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What is a really good free sample pack with kicks? Something like the kicking this track...

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datafeist 4th May 2019
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Hi all, I'm new here. Glad to have found this audio heaven! I have a question about the Sennheiser ew 100 G1 wireless mic....

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pets2soul 4th May 2019
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Lucky me. I found a "new in the box" RCA BA-21A tube mic preamp that has to be at least 50 years old. It had been...

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mmhh 4th May 2019
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As the title goes. I want a u87ish mic, and these are in my budget. Do not suggest stam, can't afford it. Has anybody...

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JamesG602 3rd May 2019
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Check out the mics on Jo Jones' drums: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivo265PsT9k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivo265PsT9k

Joe V. McMahan
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Wizards Machine 3rd May 2019
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I'm considering both the lp-6 and lp-8 monitors. Has anyone tried both. I'm wondering if the lp-8 is worth the extra $200 a...

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Nandio 3rd May 2019
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I think I'm going to buy a Universal Audio Apollo x16, but it annoyingly lacks any headphone outs. So that's got me scrambling...

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JamesG602 3rd May 2019
Avatar for Funkfish

So I'm building out my studio and I've encountered a weird noise issue that I think is a ground loop, but the standard practices...

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Funkfish 3rd May 2019
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Working on a session for long straight periods inevitably starts to turn it kind of stale. :lol: How long do you usually feel...

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Matti 3rd May 2019
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Hey, I know the Super 8 EQ in the 1280 is the sought after EQ in this board. I was wondering if the 3 band EQ also sounds...

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jdurango 3rd May 2019
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I live in a pretty quiet apartment. Im looking for an attenuator for my 6505+ combo amp. Looking for any sort of decent Vhish...

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Janne19691 3rd May 2019
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Ok, so my son was playing with a friend and they knocked down one of my S8 monitor. It fell on the side and except from a couple...

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noha099 3rd May 2019
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Just wondering how it would work in terms of releasing the songs as singles. From what I understand he is only wanting to submit...

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theblue1 3rd May 2019
Avatar for Greedy

I'm having someone build me an amp for my Rhodes Mk1 73. My initial direction was build me a Fender Twin that isn’t screaming...

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Jim Williams 3rd May 2019
Avatar for makinao

With 1st Gen 18i8’s at giveaway prices and talks of the 3rd gen soon, is it still ok to get one in 2019? I’ll be doing...

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CJ Mastering 3rd May 2019
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Hi all, I'm on a quest to improve my own vocal abilities and have devoted the last couple of years to the "Speech level...

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Fergies Watch 3rd May 2019
Avatar for Unknown soldier

I'm running my drums through an overstayer FET compressor, adds a nice sizzle to it which is cool sometimes, but doesn't really...

Unknown soldier
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Unknown soldier 3rd May 2019
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So how do amps in Steinberg ur12 compare to focusrite or behringer things? any good?

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AlanWalk 3rd May 2019
Avatar for Mrdrumminmachine

I am currently considering the dbx 286s for home recording and podcasting but I am unsure if it is the best fit for the price....

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DSwaltz 3rd May 2019
Avatar for hello people

Hi, I'm looking to add a 2bus compressor and a nice preamp to my home studio. I have made a bit of a short list. If you have...

hello people
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hello people 3rd May 2019
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Hi there, I am halfway through mixing down a project and have been diagnosed with a Eustachian Tube problem, as a complication...

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e-are 2nd May 2019
Avatar for thismercifulfate

While everyone seems to be obsessed with Neve clones and lunchboxes, I decided to go a different route and purchased a Manley...

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thismercifulfate 2nd May 2019
Avatar for bash

Just bought a second pair of monitors and decided I better make sure both setups are the same. I have 120 KHs for my mix pair and...

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bash 2nd May 2019
Avatar for thenoodle

The more simple the responses, the easier to do some initial calculations. Forget about any pricing you experienced in the...

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cheu78 2nd May 2019
Avatar for AlanWalk

Hello ever I have a quick question... My NT1 Rode mic was connected to Steinberg UR12 audio interface and Phantom power 48V...

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AlanWalk 2nd May 2019
Avatar for cianthreetimes

Anybody else geeking out on his productions lately? The two St. Vincent records he did have incredible classic sounds juxtaposed...

