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I am trying to learn how synths work (I have NI Massive). I am a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, and I hear what seems almost to be...

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robmix 26th September 2007
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I'm just a little sick of all the people asking questions about gear they have and what they should do with it. Doesn't anybody...

Sensual Ears
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TonyBelmont 26th September 2007
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Has anyone here ever had problems with EQ magazine? I subscribed to the magazine back in March on their website with my...

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NetXteN 26th September 2007
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Are the a16 Ultra Sonic Core the same now with the new name or have there been changes? Are they good either way? As compared...

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PhilE 26th September 2007
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For those of you who have recorded screaming vocalists what seems to work out the best? Using a preamp for distortion or a...

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dbbubba 26th September 2007
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Hey hows it going, just wanted to introduce myself with a few questions! Great board you have here. Very informative. Question...

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Oroz 26th September 2007
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Picked up a 4 space lunchbox and one of the modules is passing audio but no effect is heard when compressor is switched in. ...

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dbbubba 26th September 2007
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Hi Folks, Please help! I picked up a Rosetta 200 for use with Digi002r/PT LE and a Mac G4 dual 1.25, 2 gigs of RAM. It's...

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soundstruck 26th September 2007
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Just curious if anyone has used the 003 and can say if it is sonically improved over its predessecor, the 002?????

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WKG 25th September 2007
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and if so, how do you deal with variable system latency? here's the thread in question:...

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theblotted 25th September 2007
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I'm really hoping someone can help me with this... I have the following gear: Rosetta 800s x2 (1st connected to MacPro &...

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guy1 25th September 2007
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The Buzz Tonic 500series EQ module is now available in Australia. If you want a demo give me a call on 0414 416 816 or email me...

Scott 1/2 Normal
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Scott 1/2 Normal 25th September 2007
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Quick query. Does the Pcm60 operate at 44.1 or another sample rate? Cheers J

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j-uk 25th September 2007
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Westlake Professional Sales and Solid State Logic cordially invite you to experience the incredible SSL AWS 900+ Analogue...

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WWeinberg 25th September 2007
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Is there anyone else who finds this depressing? As if there is not enough unnatural high end on most commercial...

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centurymantra 25th September 2007
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Can you share links of european union based websites selling tubes online? Something, that sells matched sets, etc... I found...

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PhilR 25th September 2007
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Hey, long time reader, first time poster. About a half a year ago, I came across this small tech company that made a pci-based...

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syoreed 25th September 2007
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I'm getting a Symphony PCI-E card with a Rosetta 800 and just trying to work out how it all connects together. Firstly, does...

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Max 25th September 2007
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hello i just found that my EAR even if its in bypass mode adds harmonics to sound. Is it its regular behaviour ? I include 2...

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TurnT 25th September 2007
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After you have completed mixing a song(s) and your final 2 track stereo mix is on your SPDIF track, is this final mix also 24 bit...

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J.S.Vega III 25th September 2007
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I just read this and thought it to be a bit dumb, hope it doesnt become the norm for...

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travisbrown 25th September 2007
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So I just started using Pro Tools HD 6.9.1. I set everything up. I recorded a track. I played it back. Now I wanted to...

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metalworks 25th September 2007
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hi there fellas, i was wondering if there is anyway to automate pro-tools sends? as I am using LE, my processing power is...

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orksnork 25th September 2007
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Hey, I need a PCIe FW card for my Mac G5. I will be using it to input FW from an M-Audio Profire Lightbridge. Just looking for...

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loujudson 25th September 2007
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im looking for a colurful preamp to add warmth to my digital synths, and make analog synths sound more interesting. is sebatron...

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corworld 25th September 2007
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What am doing wrong? This is crazy! I can't get a decent signal from the following chain: guitar > Radial J48 > Mbox2 Pro...

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RMcFarland 25th September 2007
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Jules 25th September 2007
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Which would you buy? Used most of them on PC. Now want to buy some for mac. Here is what my findings are. BFD: Nice, not to...

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Frankovitchy 25th September 2007
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No matter what John Bonham played, it always sounded like Bonham. Having said that, each album his kit sounded a bit...

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acca 25th September 2007
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Can find any info on the web bout it .... SIEMENS Mischpult 44-Kanal.Überholt .(Telefunken,Neve) bei eBay Mischpulte,...

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r0ck1r0ck2 25th September 2007
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I'm considering purchasing an Aphex 207D 2-channel preamp ($500) for home recording. I want to send the signal through my DBX...

[email protected]
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gyom 25th September 2007
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I've had a Roland re-201, that just got back from being serviced by 2 different techs. One of them couldn't repair the pinch...

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cchord59 25th September 2007
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I just got a dangerous Dbox which I like a lot. The DA converter is very good....but, since it has summing I'm eager to try it. ...

Unknown soldier
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Unknown soldier 25th September 2007
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Hey Folks, I am looking to get a couple more analog pieces to complete my little studio. I have decided I like the idea of...

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James Lehmann 25th September 2007
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Anyone tried Speck ASC EQ? I'm looking for 2ch Eq for tracking/mixing at a reasonable price! My alternative choice is for and...

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James Lehmann 25th September 2007
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Just racked up a pair of these lil German doggies. They're pretty clean sounding but have a very unique tone when driven hard. ...

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Cellotron 25th September 2007
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i have two 1176LN ,use the same setting (like 10 o'clock for input, 2 o'clock for output) the one compress about 7-10dB,the other...

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dbbubba 25th September 2007
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Hello all. So, yeah, I need a two-channel pre/coloring box, prefering gear that's far from transparent. I like distortion,...

Deleted User
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rockrev 25th September 2007
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Hey have you guys heard of Jamie T. from the UK? My band is direct support for him this wed at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. If...

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Nu-tra 25th September 2007
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Tried once. It sucked. Happiness breeds soul..less..ness (is that a word?)..at least for me. Fast love songs don't count. I'm...

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GregoryC 25th September 2007
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I need a software sound library - great sounding, flexible, reliable. Most important sounds for me are, in order of preference,...

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Energie 25th September 2007
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how many slots should their be in a 500 form card? i see a few cards that are taking up two spaces and i am not 100% sure how i...

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pan60 25th September 2007
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This new sequencer rocks....boing sheeps get their grooves on

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zuso 25th September 2007
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What era 87 is good? How to tell one era from another?

James Lugo
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I.T. 25th September 2007
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I have old CD back ups done ...say 5 years and older and at least one file ends up saying Cyclic redundancy check.. one file...

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allencollins 25th September 2007
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I use only an ART TPS II with a QSC 2450 power amp for my bass rig...I would like to retube it...I was thinking the MESA stamped...

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grooveislife 25th September 2007
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hello everyone, first time poster, long time lurker sponging off all of your knowledge. Im working a decent paying day job and...

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layez 25th September 2007
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I want to order this SKB 4U RollX Rack Case: 4U RollX Rack Case by SKB...

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samwinston123 25th September 2007
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My current converter/interface is a PreSonus Firestudio. The Firestudio offers a low/zero latency DSP mixer that allows me to...

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pace 24th September 2007
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I neither listen to much Nickelback nor watch much MTV, but early this morning the stars aligned and I saw the video for...

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6strings 24th September 2007