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I am looking to book a couple of days in a nice mix room in NYC. The requirements: - decent ProTools rig with the usual...

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evangelista 6th February 2008
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Addicted to drums has a no time limit demo with a huge amount of tweakable parameters......and sounds decent. (also...

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RKrizman 6th February 2008
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I have just picked up an AKG The Tube mic. It looks kinda like a C12 / C12 VR On first test i think it sounds pretty good,...

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Sigma 6th February 2008
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I believe I already know the answer to this, but anyway.... Will 7.4 LE open a 6.4 TDM session? If not... What can I do to get...

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Stiff 6th February 2008
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Well this is a post exactly for this forum. "So much gear, so little time!", as I have bought an AKG BX-5 spring reverb...

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dale116dot7 6th February 2008
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I have an SM7b and over a very short time of owning it, it's developed a problem where the thumb screws on the mount no longer...

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peeder 6th February 2008
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Has anyone ordered from them? I ordered Tony Shepperd's DVD's yesterday and put a rush on it, but I have yet to see any info on...

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Deleted 1a30a04 6th February 2008
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I realize these two mics are different animals and will have a different sound. but if you had to choose one for your desert...

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SveNaj 6th February 2008
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Hi all, This weekend I ordered an EV Blue Cardinal at Thoman for about 100 euros (it was an limited edition, looked a little...

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BrettMorello 6th February 2008
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I apologize if this isn't the appropriate forum to put this in, but I'm just trying to get some opinions from people that know...

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sysexguy 6th February 2008
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In the next coming month or so, I may be in the budget for a nice convolution reverb. I used to use Altiverb when I shared a...

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ArcCirDude 6th February 2008
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I once traded a Roland GP8 guitar mutli-effect for a Nissan Sentra (okay it was old, and didn't have windshield wipers), but it...

kyle barton
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drmmrboy 6th February 2008
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I really want to buy a 2trk tape machine to record all my synth/drum parts to before hitting the computer. I want something that...

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dbbubba 6th February 2008
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ive got a 2 rosetta800 and one stereo mytek a/d setup. which clock would you use as master?

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BadJones 6th February 2008
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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi died yesterday: Beatles' mystical guru dies - CNN.com Sorry, if this is the wrong forum...

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author 6th February 2008
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Firstly, does Hardcore Bass (XP) need an ilok? I read somewhere it does and other places dont mention it. I have an ilok but...

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markisha 6th February 2008
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Is there any way i can plug my mics in to a mixer and then route the mixer to my presonus firestudio?

Deleted User
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chrysb93065 6th February 2008
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Anybody using these? What's their character? 84 or 85ish I'm guessing but who knows? I'm guessing they're worth the $900 for...

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johnmarkpainter 6th February 2008
Avatar for EstateMatt

well.. I'm not entirely happy with the coleman M3PH MKII There are some things which are seemingly deliberate that really just...

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mu6gr8 6th February 2008
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what advice can anyone give to a beginning vocalist who gets a mild roughness/burning sensation on the back of his throat when...

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Guitarzan 6th February 2008
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hi,is there anybody how know anything about Tc P2?

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raga2000 6th February 2008
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I never use compression when I track vocals... probably bc i dont have any good ones.. i do have a pair of GR and a 2247.. ...

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uncle duncan 6th February 2008
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What is the best Acoustic Drum Sample Library for Heavy drums for Hard, Industrial, Rock? If you want an example of what I...

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TonyBelmont 6th February 2008
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does anyone know what acoustic guitars were used on learning to fly. obviously really layered. high strung, twelve strings? ...

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mikey 6th February 2008
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I have a Peluso 2247 and A/B'd it with my friends 4050. The 4050 sounded so much clearer and took vocal stacks better than the...

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Avatar for TonyBelmont
TonyBelmont 6th February 2008
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my goal is a punchy, strong, traditional rock sound (think superdrag - in the valley of dying stars or guided by voices -...

