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How do I erase all the automation in a session?

Jake Dempsey
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Jake Dempsey 9th February 2008
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Anybody listen to Symphony X ? It's hard to decipher just how many rhythm guitars are going on in a song. They get a big guitar...

mr. torture
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el cochino 9th February 2008
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OK. So I just bought a new Computer for audio recording and I need a video monitor. I am looking at buying one now and perhaps...

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homestudioguy 9th February 2008
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Dave Gries has just added the Gries Minnow tube amp as a more affordable alternative to the already very popular Gries...

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FFTT 9th February 2008
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FFTT 9th February 2008
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I need two .25amp 5X20mm slow blow fuses for my Lucid converters but everywhere only has .5 amp!!! Any ideas? Cheers

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dobz 9th February 2008
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Hi guys, anyone know of any software which allows real-time streaming of my mix to a client whom may be in another location? I...

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swirlyd 9th February 2008
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the title says it all really. any thoughts?

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joaquin 9th February 2008
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...were hell made of brass, I would be in it. Typical radio-metal song, ala Chevelle, maybe a touch heavier. The mix is fine...

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Beardhead 9th February 2008
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What a great vocal, albeit "somewhat slightly sibilant". Her vocal tone is a match for the French horns....nice....

vodka gimli
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Jamz 9th February 2008
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I have read contradictory threads here about this, so i am looking for a definitive answer before I decide to purchase it. Is...

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DSD_Mastering 9th February 2008
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Dear MasterGearslutzers, Would you be so kind to help me with this semi-scientific test. Most of you are trained to use your...

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ToxicApple 9th February 2008
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I guess another post inspirated by another. In this case "lowering pitch on drums" Here goes one: For cool...

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IzzyRock 9th February 2008
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GRUNDIG/SENNHEISER GDSM 200 RARE OLD STEREO MICROPHONE - eBay (item 230218079839 end time Feb-28-08 13:44:43 PST)

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wm_b 9th February 2008
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I need some help before I fry some expensive gear. I wanted to begin incorporating some of my hardware into my mixing so I...

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layez 9th February 2008
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Any Demeter VTMP (2,2a,b,c) users or wannabe users out here? Would love to know what they use the Demeter for and if so, the...

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gallerytungsten 9th February 2008
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Does anybody know where I can get such a combination for Intel Mac Audio Units....??????? ::msEncode and msDecode:: These to...

Deleted 99dc753
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Deleted 99dc753 9th February 2008
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What library's do you guys use for your electronic music or fake-ish drum sounds? Do you just stick to 808 and 909's and eq the...

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Malcolm Boyce 9th February 2008
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I've just opened up my shiny new M-Audio Sputnik mic, and want to hook it up right away to use on a VO project this afternoon....

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tINY 9th February 2008
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Ok so lately i've been doing mid-side on acoustic guitar. I like the wideness of that. Usually with a beyer m160 as the mid and...

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RobbyPowell 9th February 2008
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Hello everyone, Names Alex Suarez. Long time reader, first time poster. I have an idea I've been thinking of making a...

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RockinRican83 9th February 2008
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Hello I just bought an AKG D19 Bk but it need some service... Any good name for that mic ? thanks Pedro

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andychamp 9th February 2008
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So I'm mixing this project and I've noticed that the 1176se and the LA2A (UAD) always put the vocals right in your face... is...

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SoniqKwality 9th February 2008
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I am thinking of moving to San Francisco to pursue an education in a Sound Arts program. I wish to become a Sound...

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ryanojohn 9th February 2008
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I'm curious what everyone thinks about the newer Avedis MA5 vs. the API 512c. I'm gettin a new pre soon and I'm curious what you...

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heisleyamor 9th February 2008
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The ART Voice Channel tube channel strip gives you the tools you need to put quality sound into your analog or digital recording...