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BC15 2nd May 2019
Avatar for TheSoundRider

So my boss recently made me swap out the speakers from his 4x10 aguilar cab which are 4 ohms. I've replaced them with high end...

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esldude 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Yamgal

Hi, i am new to this forum and this is my first post so please be gentle :) I've been working in the box for some time now and...

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Norman Lindsey 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Magnum29465

as an engineering student I plan to eventually give myself the project/task of building a custom console... while doing some...

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Magnum29465 2nd May 2019
Avatar for bigfurry

Last night I decided to remix a song that was recorded in 2011, partially by me. The basic tracks were recorded by my friend...

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monkeyxx 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Unknown soldier

For those that use the CMS 65, do you find the need to get a sub to accurate judge the bottom end? I find myself mixing in too...

Unknown soldier
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Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 2nd May 2019
Avatar for imbernon

Hello to everybody! Im going crazy with this... i bought last week a brand new pair of Event Opal, i had a pair of Mackies...

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Alexrossuk 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Showerbuddy

A few months ago I ran into a local company that is dedicated to making high-end speakers, contact them to find out if they...

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CJ Mastering 2nd May 2019
Avatar for PerGunnar

Hi! What do you have underneath your speaker stands? I filled my speaker stands with a 25 lb bag of lead shot and the rest with...

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Avatar for Sauce Direct
Sauce Direct 2nd May 2019
Avatar for SteelyHound

I am a proud owner of the Audient ASP 880 8 mic preamp product. I have loved this piece since buying it. Sounds great. No...

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SteelyHound 2nd May 2019
Avatar for anth

What is the best way to connect an apogee duet 2 to IK Multimedia iLoud micro monitors. The apogee has a seperate left and right...

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Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Davadija

Excuse me I'm an ignoramus.., but could someone kindly explain to me the basic differences between CLASP and Zeta Three? I want...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Manji

I produce chillout music, have had a pair of Equator D5's for the last 6 years or so. One of the speakers sustained some damage...

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bowzin 2nd May 2019
Avatar for arcyex

Hi all, Was emptying my storage unit and stumbled across these mics. I have owned them since late 80's. Was wondering if they...

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vintagemic 2nd May 2019
Avatar for laperlestudio

Hi! What is that material that we see in all those 50's and 60's recording studios. The white tiles with small holes in it. Is...

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Avatar for cabbo
cabbo 2nd May 2019
Avatar for agentgfunk

Hi guys- I have a client coming up whom I'm helping sync his ****ing MatrixBrute and DrumBrute. I'm trying to figure out if by...

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agentgfunk 2nd May 2019
Avatar for GoldenBear

I have a Strymon Big Sky at the studio and thought some of the effects like the "Cloud" setting would be cool to throw...

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Avatar for Waltz Mastering
Waltz Mastering 2nd May 2019
Avatar for init0

Had a LS56 since 2011; same pc since 2012 (3770K) Just completed a new Windows 10 Thunderbolt 3 / UAD Apollo x6 rig No...

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init0 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Lando Calrissian

Hey everyone! I looking for a Motown style string section to add to soulful hip-hop track. The tempo is 80 BPM and sound I'm...

Lando Calrissian
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Stringarranger 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Brett 123

anyone know a good /cheap string arranger in London ? Preferably with access to a quartet with the same qualities! Thanks...

Brett 123
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Stringarranger 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Guitarking

Hi everyone, I've recorded my upright piano. A really nice Roenisch. Curious what you think about it... All recordings are...

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Guitarking 2nd May 2019
Avatar for TSM

Sorry, not sure where to post this. Can anyone recommend a good session musician website or similar? I'm doing a project an need...

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Avatar for pablometal
pablometal 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Prufrocker

I was at a local record shop tonight when an 8 channel recording console that looked like it was from the 70s caught my eye. I'm...

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terrible.dee 2nd May 2019
Avatar for Andhooley

I play a mixture of jazz and hip-hop and have found a good way to achieve that 90's west coast drum sound mixed with a dry jazz...

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Avatar for TAGGLIGHT
TAGGLIGHT 2nd May 2019
Avatar for erike123

I’m using the Waves ssl bus comp on every mix, and I’m thinking about getting the Stam Audio SA-4000. Are there any...

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Avatar for breakline
breakline 2nd May 2019