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SRS 6th February 2008
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I have been considering upgrading my 824s to something like focal 6's or tiwns. That's lots of cash though. Could adding...

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uptoolate 6th February 2008
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Just updated to PT 7.4, 10.4.9 Mac OS Power PC, and suddenly Trilogy and atmosphere won't work. no sound coming from, but...

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Energie 6th February 2008
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i buy an over mics, what do you think about this 2 mics, which is better for this job, an other jobs, like guitars and other...

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BudgetMC 6th February 2008
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I just upgraded from 7.3 to 7.4 (M-Powered), everything went well. When opening a session, I got a message saying my I/O config...

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marshallplexi 6th February 2008
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Hi, all. Not sure if this is the right forum for this but I think it is, if it's not feel free to move this to wherever I'll get...

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Chipster 6th February 2008
Avatar for Diegel

I used a neumann tlm-103 (going into a Pacifica with pad out) on these two excellent female singers (just did one quick take,...

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uncle duncan 6th February 2008
Avatar for J-ELEMENT

I'm looking for a nice high end pre amp. Any thoughts on which direction to go? Thanks in advance for any insight.

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J-ELEMENT 6th February 2008
Avatar for cww2

I'm looking to get the coleman MB2 VU's to plug in to my API 7800 (as opposed to their API meters that run $800+) - Wonder if...

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cww2 6th February 2008
Avatar for Abery Clark

Give your thoughts. I do a lot of late night mixing in my condo. I will always let my Yamaha monitors be the final verdict...but...

Abery Clark
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vernier 6th February 2008
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joeq 6th February 2008
Avatar for AdamWathan

Hey guys, I've been lurking here for a while, decided to finally join and post... I'm looking for that new Onyx 1200F which...

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truthnlife13 6th February 2008
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I have a great mix on a song so far. There is only one problem with it. During the chorus, there is a "lead riffing...

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Arkitecht 6th February 2008
Avatar for DreamSound

My lady is in labor right now (first baby) so I'm apparently stucked on a hospital for the next two to three days. Well with the...

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studiogeek 5th February 2008
Avatar for Cpl. Fatty

after looking for hours, i give up and turn to you guys. i'm looking for a usb sound card that has 4 inputs. it can be 4 mono or...

Cpl. Fatty
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Cpl. Fatty 5th February 2008
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Hi! Have been browsing around here for a while but havent been able to find any specific information on which monitoring...

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Avatar for deve
deve 5th February 2008
Avatar for irthwirm

Whats the difference in the stedman 101 and the XL except the price???

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irthwirm 5th February 2008
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Hi folks, I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum in which to post such a message... I just wanted to publicly thank...

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[email protected] 5th February 2008
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sup double 5th February 2008
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hi everyone! this is my first time in the forum.i´m from portugal. could use some help!! i´m building a new studio, and i´m...

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vidas 5th February 2008
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I punched this into Google.. and I get the Pointer Sisters??? I guess I'll have to sit down with a guitar myself!

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RKrizman 5th February 2008
Avatar for Kenny Gioia

So I get the chance to help Waves sell more product at no cost to me? Golly gee Mr. Waves. Where do I sign? I hope my music is...

Kenny Gioia
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bombasterd 5th February 2008
Avatar for camerondye

EDIT ****SPOILER ANSWER IS ABOUT 6 POSTS DOWN THE PAGE*** I just hooked up my new Presonus Digimax FS and...

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camerondye 5th February 2008
Avatar for Guy Gabriel

I've never used multiband compressing in my mixes and I was wondering how neccacery was that. Till now I managed pretty good with...

Guy Gabriel
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Avatar for DeadPoet
DeadPoet 5th February 2008
Avatar for morebutter

i just bought a pair of LSR28P's after reading some of the comments on this forum which lean heavily towards positive and I have...

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Avatar for Ductape
Ductape 5th February 2008