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Well that's the question. I am running a modest setup currently. An M-Audio Delta 66 and Omni I/O and would like to upgrade my...

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Rochey 5th February 2008
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YouTube - Paula Abdul - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Tons of AT and clearly double tracked by a session singer and yeah why...

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blackwatch5805 5th February 2008
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the standard stereo outs sound good, the individual 1-4 outs...not so much. i'm in NYC, anyone know where I can go to get my MP...

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b_side 5th February 2008
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Has anyone listened to the new KRK VXT6 monitors. My friend had some V4 series 2 in his studio and I was always impressed by...

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warhead 5th February 2008
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I exchanged emails with my dad, who is a retired Air Force pilot and Viet Nam Vet, about tube gear. I am just getting started...

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ArcCirDude 5th February 2008
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Has any one used both the Avant CV-12 tube LDC and either the GT66, 67, or the newer 60? The Avant looks very interesting, but I...

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sonicdefault 5th February 2008
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Hi all, I am feeling like I am near the end of my acquisition crusade... for now... Love any input or suggestions on the current...

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Grumblefoot 5th February 2008
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I'm trying to get more feel on some moody ryan adams type alt country 3/4 ballads i've been recording. After listening to the...

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audiovisceral 5th February 2008
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So I've owned and used the Event Active 20/20s for about a decade and have decided to blow a grand and upgrade to the Event SP8s...

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cww2 5th February 2008
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just curious how many people master their clients work for them vs telling them to go get it mastered. im thinking about getting...

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David-Morpheus 5th February 2008
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The 200-500 Hz bandwith is probably the area where we spend a lot of time getting it right. Not only because many instruments...

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James Meeker 5th February 2008
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Hey, could anyone please direct me to a good website where info can be found on what gear has been used on certain records... I...

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vernier 5th February 2008
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Hi everyone. For some time now I've been really confused about what difference would it make and how would a AD/DA Converter...

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vernier 5th February 2008
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...I learned a lot. In fact, it's probably the best $110 and 3 hours I've ever spent on anything relating to my love of music. ...

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guittarzzan 5th February 2008
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I have 2 systems (computers), one is a backup which is good to have. 1.I run XP Windows with 3 firepods OTB, works great. 2. I...

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AllAboutTone 5th February 2008
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Ok I have always used the Kyser quick change capo, the one that lik everyone has and is like $15. Every time I put it on any...

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Master Tang 5th February 2008
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I've been playing music for about 12+years this Christmas I got a nice computer and a Mackie Onyx I'm using the latest Cubase...

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jamsmith 5th February 2008
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I have a big roll (300 ft.) of Mogami 2549 mic cable, and I plan to use it to make some mic cables myself. I am also thinking of...

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dbbubba 5th February 2008
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Hi guys! We're currently re-opening Media Recording on Long Island in a more public fashion. The room has been around for quite...

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orksnork 5th February 2008
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I just picked up a Rosetta 200 and I was wondering which was better, Toslink or S/PDIF into a Digi 001. From what I've read...

Chicken Ball
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Chicken Ball 5th February 2008
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Hi everyone. This is my first post! How exciting. I recently came across this product (Yamaha MW12C) in a shop and it fits quite...

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Geosync 5th February 2008
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So I just got Altiverb today. Already freaking out with snare sounds! Splitting the snare to a stereo reverb track, well bussing...

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RobbyPowell 5th February 2008
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Anyone know about how they got the guitar sounds on this tune?

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china jam 5th February 2008
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Ok, bring 'em on. Gear made in China that didn't suck and made it on to your studio's gearlist. I'll start with the Avantone...

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synthoid 5th February 2008
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Hi guys and gals, I have been trying to wrap my head around all of this and I am getting ready to update my studio on Friday...

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trakk 5th February 2008
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So I just read a little piece about this in the new TapeOp and I never even realized this was something I had to deal with in my...

up and at them
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up and at them 4th February 2008
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I'm going to try a pair of AKG C414s as overheads on a drum kit tonight, but what polar pattern works best? Here is a picture of...

Sean Sullivan
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tINY 4th February 2008
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It has been suggested by my bands (www.myspace.com/highsocietyuk) manager (Shawn Barusch-MGI) that we work in the studio with a...

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kats 4th February 2008
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I want to get a mesa boogie rectifier for studio use what do u think would be better for recording a single (50) or a dual (100)

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84K 4th February 2008
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I was flipping the channels around this morning and stumbled upon an episode of "Danger Rangers" on PBS. In this...

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HockeyMike 4th February 2008
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I like the 4050 but it doesnt have the detail of the 2247. Any mods available to bring that out? I'm using it primarily for vox...

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peeder 4th February 2008
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I'm about to get one of these units and there is no manual with it - does anyone have the owner's manual? Many...

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14thetrouble 4th February 2008
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I've been scaling down my modest production studio at home, as I am getting out of doing any serious ENGINEERING anymore. As...

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halcyo 4th February 2008
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I'm about ready to pull the trigger on some new tom mics. I'm looking to get 4 of whatever kind I decide on, and I'd like to keep...

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Malcolm Boyce 4th February 2008
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Hi guys, I have a Sitar (& perc) session coming up so I'm going to do some demos for my site at the same time. I haven't...

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andy_simpson 4th February 2008
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Did anybody see Letterman's Technical Maintainence bit tonight. All about their new D-Command and upgrading from PT 6 to...

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ToddP 4th February 2008
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Which keyboard compliments an MV 8800 the best My measuring stick - 1. SOUNDS - for Hip Hop (Orchestra, Guitar, heavy and...

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Grumblefoot 4th February 2008
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Ok so we all have about 3 types of projects we work on A: the musicians are bad and we hate it B: the musicians are great and...

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Chris 4th February 2008
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Hey guys, im thinking of getting a Digico D5 Digital live mixer/recorder system. any thoughts about this thing? got any exprince...

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noam_rightway 4th February 2008
Avatar for TapeOp

Hey guys... I'm looking to replace my 002R with a 003R and pair it with one of the following: Lavry Blue, Big Ben or Aurora. Is...

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Avatar for BLUElightCory
BLUElightCory 4th February 2008
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So I got my first paid job the other day. Did a little 4 song demo for a friend and he paid me $300. Flushed with pride and...

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Akoppenheffer 4th February 2008
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hi,is there any idia about tc gold channel?gold channel vs avalon or dbx blu 786? thanks iman hojjat

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DeepSpace 4th February 2008
Avatar for undermind

I was trying not to have to ask this question, as it's pretty silly. But I'm just not getting it. I've never needed a patchbay...

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philip 4th February 2008
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I'm watching Tom Petty play "I won't back down" at the superbowl and thinking how much you can tell it was produced by...

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synthoid 4th February 2008
Avatar for 1979

I'm basically looking for an outboard hardware effects box that do the following: It's application is FOH. 1-Do a decent...

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The Byre 4th February 2008
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just wondering why, the amp heads are always in the control room, wouldnt they be better off in the room with the guitar player...

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Mixerman 4th February 2008
Avatar for bmsander

so - i have a pair of futuresonic phones - the kind that attach to a little foam earplug so you can stick them in your ear canal,...

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drummerboy1533 4th February 2008
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Hello fellow Nashvillians, I am wondering if anybody has ever done business with Peter Fuino of Nashville Audio...

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nashvillepete 4th February 2008
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I just won an api 3124+ on ebayheh I have been reading the post on it for some time now, and I know I will need to get some pads...

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rowdy322 4th February 2008
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jimmyjimjim 4th February 2008