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I finally got around to getting a new website together over the last couple of days. Giant Wafer Studios - Home I am not a...

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TornadoTed 22nd January 2008
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please admin, delete this post

Gabriel Sousa
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Savernake 22nd January 2008

does anyone know how to make a d.i. similar to the redbox?

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RUDEONTOUR 22nd January 2008
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Hi Guys. I do not get it in my mind while I am writing a little paper for my songwriting students in coherence with...

Deleted 99dc753
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Kiwiburger 22nd January 2008
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I bought a bunch of 1gb flash drives with my logo on them. I sell one to every client at my cost and dump all the rough mixes...

Jake Dempsey
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Jules 22nd January 2008
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Did anybody here got rid of your Summing Box because thought was not worth it and instead bought something else?? if yes please...

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bigbongo 22nd January 2008
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I recently got some new Tannoy Ellipse 8 monitors, and only have prosumer cables for them, will I really hear a big difference if...

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djanogil 22nd January 2008
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anyone know the law about an engineer putting sound clips of thier mixes on the internet for people to listen to or download full...

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The Byre 22nd January 2008
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Hey all. I'm somewhat new to the H3000 and was trying out the Buenos Notches patch but was surprised to hear that it was only...

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Ruudman 22nd January 2008
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Right now my partner and I are looking for a mic to use on female vocals. The pre's that I currently own are a Pacifica,...

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tengu 22nd January 2008
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There are a number of things I think makes the choice easy. Here is my top 10 list of why I choose digital over analog. 10....

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RoundBadge 22nd January 2008
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I read alot of praise about the FATSO. I am an inexperienced user of this or the Anamod, but I want both for tracking through so...

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TheRealRoach 22nd January 2008
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I posted these liner notes from a Tubes record in a topic about the album, but I thought these were worth posting separate. heh...

Sounds Great
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vixapphire 22nd January 2008
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So this guy that is hand custom building some monitors for me suggested I pick a pair of these up to check the mix on another...

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theremin 22nd January 2008
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Which Tube EQ would be better? Massive Passive mastering version or A Designs "The Hammer "? I want to give a...

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zak7 22nd January 2008
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Anyone have suggestions for a small CR with 8' ceilings? I hear the led style are good. What can I do to best avoid any line...

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Jamz 22nd January 2008
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Anyone know who engineered, specifically mixed their records? I've looked everywhere but haven't found much. I'm really curious...

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Jayro_Rockola 22nd January 2008
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Have an offer to trade an axe for a 1965 Vibro Champ in original condition, w/ footswitch. Anybody know what this might be worth?

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enroper 22nd January 2008
Avatar for RainbowStorm

For a number of years now I've been constantly, sometimes without even thinking about it, analyzing the elements of songs I find...

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BLueROom 22nd January 2008
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Hi there, I posted a thread a week or so back about soldering your own leads, (I'm just starting at it)... anyhow this...

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Space Station 22nd January 2008
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alrighty, i would like to contact the eBay store Dutchmuzik but cannot register on eBay because i have neither a credit card...

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Mydog_Nixon 22nd January 2008
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Hi there, I just purchased an ARP ODYSSEY a couple days ago and the thing sounds amazing.. I am definitely getting some real...

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triez 22nd January 2008
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(I'm sure I've seen these kind of threads on here before, but using the search engine I can't seem to bring them up.) I am...

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papiel 22nd January 2008
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just wondering if anyone knows of any tt patch bay wiring/soldering tutorials. i have a very basic understanding but would like...

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bentley 21st January 2008
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This is the problem with my MIDI. I'm recording from my yamaha keyboard into my firepod via midi in/out. This is what happens...

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heisleyamor 21st January 2008
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Hello, I'm strongly considering buying a DAC-1 to go with my PTLE setup. I already have a Rosetta 200 that I use as a front end...

