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Any opinions on this for male vocals. These 414's kind of accentuate the high end. I was hoping The Brick would add some weight...

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Beneficial 28th August 2007
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AMBC 2007 - AustralAsian Music Business Conference Check out his keynote speech. I dont and you shouldn't believe him 100% as...

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6strings 28th August 2007
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What do you guys say is the best large condensor mic for Drums FOK (about 5 feet in front of the kit) around or below $500 (used...

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1979 28th August 2007
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I've been using a firepod for about 2 years now and am about to get a digi 001 from a trade i'm doing. I'm also getting a 16...

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smalltownjon 28th August 2007
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Which one....If there are others please tell Upgradeing from ProTools ...

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davet 28th August 2007
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I’ve just picked up an API A2D. Cue Mamas and Papas....... "it was all I hoped it would be". Just hoping to get...

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titaniumpanties 28th August 2007
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I'm looking at getting The Brick mic pre by Groove Tubes. I need to run it into an M-Audio 1814. The problem is that the 1814...

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orksnork 28th August 2007
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.. Just curious as to what the AES plan is for this year in the big city? I apologize if there's already a plan / posting...

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Sqye 28th August 2007
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I had some free time today so I thought I'd set up some vocal chains and record some vocals to see what you all thought sounded...

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AMIEL 28th August 2007
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iMusic Series by Volition Thought House: your Soundtrack for Success

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quietdrive 28th August 2007
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Thank you all. It's been fun. I've learned a lot. Talked a lot of crap. See ya's.

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MarkRB 28th August 2007
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Hi all as an unsigned -yet- musician, what s the best DIY website I can choose? I was thinking about squarespace, which...

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MarkRB 28th August 2007
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Does anyone uses that? do you like it? Is it too huge? IS it too cool ? Do you have a picture of it in your setup that you can...

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Deleted 86c3d96 28th August 2007
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I use battery 3 for my drum beats, and i was wondering if there is a way to bus an audio track for each individual midi note,...

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JustinMac 28th August 2007
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Hi all, Let me begin by explaining that I make electronic music using softsynths and samples. I understand that when mixing it...

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gsilbers 28th August 2007
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O.k., still trying to figure how much I am going to need to spend to put together a quality recording rig- Looking at the...

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sada10 27th August 2007
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I want to invest in a great tuner. Is there a particular model to look for when buying a Strobe tuner? Just checked on eBay and...

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Alex Niedt 27th August 2007
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Another thread here in this forum about great songs that have sonics flaws made me remember Bob Dylan's Knockin' on Heaven's Door...

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Kyle S 27th August 2007
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selling another 22 251 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140152201125 check it out only a 3 day...

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bendecido 27th August 2007
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I have a TAC Scorpion 28 X 24 that needs a bit of TLC. I used to have a bookmark for a UK company that had original parts,...

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rtcstudio 27th August 2007
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anybody know what David used for this song?

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monet 27th August 2007
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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this inquery,... but , I have a ground hum in my one room studio here at my house....

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nosebleedaudio 27th August 2007
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In order to better cope with the huge list of project tasks on my agenda for my new recording business solution I need to place...

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RainbowStorm 27th August 2007
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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to monitor a 192k session through an Apogee Mini-DAC from a Digi 192 interface? I can't...

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redrue 27th August 2007
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Hi Slutz, Just a post here soliciting advice and/or experiences about using an amp's spring reverb as an outboard effects device...

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greatgreatriver 27th August 2007
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Hi ! We have a protools HD accel on our company. Plugins included and installaed on our system is the: MASSIVE PACK...

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Sugarnutz 27th August 2007
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I am looking for a tube mic preamp to complement my API A2D and Digimax LT. I am considering the Groove Tube suPRE. I'd love to...

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hurd300403 27th August 2007
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Trying to use the waves gates... don't like them... they don't react quick enough... but when too quick they click etc are...

Daniel Antix
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roostert 27th August 2007
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Hello all, I'm currently using a pair of Dynaudio BM15a's and while I'm very happy with them, I'd like to get a pair of small,...

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Bob Yordan 27th August 2007
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I am researching 4 and 8 channel mic pres. Looking for high end stuff. I am familiar with many of the units listed on GS, but...

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Cornchuck 27th August 2007
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What will give you a better sound? A mic-pre with hardware eq or a mic-pre with plug-in eq?

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macgee 27th August 2007
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I always browse here, and find lots of useful info... I finally had a cool tip to share. I dont know if this has been discussed...

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alnico 27th August 2007
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anybody else using a rosetta 800/digi 002 getting 6 samples of overcompensation on rerecorded signals with PTLE 7.3.1? In other...

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superburtm 27th August 2007
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I'm sorry for this doublepost, but I thought maybe this belonged in here instead of High End... I really need help!! We just...

Mr Keys
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Mr Keys 27th August 2007
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I purchased an Apogee Ensemble a couple of weeks ago. It is matched with a Mac Pro Quad 2.66, Logic 7.2, and Dynaudio BM5a...

Deleted 86c3d96
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Deleted 86c3d96 27th August 2007
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Hey, folks. I'm looking for some recommendations for a 200 - 300 GB Hard Drive for use with Pro Tools (so it needs that Oxford...

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jfw3 27th August 2007
Avatar for Jamz

I understand these are excellent converters. Is there a card required to run with Pro Tools? Any comments from Mytek users on...

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mytek 27th August 2007
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Mic Preamp, Compressor & EQ Shootout @ Vocal Asylum Friday August 10th @ 8pm 6381 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 700 LA, CA...

James Lugo
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lpkyer 27th August 2007
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flail19 27th August 2007
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I've been looking for a decent deal on a pair of NS10s, but it just isn't happening. How do the HS50Ms or HS80Ms compare? ...

Sean Sullivan
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I.T. 27th August 2007
Avatar for numrologst

I have been trying to decide on a new console...I was leaning toward a wunderbar...but.. Now I heard they are raising the price...

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numrologst 27th August 2007
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Hello everyone, first post here. Been reading awhile. Have seen many threads like this, but none with exactly these choices...

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Spec 27th August 2007
Avatar for Sigma

I had to do some bounces on a 50 stereo channel mix in PT HD so i could use more plugs i had some high latencey plugs in the...

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Sigma 26th August 2007
Avatar for dzara 4

Hi. Recently I have been doing final mixes for my album with a band member.For final mixes we go out of a ff800 into some...

dzara 4
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alfonso 26th August 2007
Avatar for aetucker1

so i am going to be getting a birch Tama Starclassic Performer series kit soon but I cant make up my mind on a few things and...

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seaneldon 26th August 2007
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I'm staying in Glasgow for a few days next week and since new gear in Iceland costs the same as a heart transplant and used gear...

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Barish 26th August 2007
Avatar for Unclenny

Any insights as to the quality of the onboard pre? I heard something about Burr Brown components on the more expensive TC...

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Unclenny 26th August 2007
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I considering to buy some summing box to go OTB. Which you can recommend me I got 4 favorites which are OK with price and...

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AMIEL 26th August 2007
Avatar for Diegel

Hey guys what are your opinions on Peluso CEMC6 vs. Josephson C42 on Drum overheads. I am mainly concerned with the cymbal...

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Diegel 26th August 2007
Avatar for Diegel

I am looking for a pair of the best of the best in the sdc world to get that super detailed, crystal clear, focused, hi-fi, full...

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Diegel 26th August 2007