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What do you guys like using the Waves SSL Bus Compressor on? I've found it to breath too much, making it unusable on drums,...

Protools Guy
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jsswtpmp182 15th August 2007
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Anyone have any experience with this yet? http://www.studioelectronics.com/products_Pre2_Caswell.php#11

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carboniferous37 15th August 2007
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Hi Not being a musician I'm using Samplitude basically to edit MP3's, wav etc. Now I've decided to go a little further and...

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t_d 15th August 2007
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I've tried this once a few years back and had pretty darn good results. The vocal with no eq just fit right into the mix. The...

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warhead 15th August 2007
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Okay, maybe that's a bit of an over-statement. Not ALL of my high-end gear broke because I'm a snob. I buy, well sell my soul...

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FFTT 15th August 2007
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just when you thought it was safe to eat your lunch

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pan60 15th August 2007
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Big U 15th August 2007
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Let the war of words begin! I'm considering purchasing one of these two well reviewed products. The Avalon seems to get marks...

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patrox247 15th August 2007
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shure ksm27 studio condenser mic, or akg perception 200/ or 400 condenser mic? the akg 200 is only $160, the 400 is $299, and...

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GK210 15th August 2007
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I just found out that the API 500 modules on ebay go for half the price compared to danish prices.... would it cause any...

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AudioFocus 15th August 2007
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Are the Blue Sky's monitors anygood? I'm building a home -studio and saw them but couldnt hear them (was in a hurry) and i wanted...

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BlueSwan 15th August 2007
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i've been using a 421 as a live vocal mic for some time now. sounds great!! but the grill is beginning to fill with mouth...

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Jimmi Accardi 15th August 2007
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I'm currently trying to figure out how to do MS recording in Nuendo. I've got the MSED Voxengo (free for download) plugin. I...

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midnightsun 15th August 2007
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Please help me choose the next step in terms of upgrading my home studio! I'm budgeting about $1700 for this. I mostly layer my...

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Led 15th August 2007
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Hi, I'm looking for an M-Audio interface to work with PTMP7.3 that will let you input 16 or more channels at a time via firewire....

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naethoven 15th August 2007
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I have a CAD VX-2 that has the orig tubes and I'm thinking they may need an overhaul. I'd love to try some Siemens or...

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Jimbo 15th August 2007
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I am very loosley thinking of uprooting and moving to Austin. Let me stress that I am just tossing the idea around, not too...

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malaclypse 15th August 2007
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"Manufacturers may set a fixed price for their products and forbid retailers from offering discounts, the Supreme Court said...

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not_so_new 15th August 2007
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Im into buying the Waves SSL bundle! My problem is that im interested in using the plugs on both a LE system and a HD system...

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barryjohns 15th August 2007

Elvis Presley “The King” Knabe & Co Grand Piano 1930 - (item 300138198146 end time Aug-18-07 19:00:00 PDT)

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melodic_disaster 15th August 2007
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My vocal booth works pretty well. But today I went from having one single MIC and 1 SE reflection filter to putting in the 2nd...

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gurubuzz 15th August 2007
Avatar for the tortoise

Hey slutz, I need a breakdown of software tape emulation plugs. I'm a 'new' engineer, in that I only started learning and...

the tortoise
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seagull 15th August 2007
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For those who want to tap into the world of black metal madness, this is what you and your clients will demand. As I've said in...

Justin Foley
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tommy pee 15th August 2007
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Got the Clock Box had the mod done on my 2408mkll, here's my question: How much does a Northern Swallow wiegh, just...

Here Studios
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Here Studios 15th August 2007
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Hey all where's a good place to buy studio furniture like desks, rack stands etc.. (in Melbourne) been looking for ages and cant...

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BCains 15th August 2007
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Anyone actually measured the SPL during the mixdown? What´s your average level? Quite a while ago i had the opportunity to get...

