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I recorded an amp with a passive ribbon the other night. Fairly low levels (while in the booth with the artist playing, you could...

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emkay 24th September 2007
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or whining. I refoamed my 4313 woofers only to find out I had a mid driver out. So I found a guy and bought 3 mids he had, none...

Old Cane
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Casey 24th September 2007
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When I tune a bass I notice that the attack is sharp whule the decay is flat ...according to my tuner... So if a player is...

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Ethan Winer 24th September 2007
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Any suggestions for a good technician that works on tape echos or reel to reel decks. Or someone that can do mods to a machine? ...

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sleestack 24th September 2007
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Does anyone know what type of "wand" mic the buffon haired one uses for interviews in the high-brow television that he...

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bulley 24th September 2007
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hinder or drive you?

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lazzaro 24th September 2007
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You can see it here, just curious to know: YouTube - King Jammy - Jailhouse Rock Thanks.

Sam an huel
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emrr 24th September 2007
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Hi there Im about to buy some EQ plugz for my PT setup, and was hoping that someone could help me with this one. Have any...

Mikkel Nielsen
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Mikkel Nielsen 24th September 2007
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Hi all! I m french, used to live in France but now in Canada for 1 year. I ll released an album soon, and I m unsigned. Just...

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Tibbon 24th September 2007
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I'm looking into getting either a PR-20 or a PR-30 and wondering what would be best for my situation. I'd be using the mic for...

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Blast9 24th September 2007
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Please, help me! I'm Pro Tools user as well as Logic Pro user. I have DIGI 003 control surface and I would like to upgrade my...

Red 7
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Red 7 24th September 2007
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Timsplace 24th September 2007
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Hi 'slutz. Conducting a survey, if you want to be a part of it simply pm me and I will send you over a quick questionaire. Its...

Chris Allen
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Chris Allen 24th September 2007
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Was the Townhouse Studio in London a classic Neve 80-series studio before the SSL-4000 craze took over?.When did the SSL's show...

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[email protected] 24th September 2007
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From here: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-fi-universal30aug30,0,478654.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Deleted bd1be4f
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no ssl yet 24th September 2007
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Ok I got a question for the slutz...I have this client that wants my Pro tools session with all the mixing on it. What do you...

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anteupaudio 24th September 2007
Avatar for Dave12345

did anyone work out how to get rid of the Cubase 4 'Earlier VST Plug-ins' Folder? its a bit of a nuisance cheers

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magibatalla 24th September 2007
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Hi, We're just finishing commissioning our new desk at my studio (Ante Up Audio) and it's equipped with a 56 channel Neve...

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scotty-o 24th September 2007
Avatar for Mats

I´m sure this have been said before, (even if i didn´t find any topics on this when i searched the forum) but could you name a...

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Mats 24th September 2007
Avatar for Rotomotor

Any recommendations for accurate open/semi-open headphones in this price range? I was looking at Grados, but I'm sure there are...

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backhair 24th September 2007
Avatar for soupking

I'm relatively new, and somewhat slow learning, to sound design and engineering. I've been getting a handle on gain staging, mic...

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soupking 24th September 2007
Avatar for Ross H

I have an Digi002R (ProTools). I recently began tracking drums. I have purchased several nice Pres for this effort. I now have a...

Ross H
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Ross H 24th September 2007
Avatar for itesbrent

I run my guitar, to an effects processor, to a 7 band E.Q., to a power head (clean channel).... I my very content with my sound...

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Avatar for Gear Tramp
Gear Tramp 24th September 2007
Avatar for Daedalus77

So I'm about to order a small snake from Redco, from their cool design-your-own-and-we'll-build-it-quickly service. I notice that...

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Nu-tra 23rd September 2007
Avatar for roginator

I got this babies anybody have any expirience with them ..any body any documents maybe??? Its hard to find info on web!!!

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roginator 23rd September 2007
Avatar for fooman

How do you guys deal with gear with no power switch? For example, hot preamps and whatnot. Do you leave them on or use some...

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Avatar for fooman
fooman 23rd September 2007
Avatar for noznarf

What do you think is the best alternative if i want a real punchy but warm pre for the snare? I know that API is a killer but...

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Avatar for CorkyTart
CorkyTart 23rd September 2007
Avatar for PhilE

I have a pretty low ceiling in my mix room (7'6") and it need some kind of treatment. I have some cheap acoustic 'eggbox...