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a2dpapi 21st January 2008
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My studio dimensions are 34'x24'x9'(garage, a car has never seen the inside).thumbsup Drum kit is back against the long wall...

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Rripror 21st January 2008
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I'm looking for a transperent yet wide converter, and I hear no one talking about the Alpha link against other converters, but I...

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rackdude 21st January 2008
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I am in the process of upgrading my converters. I currently have a MOTU828mk2, and I am planning on buying a Rosetta800 that I...

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John_McEnroe 21st January 2008
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YouTube - DEATH BY STEREO - Video Diary 11/13/07 Feat. Eminem they even mention AUTO-TUNE!

The Chemist
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The Chemist 21st January 2008
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I have a bass guitar track. Once I EQ the track to make the bass sit well, Should the bass continue to sit well regardless of...

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RainbowStorm 21st January 2008
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I few times recently I pulled out some old projects I stored on DVD. These were made soon after I got my G5, maybe 3 years ago? ...

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XJR 21st January 2008
Avatar for zaknbou

hi guys , i was wondering if there is a assignable foot pedal that i can assign a control task into my sequencer , like record or...

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enroper 21st January 2008
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when you are approached by a band who wants to make a CD, do you normally give them a package price, or do you just give them a...

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Jules 21st January 2008
Avatar for loopy

One word EXCITEMENT! The tunes on the radio today not only sound alike, they lack excitement. Listen to The Jackson Five...

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Clayphish 21st January 2008
Avatar for Jake Dempsey

I have done a couple of projects for charity this year. One was an X-mas CD for toys for tots featuring well established local...

Jake Dempsey
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Jake Dempsey 21st January 2008
Avatar for Tom Hakala

MARSHALL MXL V67G MICROPHONE + SHOCK MOUNT + MIC CABLE - eBay (item 310015506966 end time Jan-21-08 19:49:11 PST) does anyone...

Tom Hakala
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Tom Hakala 21st January 2008
Avatar for ToneRich

Im new to the atl area from new orleans. im currently a student at the art institute. i hear that a lot of new producers are...

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ryst 21st January 2008
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Hey Im recording a song with grand piano, act. guitar, drums and bass. It kind of sounds like a five for fighting song. Any...

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Baderup99 21st January 2008
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Does anyone know where i can get some information on the beamish computer system? Ive heard of a few people upgrading their neves...

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imnickb 21st January 2008
Avatar for enroper

Going to be doing some new/used guitar shopping here soon, and really the stores around philly don't impress me at all. I'm lucky...

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proxy 21st January 2008
Avatar for Akoppenheffer

I'm curious to see what you all think about studios that have Pro Tools HD along with higher rates. If a studio were to change...

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DSD_Mastering 21st January 2008
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Hello, We are currently searching for new monitors, and now I am wondering which of these monitors is better? If somebody...

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Avatar for thenewyear
thenewyear 21st January 2008
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The drum room mics have a very different sound when I record through them into ProTools with lots of squish rather than...

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ryanojohn 21st January 2008
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foxyloxy 21st January 2008
Avatar for SRS

While at NAMM today. I asked the sales rep if the 3124 had the same pres as the 512c. He answered yes. I asked him if they...

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SRS 21st January 2008
Avatar for ho-fi

there are some rumours that with V2 it's possible to put the delay-tap of a dm1000's internal fx-engine on a user-defined key,...

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ho-fi 21st January 2008
Avatar for Sigma

gimmie some feedback.. i need a stereo pair for a lunch box i got a milennia tt1 and a fern vt1 90+ % of my work is mixing but...

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Avatar for retropete
retropete 21st January 2008
Avatar for Jamz

Given the pres already in the 10 space rack...the task is replacing the Biz....what pre would you suggest? (4) API 512s, (2) SH...

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Jamz 21st January 2008
Avatar for naked-puritan

Anybody get their DBX 166XL modded via Audio Upgrades? If so, could you give me your opinion on the change the mod made. ...

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naked-puritan 21st January 2008