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Looking for a solution to send line level signals through guitar effects...the EXTC from Radial looks like an all in one...

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mikoo69 3 days ago
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I had all these out the other day, so I lined up the capsules as close as possible, plugged them all straight into a Steinberg...

Deleted 2be7eae
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Hymnographer 3 days ago
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I was looking on gear4music today because im looking to buy some new gear and I spotted some hidden gems which ive not seen...

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emid 3 days ago
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Hey all. After a session this weekend, I have decided its time to find myself a decent dark LDC for vocals. In rock...

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DistortingJack 3 days ago
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Just interested what people are using. yingyang

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DeadPoet 3 days ago
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So I’m in the market for a 67 style microphone and have it pretty much narrowed down to these two. The reissue is, of course,...

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Brent Hahn 3 days ago
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It's just suddenly stopped working, I've tested on a MIDI track - the keyboard is found and fine by Pro Tools, as is the RTAS...

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vashuba 3 days ago
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I am an aspiring mixing engineer, and often times I will hear something in a mix that I like, but when I try to Google who the...

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thethrillfactor 3 days ago
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Hi all. Wondering if anyone has compared these two pres and why you might prefer one over the other.

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NathanEldred 3 days ago
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Hi, I know this has been discussed A LOT!!!! But, I just purchased a yamaha pm1000 for around $1000.00 I was wondering if I...

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abelovesfun 3 days ago
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Hey there, I was thinking of improving my audio setup. I use a cloud lifter with a focus rite Scarlett solo for my RE20. Lately,...

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DistortingJack 4 days ago
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Was wondering if anyone wants to share a list of some known amazing record's that were completely mixed ITB. Very Curious,...

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rearslum 4 days ago
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Hope this is the right section for this if not I apologise! Does anybody know anything about Josh Wilbur's mixing...

Deleted 3284bb9
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rearslum 4 days ago
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...and similar Shure mics, while we're at it. I've done some research, so I wanted to share my findings here... :) This may...

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joeq 4 days ago
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A couple months ago, while chasing some gremlin, I slapped a tone generator on my DAW's master bus with the right channel flipped...

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JazzMac251 4 days ago
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i have a very general question to ask, and I'm looking for a large variety of answers, just ideas really, so ANYONE feel free to...

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PdotDdot 4 days ago
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Was looking at picking up a Neumann tube mic when I saw this one was shockingly cheap pre-owned. Did some further digging to find...

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Hymnographer 4 days ago
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Hi! Does anybody here use a recent Intel-based 27" iMac (2019 or 2020 model) with a Firewire-interfaced GS-R24M (using the...

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Silverkeim 4 days ago
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Is there anyone that has this microphone and can answer a few questions? Nobody seems to do a good job of even addressing the...

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skiroy 4 days ago
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ok I have all the usual rycote suspects and will try enhancedaudio stuff but is there more serious mic shock mounts on the market...

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lofi 4 days ago
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Hi all I just bought a vintage Marshall head, made in England, but it will be being shipped from Sri Lanka. Anyone with any...

Thom b
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Thom b 4 days ago
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This will be for podcasting. Adding a windscreen to the SM57. I've only heard a sound demo of the A81WS and was considering that...

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xbr 4 days ago
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hi I have 4 the readers in small room for recording dialogs. Mic to mic distance is 1m, Shure SM-7B, each mic see back of others...

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foler 4 days ago
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The title of this thread says what it is about. Looking for a solid and good sounding filter device. These both are the 2 hottest...

Marco Koeller
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akai_world 4 days ago
Avatar for Yairo

Hi! I'm thinking of selling my A&H GS3000 recording desk, and having a hard time pricing it. It's the 24 channel version...

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James Lehmann 4 days ago
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Who of you is using what, and did you try the other?! Looking to commit to buying some, largely for film/tv...

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drejmer 4 days ago
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I know this is a hotly debated topic, which one is better, theoretical build quality, etc. I know for sure I want two channels...

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chessparov2.0 4 days ago
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Sam Pura


I just wanted to show a bit of appreciation (read: fanboyism) for Sam and his work these days. Two of my favourite records this...

sam guaiana
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Coconut_Head 4 days ago
Avatar for gearstudent

I like the sound of mid-side recordings. I've never used a schoeps mk8. Has anybody used this capsule for mid-side? I've used...

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Earcatcher 4 days ago
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hey guys i need help on a new battery for a Korg A1 proceesor to save my presets! where can i find one? i cant find...

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southsider 5 days ago
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I perform audio restoration and repair for recording engineers and journalists. I often use Etymotic ER4SR in-ear monitors for my...

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thermos 5 days ago
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I've had my Mackie Big Knob Passive Monitor Controller in my home studio for over a year now, and it has recently started making...

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Jcy 5 days ago
Avatar for Pananimal

Hey Guys, Looking at the Nicerizer and have been through just about every post on here about that piece and an convinced it is...

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LSP 5 days ago
Avatar for Ripz

So the company made these 2 power amp for their NS-10 clones (and for the original NS-10’s). One is 100watts the other is...

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MiMi 5 days ago
Avatar for MaestroTJ

In my daily lookout for microphones I have happend to have bought more than one microphone from Sennheisers' Blackfire series. My...

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MaestroTJ 5 days ago
Avatar for keenly

I watched several tutoriols but still do not get the exact process. If I create another dum bus with all tracks, so now have...

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andreizajev 5 days ago
Avatar for MoltenVoltage

For the life of me I can't get a quality close-mic'd tambourine sound that doesn't either shred my hearing or sound...

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digibird 5 days ago
Avatar for Armando

Ok I’m planning on getting this chassis. Only question really is what is everyone doing with the extra two channels? By this I...

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Armando 5 days ago
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Raymond Trace 5 days ago
Avatar for boomer81

Well they have been out a while now I know there were issues at first. Have they worked these out. Are they good bad just using...

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clusterchord 5 days ago
Avatar for exacerbatus

I hate missed opportunities for being cleaner and more efficient. I guess I want to hear how some of you would approach this...

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markmann 5 days ago
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Hi I'm about to replace my old audio interface and narrowed it down to two options. One has four channels, the other has two,...

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clarnibass2 5 days ago
Avatar for Studio54

I'm curious if anyone knows of a hardware module that can do the warm and transformer thing like a Fatso. I'm looking for...

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Paul_G 5 days ago
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I'm thinning the herd in prep for retirement and I'd like to hear what real slutz are hanging onto for the rack. Anything goes....

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TomPaul 5 days ago
Avatar for heijmqk

Hi guys, i just bought a Midas Venice 320 console. Could you please give me some advice how to clean the console? What products...

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momomel 5 days ago
Avatar for DanielCarter

Most of Esquivel's recordings start with much the same big band with vocal chorus foundation as Ray Conniff and others, but his...

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mwarsell 5 days ago
Avatar for Brent Hahn

Seems like the gap is getting wider and wider all the time between the “1%,” the artists with major-label backing and radio...

Brent Hahn
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theblue1 5 days ago
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Hey Guys, I have moved from the UK to the Caribbean, however have all my musical gear back in the UK and I want to know if it...

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Rick Dalton 5 days ago
Avatar for Berolzheimer

Does anyone know what happened to Soundcastle in Silverlake? They seem to have moved to Santa Monica, I'm wondering who has the...

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Thelaelu 5 days ago
Avatar for Akagi

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and and new to the world of audio recording. Hope this is the right place to ask. I...

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Bushman 5 days ago