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Avatar for passenger
passenger 23rd September 2007
Avatar for Phrygian

Okay, so I finally got on the Lunchbox bandwagon! So far I have a 512c and a 560. Basically I want the end result to be 3 or 4...

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Avatar for seaneldon
seaneldon 23rd September 2007
Avatar for PheelTheMusic

I'm deciding between the Rosetta 800/Symphony system and a Lynx Aurora 8/AES 16 system and it appears that the Lynx route offers...

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Avatar for CorkyTart
CorkyTart 23rd September 2007
Avatar for coyotekells

I DESPERATELY hope someone knows what I need to do!!!! I've come accross a problem before where when I select a track (any...

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Avatar for coyotekells
coyotekells 23rd September 2007
Avatar for ejod

I''m looking for 8 A\D converter on a tight budget for drums recording. Is RME Fireface 400 really that bad? Should I save up...

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Avatar for crypticglobe
crypticglobe 23rd September 2007
Avatar for Baderup99

Hey what is that second 1/4" jack right next to where the speaker is plugged into inside the blues junior? Is that for a...

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Avatar for uptheoctave
uptheoctave 23rd September 2007
Avatar for Lunatique

I just purchased a pair of Klein + Hummel O 300D's, and in the manual it says not to plug it into a power-strip where there are...

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Avatar for mmcfarlane
mmcfarlane 23rd September 2007
Avatar for opium89

Curious how the rest of you deal with bleed in drums tracks such as toms and how do you handle snare spring rattles? My usual...

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Avatar for Musiclab
Musiclab 23rd September 2007
Avatar for Revmen

Hi, I'm planning to build bass traps, but want to use Rockwool instead of Ownens Corning because of the price and availability...

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Avatar for Nordenstam
Nordenstam 23rd September 2007
Avatar for postmortem1666

Hey guys. in sonar i am trying to use an amp sim and freespace. When i record in mono i can hear the dry sound and i can hear the...

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Avatar for layez
layez 23rd September 2007
Avatar for jesusecordero

what is your best choice for buy a mic for vocal, my bugdet is about 1000 - 1200$

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Avatar for Shandy
Shandy 23rd September 2007
Avatar for audiomichael

I saw Chris posting a bunch lately and it reminded me that I had his free "Channel" plugin. So I thought I'd give it a...

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Avatar for Nu-tra
Nu-tra 23rd September 2007
Avatar for spycam

I'm about to shop for a good sounding rack guitar fx processor to use in FX Loop of my ENGL Se amp head. I believe that all...

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Avatar for spycam
spycam 23rd September 2007
Avatar for Nama

Hi! I am trying to record a wide range electronic distorted guitar for an up coming project. (3 piece melodic girl punk band) I...

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 23rd September 2007
Avatar for travisbrown

Does anyone know of a good keyed gate stompbox or small effect box? I'm trying to set up a rhythm gate for guitar. Usually I'd do...

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travisbrown 23rd September 2007
Avatar for Morbid

Hello Everyone :) This is my first post on the forum full of endless knowledge. A friend of mine directed me here when I told him...

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Avatar for Birdi
Birdi 23rd September 2007
Avatar for Saudade

I have been listening to Bread's "Sweet Surrender" periodically for a few months now, trying to grasp the...

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Avatar for turnstile
turnstile 23rd September 2007
Avatar for tju85

Would this be possible? I'm using Logic Studio. Would it be possible to give me bassist, drummer, and guitar player all...

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Avatar for kittonian
kittonian 23rd September 2007
Avatar for James Lugo

Has anyone used the new handwired Vox AC15???

James Lugo
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Avatar for James Lugo
James Lugo 23rd September 2007
Avatar for maginotrock

I don't know of a local shop that has the RNC or RNL that I can rent or "buy and return" from. If someone has one or...

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Avatar for maginotrock
maginotrock 23rd September 2007
Avatar for 23449

002r - bad 003r - good 003r BLA - REAL GOOD at least my crap sounds good now

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23449 23rd September 2007
Avatar for darkwater

I can't decide. I would love users to make arguements for each, if you're so inclined. The PCP looks perfect, but the MW-1 has...

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Avatar for darkwater
darkwater 23rd September 2007
Avatar for chrisj

Some of you know that I've been working for a long time on trying to get a decent guitar cabinet model in plugin form, so I could...

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Avatar for AlphaDingo
AlphaDingo 23rd September 2007