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still on my first set of mics with my home gear...and i've been micing toms with 57s with EH results...but i was reading a thread...

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blackwatch5805 14th January 2008
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Pardon me if this has been discussed, which I'm sure it has, but I am trying to develop a setup where I can switch between...

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numrologst 14th January 2008
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I would love to get another fender tube amp, but my budget ain't going to allow it anytime. Soon. I don't really drive my big...

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eor 14th January 2008
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I was mixing a song the other day and for some reason, I decided to insert Guitar Rig on a vocal track. Wouldn't ya know it,...

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El Guapo 14th January 2008
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Has anyone ever had a problem buying plug in authorizations off of ebay for PACE iLok/Digidesign? It seems a bit sketchy, but...

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bigbone 14th January 2008
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If I record a track on a FOH board in a studio setting how can I have the recorded track played back while overdubbing a 2nd...

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Rripror 14th January 2008
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or is this guy tripping? MINT DAV Electronics BG No 1 dual mic pre D.A.V. (120V) - eBay (item 290197664857 end time Jan-15-08...

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eor 14th January 2008
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im really thinking about purchasing this cab and id love to hear from anyone that has used it. i will be using it for super...

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maskedman72 14th January 2008
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Like on Guster's "Lightning Rod" or John Mayer's "Stop This Train" etc. I'll try to come up with more...

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johnnybregar 14th January 2008
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New Demo for gearslutz - Putfile.com This is a song where I did the electric guitar, bass, drums, and back up vocals. The other...

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rackdude 14th January 2008
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Is there a foolproof method of testing however a plug-in supports 32-bit floating point or not? A method that is easy enough test...

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Sk106 14th January 2008
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Ok. I'm ready for my first serious LDC. I love the u195, but I want something multi pattern. I did a session with a...

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Sqye 14th January 2008
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I am stuck on PTLE with 001 for at least 1 project.hidz Options: Use RME ADI-2 for ins and to monitor using Meek and VLZ...

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severe 14th January 2008
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It seems the ATM250 is Audio Technica's replacement for the ATM25. Is it basically the same or is it a different beast all...

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joelpatterson 14th January 2008
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Hey, first post here at gearslutz. I was thinking about upgrading my presonus inspire to an apogee duet. I know the quality will...

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allyouneedisears 14th January 2008
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I´ve been thinking about getting the LM but I still can´t find enough info on how it actually works... (I´ll be using it with...

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_barnee 14th January 2008
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Hey guys, I'm saving up for a ton of mid-level recording gear and am looking to get a good sound without spending a fortune. ...

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the_Chris 14th January 2008
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Hi, I'm looking to attach Air 6 monitors to the wall (for surround purphases). What's the best way to do it? What brackets should...

Studio Studio
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Studio Studio 13th January 2008
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Ok, so I saw this post over at the DUC and felt it would be more influential over here. I am going to copy over what the user...

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macgee 13th January 2008
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Hi, was wondering if the ART PS 4x4 Power Conditioner would be suitable for home audiophile equipment? Docs mention applications...

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Lerxst 13th January 2008
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I know there is no one way to how they should sound. But I really don't have many professional recordings of hands drums to...

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Baderup99 13th January 2008
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Hello there, I was wondering what you guys would suggest me about how to transport safely my beloved Korg MS-20 ? Best and...

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numrologst 13th January 2008
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Ok so I just put in an order for a beyerdynamic M260 ribbon mic. What can I expect for my first time ever using a ribbon...

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Han 13th January 2008
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Here's the speakers I want to upgrade (passive. sealed enclosure). They are neutral sounding and translate very well, but there's...

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ascottk 13th January 2008
Avatar for rasmusbmusic

Hi everyone.. I've purchased two Siemens W295 modules and one W295B module. My tech guy is racking and wiring them up right...

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rasmusbmusic 13th January 2008
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Hey! I want to obtain max character from my preamps on my music as I can. Is it best to redline the signal with the pre, then...

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alexp 13th January 2008
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I recently visited my brother and it's a 5-6 hour drive. It was late and my 4 yr old son and my wife had fallen asleep in the...

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gainreduction 13th January 2008
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I am looking at the Universal Audio LA-610, as well as the 6176. I have NO experience with either. Would any experienced...

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gevermil 13th January 2008
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Here are some statistics on the current Saul Williams record that was offered for either free or $5. The following was written...

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djwayne 13th January 2008
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Happy reading... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080109/ap_en_mu/music_radiohead

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theblue1 13th January 2008
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... cause I just realized Redco puts the same cable together for significantly cheaper. Bought 4 20' Balanced TRS cables and...

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PheelTheMusic 13th January 2008
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hi,is there any idia about emt 240 reverbrator.i found one of this and it is steal like new and didn't used befor.how much is...

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yrplace 13th January 2008
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I realize it gets their new products into people's hands, helps promote, and keeps the line "alive". I realize they...

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Bob Olhsson 13th January 2008
Avatar for rattledaddy

Hey all, I am looking for a good general purpose compressor and EQ for use in tracking. I am also considering channel...

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rattledaddy 13th January 2008
Avatar for Mr. Z

Hi, I'm wondering what other GS members would suggest as an upgrade to my setup. I'm running Logic 8. I do mostly pop and...

Mr. Z
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Mr. Z 13th January 2008
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I´ve just gotten the live Zep show on .flac format, how do I burn it onto a cd..? Does a regular cd player play this format?...

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Deleted 1a30a04 13th January 2008
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Yeah. I just don't like boosting much treble in my mixes. I think it's better for the mastering engineer to take care of that...

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DeathMonkey 13th January 2008
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My Krk RP-6s sounded a lot better in my basement which is not finished...but has carpeting here and there and cement walls and...

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nandoanalog 13th January 2008
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Got this TT patchbay from a fellow slut. there is no "instruction guide" available online, and I need to know how to...

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Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 13th January 2008
Avatar for soupking

Is there generation loss from bouncing tape if you make sure your levels are high enough?

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loujudson 13th January 2008
Avatar for barryjohns

Ok, So I bought a Vox AC30CC 2x12 with stock speakers. I’ve been told that replacing the speakers is a must. Here are the...

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wehateyourhate 13th January 2008
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People, seriously, with the now standard 8 core Macs and the ridiculous amounts of memory you can add....Digi HAS to come out...

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nativeaudio 13th January 2008
Avatar for Sims

Hi, I live in the UK and have been looking to purchase a TL Audio VI-1 (8 i/o valve interface) for some time now but can't find...

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Sims 13th January 2008
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Ok It's 3:00AM and my brain is oatmeal, so I just thought it might be fun to imagine how we would outfit the ultimate 5 piece...

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EstateMatt 13th January 2008
Avatar for ToneRexx

ANy cool settings? thanks!!!

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degas 13th January 2008
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...holy crap, they're awesome!! I'm just a nobody lurker on here, but I thought I'd throw in some positive karma at the...

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NoEgo 13th January 2008
Avatar for wayne mox

Seventh Circle has released the T15 preamp kit for $79! It is a transformerless pre based upon the THAT 1512 IC. It appears...

wayne mox
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music321 13th January 2008
Avatar for neon

Who are the best guys to Mod Gear? ( Mic Preamps, Compressors etc) .

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Lwilliam 13th January 2008
Avatar for Andreas G

Hello, I'm looking for a simple speaker-switching-box. 1x Stereo-in from the desk and 3x stereo-out for different...

Andreas G
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sonus 13th January 2008
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Attn: Recording School Students in and around Nashville. Alpha Studios Nashville is currently interviewing...

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AudioFocus 13th January 2008