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Your recommendations are greatly appreciated, thanks.

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dokushoka 6th September 2007
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Hey all, Wasn't sure whether to post this here or geekslutz or... My Boss RC-20XL started acting wacky today. It made a loud...

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Colorblind 6th September 2007
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Paul came down to award my friend Drmmrboy for the tonelux box .. went to lunch to get philadelphia cheesesteaks and talked about...

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Sigma 6th September 2007
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Hi, here are some soundbits of my Bricasti M7 :) The "pure" files are the raw ones without reverb and then I...

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dokushoka 6th September 2007
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How often have you noticed when mixing that it only takes one little mistake to be messing up the clarity of a mix. On the flip...

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HockeyMike 6th September 2007
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i really dig the guitar tones on the spill canvas record titled "one fell swoop" - they're different than most emo-rock...

destiny brandon
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destiny brandon 6th September 2007
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Dave brought over his new prototype tube mic, it's like the MiniMe version of the TM-1. We used it all this week, that mic rocks....

James Lugo
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whereisbkp 6th September 2007
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Let me start by saying that I,ve gone through many phases of music. I know all off you have as well. When I was a kid (i,m 36...

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steelyfan 6th September 2007
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Hi all, going on a short vacation in BC. I will be staying with freinds in Courtenay, and was wondering if I could check out...

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BradD 6th September 2007
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I have some 5 foot mogami gold 8x8 trs to trs cable snakes on ebay right now if anyone needs.

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Diegel 6th September 2007
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Not sure if this has been done yet or not but in the thread bout the CD being...

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ryst 6th September 2007
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I just picked up one today because of my crappy Mbox, to much to my surprise the reviews on gearslut say they still have the...

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UnDeFiNeD 6th September 2007
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Hi, this question may be asked quite a bit. I am deciding whether to purchase an MPC 2000 or a Emu Sp 1200. I am wondering...

robot gigante
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robot gigante 6th September 2007
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I'm putting together a home studio and was considering the Alesis HD24xr currently. My question is what is your opinion on this...

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idylldon 6th September 2007
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Is this something you reccomend? Or do you reccomend to plug in straight from the wall outlet? Any ideas? My friend and I were...

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Reptil 6th September 2007
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I do mostly soul music and I've been using all drum samples so far. I'd really like to start incorporating live drums into my...

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Slaytex 6th September 2007
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Hello all, I recently purchased a mixed logic 24 control surface used. I have it set up and running with Sonar 6 and everything...

mr. torture
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mr. torture 6th September 2007
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Is anyone using the SSL duende with a pro tools HD ?or Waves what its better? How is the latencie of SSL DuendE ?Whow is the...

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ventura33 6th September 2007
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What makes the 2 track master have that "polish sound"? What equipment or gear would create that polish...

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blaugruen7 6th September 2007
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I know that this is probably a repeated question in the never ending battle of digis protecting of profits but is there ANY way I...

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tINY 6th September 2007
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I had heard a while back that Nigel Godrich favored using Tridents. I'm not sure how accurate this is...can anyone confirm? thnx

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baikonour 6th September 2007
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With the discontinued production of the 550A- (re-issue) will it's value (dollar or, otherwise) go up. or??? The new (SW 550A)...

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Klauth 6th September 2007
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Any one have the who -what's on this new hard disk recorder yet ? Thanks James

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Remoteness 6th September 2007
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I was curious on the caretake of our ears. as engineers it is a very important. Earwax...iHygenic.com THis is all the info...

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AnAverageJoe 6th September 2007
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(I know there are many other threads on Continuum, but not about the distortion.) I'm curious if anyone know what pedals he's...

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GregoryC 6th September 2007
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Hey there. Anyone know a place on the world wide web where i can check out some basic mic-ing info and placing examples ect...

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nadumr 6th September 2007
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I was at Lowes hardware and asked about fiberglass free insulation. The man working there pointed out Enviro Pro, which basically...

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ihateregisterin 6th September 2007
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It says "Made In Korea" The serial starts with S 916..... From what I could find on the net, S means seventies and the...

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Mike P 6th September 2007
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steve10358 6th September 2007
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nukmusic 6th September 2007
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Hi, who has any information regarding the vocal chain used in the recording (and info on the processing too ) of this song...

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BCains 6th September 2007
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Metallica/Black album. I've had the CD since it came out. Last night (16 years later!!!!) I realized that there's a shaker...

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Dan 6th September 2007

The show is great, it's my new favorite show..

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6293 5th September 2007
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Hey all, I bought a Thermionic Culture Vulture a few months ago, had a little quality use from it, but now it seems to put out...

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Kevlar 5th September 2007
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Anyone know an audiology center where I can get them made in nyc? Also, which brand do you recommend? sensaphonics, etymotic,...

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drockfresh 5th September 2007
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so... those of you offended by rookie musicians SHOULD STAY AWAY... recorded most of this last night, the drums were done...

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FMNYC 5th September 2007
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So, just to be sure...is it like a real chain? If I put the eq plug after the comp plug...will I get the same results (i know...

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fastlane 5th September 2007
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I want to treat my 1/4 inch tapes as best I can. Anyone got any good tips for storage? I'm slightly concerned about heat and...

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DAS 5th September 2007
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Hey guys. Maybe you can help me out with this. Yesterday I had a flute player come in to play on my record. I made the rookie...

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soupking 5th September 2007
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I'm looking to replace the one that came with my M-Audio Lightbridge. I want a really short one that wont mess up the data at...

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tINY 5th September 2007
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Any thoughts on how the Fireface 400 / 800 stacks up against the Saffire Pro 26? I really only concerned about converter quality,...

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stevetgn 5th September 2007
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Greetings all you fine folks on this board. I currently have a FF800 and while I'm fairly satistifed with the sound (not that...

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Schmacko 5th September 2007
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I just did some tracking in a sudio using nuendo, and I need to export the wave files so I can take them to my house and put them...

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Slaytex 5th September 2007
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I've searched but can't seem to find anything about them on the web. Does anyone know if these are boards worth anything?

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aussie_techie 5th September 2007
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How's everyone doing? Just wondering who's using these to mix soft rock,i got a pair a couple months ago and really like them....

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bluestarbass 5th September 2007
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just a quick rookie review of the Great River ME-1NV Single Channel Mic Pre/DI. first off, a shout out to the folks at...

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not_so_new 5th September 2007
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I'm thinking of building some movable acoustic panels to increase the level of reflection at one end of our live room which is...

Dot Neck
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Graham Tobias 5th September 2007
Avatar for SixAndChange

Does anyone have any information on the Ashley CG-85E Compresser/limiter? Im having trouble looking it up, and from what I can...

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DAS 5th September 2007
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I'm using a DAW that feeds into a Mini-Dac for monitoring purposes. I usually record instruments one-at-a-time, so I never bought...

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narcoman 5th September 2007
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I decided to do a test on my system to see if I could get a handle on the amount of signal degradation from my digital...

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kats 5th September 2007