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Duplicate Thread, sorry- bad connection.

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hduncan 21st March 2008
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Hello all I am working on a song that has alot of distorted guitars and I am wondering whats the best way to get them all to sit...

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dangoudie 21st March 2008
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I am getting more interested in cleaner preamps and am looking for an 8 channel pre setup like the True Systems Precision 8 and...

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rwhitney 21st March 2008
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On a native platform, which would you choose? I've just demoed the URS Pro and I'm blown away at the sonic variety . . . I'll be...

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Deleted 99dc753 21st March 2008
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A little gunshy on the Duende updates now, so I thought I'd ask if anyone out there uses a PC and a Duende has put on the latest...

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manthe 21st March 2008
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I really need a new stereo pair for OH's (current: Shure PG81), and I've been looking at everything, SDC, LDC, and now I'm...

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papawhitehead 21st March 2008
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Anyone know of a protection fix for the NS10 bass driver? I've fitted a 1amp slow blow fuse across the tweeter and thats been a...

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benthebass 21st March 2008
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Trying out a new Mic..The AEA R92 Big Ribbon Mic..to me the vocals sounded very smooth and warm.I am recording with the N72 mic...

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vernier 20th March 2008
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There's something to be said for it. I travel a bit for work. There are many trips I've takes that would be seemingly a complete...

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Musiclab 20th March 2008
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Is crossfeed just a slight mono-izing of a stereo signal? I am trying to figure out how to mix with headphones but my headphone...

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macc 20th March 2008
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I need a good quality mixer with only 3 or 4 stereo channel. I use it for connect my 2 sinth + Lavryblue DA out for monitorin...

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a1236040 20th March 2008
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Hmmm. Where do I start? I must say, even though I haven't gone the last 3 or 4 years, that this was the finest SXSW weather...

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msyno 20th March 2008
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Hi- First time poster here. I'm a recording newbie and need advice on mics for my Laney combo bass amp and Rivera 55W guitar amp....

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tINY 20th March 2008
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How are u guys dealing with subkick in the mix? I don't really find the need for any boosts, but I'm wondering about cuts. I also...

tofu maniac
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tofu maniac 20th March 2008
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Hello, I'm right now getting funds together for a small rig. I mostly do VO and post. Nothing major just ads and small video...

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b808 20th March 2008
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How is the hi hat pushed so far to the side in the American Idiot mixes? Is the snare a sample? I always have problem getting...

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eclectic 20th March 2008
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I'm considering going without a large diaphragm condenser for awhile. Mostly because I've grown to hate the one I currently have...

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RCM - Ronan 20th March 2008
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Outside musicianship, I'm trying to isolate the sound of the horns I heard by like Van Morrison or the Rolling Stones. Primarily...

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soupking 20th March 2008
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Anyone using this sample pack. Ill be honest it looks amazing, and from what I have heard could be a knight in shining armour for...

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YellowMatter 20th March 2008
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Is the HD24 compatible with the Mac Pro and OS X 10.4 , I`m talking about transfers via ethernet? Thanks! Thomas

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travisbrown 20th March 2008
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I’ve been commissioned to compose and record the music for a short independent documentary. There is a budget but it is...

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drumzealot 20th March 2008
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Hey guys how are you? I am looking for some advise. At my church we have a Hammon A-100 in very good conditions. it plays very...

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Jeff A. Roberts 20th March 2008
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I'd love to get something that will do that 1176 "hair" thing, that edgy fet sound, but don't have much cash at the...

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TOFT 20th March 2008
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Hey just got my hands on this baby. I'm tracking as we speak using it on Drum Overheads. Messed around on abit with the mix buss...

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Kirk D 20th March 2008
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I know that “warmth” in recordings comes from a combination of things such as mic choice, mic placement, preamp selection,...

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zakco 20th March 2008
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i'm wondering if there is a way to do multitrack vocalign. i want to use a direct signal from one rhythm guitar as a guide...

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paultools 20th March 2008
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Hi everyone, I' m switching to Mac Intell very shortly and the only software that doesn't have the universal binaries is...

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Mr. Nice 20th March 2008
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I feel like this should almost be a poll, but I'm guessing I'd get a lot of response based on opinion which hardly stands as...

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seriousfun 20th March 2008
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finger microphone fake at PL+S Frankfurt 2008 fuuck

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mr.gefell 20th March 2008
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How do you get by with just 24 tracks if you're recording a band and doubling things like guitars, background vocals (sometimes 3...

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David R. 20th March 2008
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Hi! Im currently working with Cubase SX3 and a Presonus firepod. Im trying to find out if its possible to send different mixes...

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Erluf 20th March 2008
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I'm recording an acoustic song for a friend today and I'm just curious if I should go 48 or 44.1. I want the best quality...

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severe 20th March 2008
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Hi Apologies if this thread already exists. I did a search but couldn't find what I was looking for. I'd like to perform a...

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wakerickman 20th March 2008
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Hope this is the right place for this. I have an older soundcraft delta console (8x4x2) with unbalanced 1/4" direct...

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rynugz007 20th March 2008
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I'm sorry guys I just had to post this - this guy is F***** amazing. I'd love to mix them heh ...

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TOFT 20th March 2008
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Anyone out there ever tracked and mixed this instrument? Techniques and tips? Thanks, DVS

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kellyd 20th March 2008
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Hi all, I've been browsing a while in forums and I can't seem to find much threads or posts about SM7b with Portico 5012. All is...

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jslevin 20th March 2008
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I have an Orban 111b that needs some repair. Basically many of the springs have detached and it's a little too hairy in there...

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Marlowe 20th March 2008
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I know i am going to have to save for the venerable KM84 or like, but until then wanting to acquire a reasonably priced SDC. ...

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manthe 20th March 2008
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hi, i'm new here and not really sure if this is the right board to post in.. anyway, i've just got myself a pair of genelec...

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fooman 20th March 2008
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Ok, so, I can't get rid of the asio dropouts from this thing... I put the buffer to the fullest but still no, and this is a...

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Michael Maeurer 20th March 2008
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I've got a friend who would like to feed his presonus firestudio, with an oo3, digitally via lite pipe. Question is , does the...

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JPeters86 20th March 2008
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If a moderator could erase the theard that'be great. Thanks JB

Jackie Moon
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Jackie Moon 20th March 2008
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I wanted to check the website and studio of a certain mixer, but I forgot his name diddlydoo I thought it was Tom ... What...

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goatie 20th March 2008
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Looking to get some vintage analog synths. Have a good tech too. Are any of these redundant? Like can one basically reproduce...

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James Meeker 20th March 2008
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Just got this 8816 summing box my mate gave me to try out. Anyone using one of these with PTHD, just need to know the best way...

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Aearth 20th March 2008
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With prices of LCD projectors becoming very reasonable I am wondering if people are using them in the studio? It would be great...

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Bounce 20th March 2008
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im considering the o1v 96. im thinking about pairing this with my 002 rack. i was wondering some opinions on this board. the...

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garymusic 20th March 2008
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can someone explain how youd go about inserting an outboard hipass filter into the SSL sidechain input? the online manual for the...

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hive 20th March 2008
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I have seen Newport Jazz Festival 65 and thought that it was the pinnacle of many things that were going on. But, watching the...

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msyno 20th March 2008