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Ironklad Audio 15th August 2007
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I'm curious - how many people here use a rolloff in the EQ during the mastering stage? It seems to tame the bass on the projects...

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Gonzalo 14th August 2007
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I installed a pair of Yamaha HS80M's today and noticed something my old Alesis M1 MkII's didn't do. When one of my external...

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swisha31 14th August 2007
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Hi guys Some months ago I saw a discussion here about secret/hidden/unlisted and helpful in general shortcuts for Pro Tools....

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ryst 14th August 2007
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Can someone please list what the differences are between the early version 8200s, and the latest revision?

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alexstringer 14th August 2007
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I've never had a Fender guitar before. I've played on a Les Paul Standard. I wanted to have some different sounds (and a...

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SuperTorus 14th August 2007
Avatar for mpz60

Hi, I have a question about the Digi 002.... I am trying to sum all of my outputs from 24 96 sessions into a mixing board but the...

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schmudde 14th August 2007
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i ve been wnting to buy a soundelux u195 for a while, it seems now Bock audio has taken over the manufacturing. any place i can...

jaye b
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jaye b 14th August 2007
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Anyone try it with any amount of luck or is it a bad idea all together?

Jon Harter
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Jon Harter 14th August 2007
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Dear fellow slutz. I have a question for you regarding the difference between an education within sound engineering in the US...

Deleted 41c1fe9
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lowfreq33 14th August 2007
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I know it's probably easy for you guys out there to answer, but i can't se what it would help my sound. What is it that the...

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ssaudio 14th August 2007
Avatar for Freddo30

ok WWIII is about to begin. I'm on PC, but any MAC comments are also helpful!...

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s.d.finley 14th August 2007
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whilst working with audio i keep geraslutz in the background on my computer to give me a sense of levity and reality about my...

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Sigma 14th August 2007
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Hey. I'm a reasonably good guitar player, but my bass playing isn't great... I can't groove the way I'd like to. I'm a front...

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Slaytex 14th August 2007
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Does anybody after they have recorded an audio track, send the audio back through another preamp to add some color? I need to...

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Sigma 14th August 2007
Avatar for jje

and I think I'm going to save up for one and ditch the plugins. Seriously, I've been trying to get nice clean sounds for my...

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Avatar for Geoff Firebaugh
Geoff Firebaugh 14th August 2007
Avatar for Stoneroses6300

I unscrew the bottom and open it up, but the top where the pop filter is on wont come off...

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Avatar for ssaudio
ssaudio 14th August 2007
Avatar for Sector21

Hi there, gearslutz!! Im planning buying one of the following studio monitors, my budget is about at 300E for pair. So here's the...

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GearHunter 14th August 2007
Avatar for marshallplexi

Looking for a tube pre. Has anybody compared these 2 ??

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Avatar for Mark Adams
Mark Adams 14th August 2007
Avatar for npost1484

I've got a question for any of you that automate in the box w/ pro tools. I'm just getting used to this automation thing, and one...

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npost1484 14th August 2007
Avatar for AlanTide

It has some kind of Sony compression built into it, but I understand you can just format the drive and get rid of it. I am gonna...

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Jonboy79 14th August 2007
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After four long months, yesterday I finally received my console heh. Before making the decision to buy it and also during my long...

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Avatar for TAVD
TAVD 14th August 2007
Avatar for DaVeSaNiTy

Will the UC-33e Evolution control surface work with Pro Tools M-Powered 7.1.1? I need to know ASAP. I called all my favorite...

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DaVeSaNiTy 14th August 2007
Avatar for noone

Not sure if this is the proper forum to post it, but I've gotten great advice previously so I'll try again. I'm wondering how...

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Avatar for kellyd
kellyd 14th August 2007
Avatar for mpz60

Hey, I have a Mackie Universal Controller and now I am told I need a seperate MIDI interfce to use it with my Digi 002. How...

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Avatar for kingsley
kingsley 14th August 2007