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Intergroove 9th February 2008
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i just got this thing and wanna know how to connect it to my oo2 via spdif and what setting do i use in protools to use the...

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Kiwiburger 9th February 2008
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on occasion, i notice that some condenser mics do not sound like they normally do, and it seems like there may be a connection...

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Kiwiburger 8th February 2008
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I'm first time in LA, and I'm going to Watch Grammyyyesss! I'm here today, with my wife, to look arround the city, what would...

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Synth80s 8th February 2008
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I read somewhere that "The Windows XP OS can only support 2 GB of RAM maximum, though the computer itself can us up to 4GB...

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crypticglobe 8th February 2008
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Where are you guys placing this mic in relation to the hole? thanks.

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edvdr76 8th February 2008
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I´m wondering if I´m being to aggressive with my low end roll off... I pretty much high-pass everything, except maybe kickdrum...

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Unclenny 8th February 2008
Avatar for lebouche

Hello.. I'm about to buy a little extra. Heres what I have mic wise.. 2 x akg 414 pairs. Tlwotsits and xl. 2 x studio...

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bdunard 8th February 2008
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Their Mogami stuff is super cheap, but I've never heard of them. Anyone dealt with them or bought from them? If so, what was your...

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verb1 8th February 2008
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I am wondering what reverbs get the most use on each source (lexicon halls, altiverb rooms, etc...) like drums, electric guitar,...

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James Meeker 8th February 2008
Avatar for Labs

Hey. At the end of October I ordered a set of SSL alphalink converters at musicstore.de. When I ordered them, I got a very good...

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svart 8th February 2008
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Hey guys - I am a hobby home musician. I have a little experience with the mics I have used but I am scaling back gear and am...

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warhead 8th February 2008
Avatar for ecko72db

Do you think the FMR RNP is enough to show the potential of this mic or do I need to spring for the higher end pre's?

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ecko72db 8th February 2008
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Hi! Im lookin at a drum mic set that some guy is selling very cheap. Its a 7 piece THX drum mic set. He does not specify any...

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Erluf 8th February 2008
Avatar for FFTT

Saw this posted over at TGP, just had to share! kfhkh http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d7/Texsunburst59/100_0580.jpg Tom...

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FFTT 8th February 2008
Avatar for guittarzzan

I think I'm going to give the track ball thing a try since I'm sick of chasing my mouse around. I have a couple questions for...

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dementedchord 8th February 2008
Avatar for Sigma

Mathmos Telstar Lava Lamp how the hell can i get one here in the USA???

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Sigma 8th February 2008
Avatar for johnbohn

Has anybody been using the Purple Audio 500 series stuff? I've heard that the 77 style compressor is going to ship soon and it...

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NathanEldred 8th February 2008
Avatar for Bhima

I've got an old cassette deck which I overdrive with drums to give them a bit of warmth. Problem is, a 10 minute drum track, when...

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lespaul666 8th February 2008
Avatar for phaqu

I just went to the Digi website to check out some plug demos and noticed that Mix TDM isnt an option in the compatibility check....

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C_F_H_13 8th February 2008
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I'm going into a studio that has the Mercury bundle, so pretty much every waves plugin. I was browsing their site to see what...

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Chris 8th February 2008
Avatar for Hope209

Does anyone know how well this will work? I used to have my Digi 002 work just fine with Cubase SX3, but I was wondering if there...

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Hope209 8th February 2008
Avatar for Spectacle

Hello. I have an ART Pro Channel (tube pre , VLA comp, tube EQ -- up to 83dB of gain, can dial in from clean to pretty dirty),...

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manthe 8th February 2008
Avatar for mynameischance

hey everyone, head's swimming a bit, and want your opinion that helps me delineate the difference between: AKG 414 B-XLS AKG...

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Rick Sutton 8th February 2008
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WOndering if anyone worked on this album of his called "dropping the writ". Specifically how he got the guitar sound...

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Stoneroses6300 8th February 2008