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chessparov2.0 1st April 2019
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Did anyone else have an ILok problem last night? Mine said the server was down. I couldn't register and it wiped out some of my...

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ardis 1st April 2019
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My question is this: how would you record a band with only three microphones? Where would you place the mics and which ones would...

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Brent Hahn 1st April 2019
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Hi, I've been jamming for a while with my gear, and am looking for a Harddisk recorder that can manage to record my jams... I...

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yann_ 1st April 2019
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Hi everyone, I hope you may help me. I'm about to buy my first synth. I don't want a rompler. I need to get the taste of real...

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biranduil 1st April 2019
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Hey everyone, There are some ns-1000m's for sale locally for $1,800 OBO. I see a few have sold recently on eBay around the...

Zen MD
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who? 1st April 2019
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At this point in my production career, I would like to move on from my JBL LSR305 and my Yamaha HSM50s. I am willing to spend...

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mainstreamdjs 1st April 2019
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Hello guys... i bought this audiocard (RME HDSPE AIO) RME HDSPe AIO – Thomann Italia i need to connect my speakers using the...

Black Thing
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popmann 1st April 2019
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Hey everyone, i am looking for a solution to combine a sub with my monitors. I was looking into the Drawmer CMC3 Monitor...

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jabels 1st April 2019
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Hi all. I have an AKG XLII. I'm looking for a second microphone to make a stereo pair. I do not know what to do; I buy a second...

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masterlogic 1st April 2019
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Hello everyone, I'm new here and I have a question, I hope you will help. I work as a tattoo master in a studio and recently...

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Leopopld13 1st April 2019
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My left monitor is louder on highs then on lows and the Right one is vice versa

MC Cracker
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MC Cracker 1st April 2019
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Hello, I've read a lot about line ins and difference between models/interfaces, and I've replaced my FocusRite 18i20 with a...

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breakline 1st April 2019
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Hi guys, this is very simple but I cannot figure it out. I used a preset drum for a couple of songs I composed on my Alesis SR-16...

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tatianaturin 1st April 2019
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Usually story- Estate sale, bought it, won't play. Rolls fine with nothing in it, can rewind (even when tape is in), but no...

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Retrojolt 1st April 2019
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Hi people, how are you? Simple question. 01- For the future I am planning to buy a mixer, but I want an USB one, but since...

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Mahzinho 1st April 2019
Avatar for hello people

Ok there's the Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX....$2000 ...or the Behringer AD8200 about $250. Anyone know if there's something in...

hello people
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hello people 1st April 2019
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Hello Im new to the Vi6 and I’m trying to mix dialogues on a line by line technique. I’ve seen some videos from a guy doing...

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MikeMendes 1st April 2019
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Hello, I've been going through some old mic stands at the studio I'm at, trying to replace pieces that are broke. I've...

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jleblanc 31st March 2019
Avatar for buka

I am looking for reliable sources about understanding structure of professional analog mixing console (routing, patchbay etc.)...

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buka 31st March 2019
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Hi all!! Looks like I will be heading to Germany next week and will be at Musikmesse on Tuesday. Anyone else going? Lets meet up...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 31st March 2019
Avatar for Caine

hhi, i normally DONT use stereo widening tools as i struggle with phasing & mono compatibility then, but sometimes i...

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Deleted e999d8e 31st March 2019
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BAE 1073 rack-mount version w/ power supply = $3,135. BAE 1073D + Radial Cube = $2,500 In a blind test would I be able to...

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Avatar for Ox Han
Ox Han 31st March 2019
Avatar for Sigma

480, spx 90, prime time 2, emulator 2 , yamaha cheesy digital delay, dic tape echo..pad's doward expanded by triggers from kick...

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 31st March 2019
Avatar for AlpaPignons

Chaps, This article was written by the late Sigfried Linkwitz, a brilliant engineer co-inventor of the Linkwitz–Riley...

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Avatar for Casey
Casey 31st March 2019
Avatar for The Press Desk

Radial Engineering DiNET DAN-TX2 & DAN-RX2 Now Shipping Radial Engineering is pleased to announce that the DiNET...

The Press Desk
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imaginaryday 31st March 2019
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Hi, I would like to record sound coming out of this :

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caton 31st March 2019
Avatar for QueenSisi

Hi , I could not find the answer of a quistion that i have . Could a vf14 tube more noicy when they get older.

