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aside from radiohead going it alone...NIN is no longer connected to Universal/Interscope. i can only wish this continues and the...

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bcgood 9th October 2007
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Hello, I have a Mackie Control Universal and am looking into adding the extra 8 fader expansion. Simple question: ...

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drockfresh 9th October 2007
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Me and my friend are gonna try to do a "Defenders of the faith"-sounding rip off song for fun. Anybody knows anything...

Freddie Flame
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fuzzface777 9th October 2007
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Just noticed a little "blowout!" icon next to the Apogee Mini-DAC on sweetwater... any...

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Max 9th October 2007
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I had a related thread going trying to compare the m-boxII to the 002 for the sake of the converters. It brought me to the...

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undermind 9th October 2007
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hello all, i recently installed an amek angela in our control room. it was running great from the get-go, but a few days ago it...

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peter_mavro 9th October 2007
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We have one of these here, and we love it. thinking about getting a second so I can use it's (awesome) comp and limter in...

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rank 9th October 2007
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I was at AES and Les Paul was demoing something or other and i turned to my group and said .."you know he's really...

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drmmrboy 9th October 2007
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Hi, Did anyone go to AES? If so, did you check out the Apple booths? If so, did you learn anything that you can share...

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Fletcher 9th October 2007
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any advice on audio interfaces? have been advised that the RME fireface 800 is the best for the money. any second opinions about...

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AllAboutTone 9th October 2007
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A few reggae tracks. Please send me your email. Thank you

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dan p 9th October 2007
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Slutz-Hopefully somebody in here has some experience with this interface... I hooked up a MOTU Microlite Midi Interface last...

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Antagonist 9th October 2007
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Where should I look for the best deal on this compressor in USA? I tried it and love it. Compared it to my Drawmer 1968ME two...

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Purusha 9th October 2007
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This week I have found myself in Naples, Italy. I'd love to see if there's any place around here that has any super-slutty...

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Tibbon 9th October 2007
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Hi I´ve been listening Johnny A. record "Get inside" and I´m amazed how good his records and guitars sound. I went...

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prosodio 9th October 2007
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Hi there! Does anyone know if the front mic/line/di which ECHO calls universal inputs bypasses the preamps if I connect a TRS...

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WeeFace 9th October 2007
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Hello my friends its a stupid question but does the demo plugins make the same job of the others we buy? can i make a real Mix...

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psycho_monkey 9th October 2007
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Never too early to start. I'm going this year after a long hiatus. Anybody have some insight to some new stuff coming our...

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GYang 9th October 2007
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AudioFocus 9th October 2007
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Is it really the same thing, same parts ect, but stereo? thanks Charles I mean the Vintage units, thanks

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gainreduction 9th October 2007
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Hi! I could use a bit of advice on next steps gear-wise. I'll try & keep this as short as possible : if you had up to...

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joe945 9th October 2007
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Hello people:-) I work at a company in Norway that are making/recording audiobooks for blind people (Daisy Books) and we need...

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frans 9th October 2007
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They have good prices, but no info about the company.. I'm wondering if they're legit.

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Umlaaat 9th October 2007
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Will this run on windows xp sp2? I've seen something that leads me to believe that it will only run on sp1. Thanks for your help...

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mikemillinator 9th October 2007
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I'm thinking about getting the soundtracs 24 console but saw this one and think it might better suit my needs for now seeing as...

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TMB 9th October 2007
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Hey fellas and fellettes. I need some critiques on my mix. I have also done a psuedo-mastering job on this. The band kept...

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mikemillinator 9th October 2007
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Hey James- I watched the show tonight just to see your segment. It was great. She is so hilarious. You were great! You seemed...

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planet red 9th October 2007
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Is there any mixer out there that has a comparable sound to a Midas Venice at all, or that is in the same ballpark? I'm not...

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soupking 9th October 2007
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I need to get an amplifer for my NS-10s...sonn. But, I can't decide. Say they were the same price, which one would you buy?

Sean Sullivan
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stevep 9th October 2007
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My mother-in-law just won a Hammond R-195 in a silent auction that is supposedly in amazing condition. I've read that anything...

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corworld 9th October 2007
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Just testing a theory here, which combo would you use?

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TheRealRoach 9th October 2007
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Does anyone have any comments about this? thanx Jun

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Prince Vision 9th October 2007
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I'm on the monitor hunt and I am getting ready to demo a few options. Barefoot micromain Adam s4-a Focal SM8 I am...

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Bryce 9th October 2007
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Greetings slutz! ive tried several pres on my voice, and while i love the Pacifica on most sources, for me its not my first...

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pan60 9th October 2007
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How are you supposed to break in a monitor? Just play mp3s through it for a day? And at what level? I ordered Dynaudio bm5a's yet...

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surflounge 9th October 2007
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I attended the opening on Friday and went non stop for 5 hours to check out everything I could that day.. It was great to put...

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heyman 9th October 2007
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I wasn't too sure where to put this thread, so here it is. I understand it may get moved! A member of the church I do sound...

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Daniel Antix 9th October 2007
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So I got this during the Musicians Friend blem sale for dirt cheap. Buy Audio-Technica PRO 24 XY Stereo Condenser Microphone at...

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samwinston123 9th October 2007
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I have offered to me an older Lucid 8824. Would anyone have an educated opinion about a comparison to the newer Lucids and...

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KEL 9th October 2007
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lowfreq33 9th October 2007
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I registered my account about 3 weeks ago but I still have not received a confirmation email. I even emailed the admin a week or...

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Brent 9th October 2007
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I'm saving up for a Chandler Tone Control EQ, but as a long time guitarist and fuzz pedal stomper, I have to ask if the Germanium...

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fuzzjunkie 8th October 2007
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new duende plugin (hmmmm): http://www.solidstatelogic.com/music/x-eq.html 2 new x racks (good...

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Coyoteous 8th October 2007
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Hi there.. I know there are a few posts about them before because i asked this question before but it was never answered.. For...

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junya-eskimo 8th October 2007
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The gearslut within is raging these days. boing I have the chance to grab a new pair of Genelec 8050a - for an absolutely...

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tomdarude 8th October 2007
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In using my Great River ME-1NV recording electric guitar, the input/output levels tend to run at just before the yellow LED...

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Gates 8th October 2007
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Does anyone think that a company would/should start doing FX's in a 500 series form? I just want to know what other people think...

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davode 8th October 2007
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Shows over! It was good to meet lots of forum members! Thanks for stopping by! howdy

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junya-eskimo 8th October 2007
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Can this be done? I'm thinking about picking up a high end 2-channel D/A for mixing and I was wondering if something like a...

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DAS 8th October 2007
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I've been using 2 x M-Audio Delta 1010s for a few years and I've enjoyed the results I've got from them. My recording set up is...

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Spikeh 8th October 2007