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just curious on what the role of producer is/should be... whadya reckon????????? peace!!!

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phillysoulman 20th March 2008
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Gyraf 1176


I think I've seen someone from Gyraf posting here so if you're still here, I'd really appreciate a reply. I saw a Gyraf 1176...

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edanderson 20th March 2008
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Guitar Center (at least in NYC) is blowing out Event Studio Precision 6's for $299 each. The best I can tell, this is a great...

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adathead 53 20th March 2008
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Toft ATB 24 owner here, it seems everytime I contact Toft about the meter bridge its still 3 months away, now of course this has...

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mikey 20th March 2008
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I have a firestudio project. is there a way i can hook up and kind of like reverb units or anything to it?

Deleted User
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marcus 20th March 2008
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Im just posting this incase it is useful to anyone. I found a site that has sm57's for 75$ heres the link. Welcome to Boynton Pro...

Deleted User
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travisbrown 20th March 2008
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So obviously reverb is getting used more and more subtle these days compared to even ten years ago. So I am wondering what...

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vernier 20th March 2008
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i just built myself a nice little rack stand and decided to replace all my old junky cables before puttin everything back. holy...

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dbbubba 20th March 2008
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How do you guys mic bass drums. I just got a beta kick 52 and ive been expermenting with it like putting it in the sound whole or...

Deleted User
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vernier 20th March 2008
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Whats good slutz, i just sold my rosetta 200 and am gettin the ua2192, am i gonna regret it? It will be permenently mated to a...

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Mike Brown 20th March 2008
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"This thing must be 40 years old!" Direct quote from 22 year old bass player on encountering a Neve 1073 sidecar in...

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dbbubba 19th March 2008
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I was just given an early 80's Tascam M-35 mixer (8x4x2) which seems to be in working condition, minus the VU meter...

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caetanomalta 19th March 2008
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Hi Im looking to know about analog->digital converters. I currently run a mic ->roland mmp-2 -> creative audigy 2...

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Docmattic 19th March 2008
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The lead is a Fender Stratocaster with a mid-70s Super Reverb. Tascam 520 to ADAT - no compression or processing. Who can tell...

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dwall 19th March 2008
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Trying to drop bar/beat markers. After the first marker, Pro Tools gives me a message that I can't drop another marker because...

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Lardroom 19th March 2008
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Do I jeopardize the quality of the audio signal, if I extend the DB25 cables with a standard DB25 extension cable or is it really...

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drBill 19th March 2008
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...or do you let the masterguy do it? what about widening 2 times?

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jproc 19th March 2008
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Hi, Just got a UA 2192 wich I am extremly happy with. I connect it via AES to my Lynx TWO A pci card. Thinking of clocking the...

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Doc Mixwell 19th March 2008
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What are the relative merits of each? I've used both but don't ge the chance to record drums enough to have formed an opinion,...

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Jimbo 19th March 2008
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Hi Everyone, I've been a long-time reader / contributor here on Gearslutz, and I've just recently been working more and more...

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Blast9 19th March 2008
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Looking to buy this from someone on craig's list. Claims to be a RARE color mint green MIM '50's reissue. Though I haven't been...

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Yutaka 19th March 2008
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another product people crap all over. no experience here (haven't needed a condenser in a while) but the reviews are extremely...

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dvs1962 19th March 2008
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Are there any Montreal Slutz here familiar with Diffusion Audio. I've been trying to contact them for 3/4 days now and get no...

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strings 19th March 2008
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Chandler Germanium VS. Daking preamps? Can anyobody give me an opinion about Chandler G. preamp/DI ?

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11413 19th March 2008
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Hi fellow mathematicians, I know how to calculate delays according to BPM i.e 60,000 divided by the tempo. But my...

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Blast9 19th March 2008
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I'm recording an acoustic song for a friend today and I'm just curious if I should go 48 or 44.1. I want the best quality...

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Fruition2k 19th March 2008
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hey world- we've got a Music Row Technologies headphone system in our studio, and the brain units are failing pretty badly. ...

marty lester
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marty lester 19th March 2008
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Hi can someone tell me of a good mixer that has direct outs so i can go from the mixer to a delta 1010 and use all 8 outputs from...

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kooz 19th March 2008
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The HD24XR is much cheaper, just wondering how the A/Ds on ADAT compare to the HD ProTools. Anyone?

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Yetti 19th March 2008
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hmmm - yesterday, i had to go back to my old roland vs1880 to burn some pedal harp tracks for a local musician. monitoring the...

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Doc Mixwell 19th March 2008
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I love metal and that's the general group of musicians I want to record more than any other (in spite of the horror stories I've...

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corruptmary 19th March 2008
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Hey there. I'm hoping that some lurkers are around who might have access to a Speck M72/S72 manual... I have the one that came...

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scottwilson 19th March 2008
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Hi, I want to know how do you mix two or three or maybe more than 3 tracks from the same instrument and ejecutation. For...

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BLUElightCory 19th March 2008
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A while ago I found a torrent of directx plugins from a company called CANAM. I've been trying to use the dynamics plugin but it...

kid dynamike
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kid dynamike 19th March 2008
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Anyone here has a Gyraf G7 (DIY microphone) ?

Gabriel Sousa
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Gabriel Sousa 19th March 2008
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Hi All... I´m wondering whats the best solution would be in my studio regarding headphone amps?? Anyone got some experience on...

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HeavyG 19th March 2008
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Can someone recommend some high quality tracking and mixing eq's or bundles? I don't want to go the UAD route with all the intel...

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ssl_ambition 19th March 2008
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hey, ive got a real quick question here for someone with 30 seconds to spare. basically i have a crappy m-audio midi controller,...

tommy pee
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davetron5000 19th March 2008
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YouTube - 'disorganized fun' on a REALLY REALLY fun beat!! YouTube - A Laid Back Organ Jam - for my peeps Funny too!

bit mangler
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mindbend 19th March 2008
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Hi, I just received my Faderport. First I installed it in the windows XP running Nuendo. No problem. I then tried it with my...

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Sput 19th March 2008
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Hey, I've never used Audient black series but they look a lot like the 500 series format... Anyone had experience with them -...

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foxyloxy 19th March 2008
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"Seemingly, everyone knows all about equalizers. Their effects are easily heard. Their settings are easily understood. And...

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Kiwiburger 19th March 2008
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Hi, This is a question about compatibility between RME convertors and the digi 003. I've done some searching for answers without...

labcoat man
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chrysb93065 19th March 2008
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Hello, im searching for Software Plugins, which are coloring the sound. ( like the CL1B for Poco). Maybe you can tell me some...

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Eisbude 19th March 2008
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So a late night in the pub after showing a few musician friends the new delights of elastic time in Pro Tools 7.4 a rather heated...

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Tyrone 19th March 2008
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Anyone know where I can get one for free?

Matt Grondin
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Matt Grondin 19th March 2008
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Hello all. I'm considering getting a Mix Wizard WZ320S, however I've been informed that the newer models are actually made...

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Kyle S 19th March 2008
Avatar for soupking

How do Compex gates compare to other gates like the Kepex and Aphex gates? Do they all kind of sound the same? I mean their job...

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soupking 19th March 2008
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...do you also feel that power amp quality is more important than monitor quality? I'm just curious to see if people who believe...

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Jimbo 19th March 2008
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There isn't a way to set this up, is there? The Mbox2 Pro only accepts s/pdif connections and the Rosetta has ADAT outs.

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Andrew07 19th March 2008