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Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 31st March 2019
Avatar for Josh_12

Hi, Has anyone experienced a voltage irregularity when using a U67, or more specifically the IOAUDIO MK67 when in figure 8? I...

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Avatar for Peller
Peller 31st March 2019
Avatar for stevepaulsounds

Hi I bought a KT-9 kick pedal for use with a TD-11K. Since buying it, when connected to MIDI, in whatever software I use, there...

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Avatar for Alphix1
Alphix1 31st March 2019
Avatar for Transc3ndenz

Modern mics have taken a “huge leap” in quality, sound and design. At this time we have some greats like Chandler REDD, Horch...

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Avatar for Greg Freeman
Greg Freeman 31st March 2019
Avatar for ribbontubedude

I've been trying to reach them since Feb 22 but 8 days lator still no answer. Used 3 emails from their website (including the...

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Avatar for ribbontubedude
ribbontubedude 31st March 2019
Avatar for unfiltered420

I bought a 3 head tape deck just now, to make a tape echo out of, but can't seem to find info on what the best tapes to use. Also...

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unfiltered420 31st March 2019
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a.m. son 30th March 2019
Avatar for Non_Existent

I'm having some issues recording DI Guitar in to my Amp Sims. The cleans dont sound too bad, but my problem is primarily with my...

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Avatar for bgood
bgood 30th March 2019
Avatar for nwebb

Hi, I saw Dr Luke's 2011 ASCAP talk on Youtube and it contained some real gems, so I'd love to see the 2010 one. I've found an...

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Avatar for nwebb
nwebb 30th March 2019
Avatar for greenfields

For those who have both or have used both.....how would you describe/compare/contrast.....(in your opinion)? Thanks.

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Avatar for greenfields
greenfields 30th March 2019
Avatar for shufflebeat

We must eventually face up to the possibility that all our old crap might never be considered valuable vintage collector's items....

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Avatar for Lumbergh
Lumbergh 30th March 2019
Avatar for The Press Desk

Amphion "FlexBase25" - European Debut - Musikmesse | Prolight + Sound 2019 Finnish studio monitor manufacturer...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for Robin Walsh
Robin Walsh 30th March 2019
Avatar for playon

There is a chinese seller on ebay with hundreds of audio electronics listings, among them this, which claims to be a drop-in DIY...

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Avatar for Labs
Labs 30th March 2019
Avatar for analog orange

I've got a pair of Deltalab DL-4's. One's pristine and clean, the other is beat up and just there for parts. Anyhow, does...

analog orange
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Avatar for amk1
amk1 30th March 2019
Avatar for Caine

hey guys, ozone 8 advanced is very cheap atm for me and i demo it atm and i like it somehow a lot but! i got too much already, so...

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Avatar for kellyd
kellyd 30th March 2019
Avatar for cheguevara93

example:YouTube example2:YouTube I'm not sure what to use and how often.

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Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 30th March 2019
Avatar for sourcefor

Is there any where to get a KRK E8 woofer or do I sell these speakers and get something else? And what is comparable?

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Avatar for alex vice
alex vice 30th March 2019
Avatar for 13mh13

In the consumer audiophile community, discussion (or specs) of D/A processors (aka "DACs") often include mention of...

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Avatar for luckyal
luckyal 30th March 2019
Avatar for SilentSound

Is it possible to change the frequency band myself on a Sennheiser ew100 G3 wireless lav system? I bought a set on eBay recently...

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Avatar for SilentSound
SilentSound 30th March 2019
Avatar for OrchDork

I wasn’t sure whether this was a low-end or high-end question, but I can spend upto about $1200 (US), and that is high-end for...

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Avatar for OrchDork
OrchDork 30th March 2019
Avatar for brewhouse

Slot 8 in my 500-8B lunchbox provides very low output regardless of what module I have in there. Thought maybe it was a current...

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Avatar for brewhouse
brewhouse 30th March 2019
Avatar for musicl

If you accidentally.. gruudge recorded vocals with the polarity switched on the preamp, how does this impact the sound? All my...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 29th March 2019
Avatar for Siankovic

Hi, and sorry in advance if this post is in the wrong forum. I have a very nice kit consisting of a DN60 and RT60 in an...

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Avatar for Siankovic
Siankovic 29th March 2019