

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lobsterinn 13th August 2007
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I am using two MOTU travelers and want to add more inputs. I can use the ADAT ins at 96khz S/MUX. Could someone describe the...

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cfdude 13th August 2007
Avatar for insect1

Demos seem impressive..But very expensive for a mono compressor/filter.. Anyone tried it out ? Jus heard rumours very few and...

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insect1 13th August 2007
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Me and 2 other friends are going to be in town next month (Sept) from the 9th to the 13th. We'd love to visit a fellow gear slut...

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Myriad_Rocker 13th August 2007
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Is it just me or has Massey done something incredible? I just downloaded the demos of his plugins. The 2007 sounded...

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hw2nw 13th August 2007
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First of all, if this thread is redundant I'm sorry: the search function doesn't like the term "eq". Here goes. I also...

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ssaudio 13th August 2007
Avatar for ddeez

im doing a lot of r&b and some rap vocals as well as a lot of percussion recording (percussion of all kinds from very hi to...

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Benmrx 13th August 2007
Avatar for fuzzface777

I haven't been using Protools very long, but after reading mixing with your mind, I am interested to get using tape as...

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longfade 13th August 2007
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Hey everyone, I'm doing something which is either pretty stupid or a very good decision. Recently, I left being an assistant...

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six_wax 13th August 2007
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Yeah I know...a strange subject but I don't know how to put it in proper English words so excuse my language.. ;) The problem:...

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Avatar for u b k
u b k 13th August 2007
Avatar for headwerkn

Say that for some years, you always thought a Behringer DEQ2496 would make a great addition to your studio because it would give...

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 13th August 2007
Avatar for FatBassPlayer

Hello, I'm looking to record acoustic guitar, I need two mics and I check out a LDC tube mic which I liked on voice. I tired to...

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Avatar for Blast9
Blast9 13th August 2007
Avatar for Eric Edwards

Was listening to Grady Martins guitar work in El Paso-each fill seems to be etched in my memory,a deep pre-verbal meaning, and...

Eric Edwards
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Avatar for soundbarnfool
soundbarnfool 13th August 2007
Avatar for spiderman

I'm seriously interested in using a DM3200 as a front-end for my DAW setup. I would also like to use an AD16x as well for...

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Avatar for soundslikejoe
soundslikejoe 13th August 2007
Avatar for genki

Hello :) i'm looking for a good 2 chan preamp mostly for synth/sampler and sometimes vocals (to put before a ua-2192 and go into...

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Avatar for genki
genki 13th August 2007
Avatar for WannaBStudioNut

Hey fellow GSlutz out there. bumpkin I was wondering if you can advise me on the best way of spending my hard earned cash on some...

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WannaBStudioNut 13th August 2007
Avatar for mpz60

Hi, I am producing a hip hop group and it seems as though i have a pretty good production method until....... I heard of the...

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mpz60 13th August 2007
Avatar for deuxchats

or, apples vs. apples I see these two pres described as very similar, especially when the Neve has the "silk"...

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JoshRND 13th August 2007
Avatar for recall

Hi Guys, I have been away recording last week. It was mostly an acoustic setup with the performers playing in the lounge (no...

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Avatar for BlueRadio
BlueRadio 13th August 2007
Avatar for quietdrive

Don't bands need labels? How are bands supposed to survive? How are they supposed to tour? To afford quality recordings? Arent we...

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Avatar for joh
joh 13th August 2007
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tINY 13th August 2007
Avatar for pete

I know this was discussed before but maybe PT 7 sounds better now? Do you really hear a difference between a bounce to disk...

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Avatar for juniorhifikit
juniorhifikit 13th August 2007
Avatar for SparkyCanada

Hey there. Does taking an Mp3 you receive from someone - then converting it to a .wav file - give you back all the original...

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SparkyCanada 13th August 2007
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this may be a dumb question, but here goes... i just moved my home studio and i've got my daw racked in an omnirax. Directly...

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neve1073 13th August 2007