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I have a chance to purchase this Ampeg b-15 for $600 Needs a little work to speaker. It's missing the input XLR jack on...

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yumdrum 23rd March 2008
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Anyone using either the 2000 or the 4000 by sebatron? I'm interested in getting one but have heard very little about them other...

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13thbeach 23rd March 2008
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anyone using Avedis MA5 and a Folcrom? how about anyone using Avedis MA5 (with the 28k switch in)...and a Folcrom? how does it...

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ProducerBoy 23rd March 2008
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I've saved up some cash for a much needed addition to my meagre mic locker, so far only consisting of a Neumann KM74, a couple of...

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soupking 23rd March 2008
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Am I better of using 6.4.1 to run mixes ITB? (Than using 5.1.3 on OS 9) I read from one post that some things were fixed in...

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felix 23rd March 2008
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How does this conversion compare to the big boys (apogee, lavry, mytek)? I currently run a frankenstein setup where my 428 goes...

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j-madd 23rd March 2008
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Hey guys, new to this forum so hopefully I'm posting this to the right area. So here we go...I tracked my first band about a week...

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Kiwiburger 23rd March 2008
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Hey everyone, I finally took the plunge and bought an SM7B from Full Compass yesterday. I drove over to Middleton from...

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ddp 23rd March 2008
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""The search term you specified (m1) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make...

Deleted User
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Sqye 22nd March 2008
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I'm sure I will hear a big difference between my M-Audio SP5-B's and my new Event ASP8's. I hope I hear 674.00 difference. I just...

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filthyrich 22nd March 2008
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If I import a commercial song into my DAW, do some fades, and export it as an MP3, will it retain the same volume as it was on...

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hduncan 22nd March 2008
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Edax Audio Labs Just ran across this the other day - never heard of them. They seem to have some distribution in EU - any users...

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PlugHead 22nd March 2008
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Not sure if this is the proper forum for this post or not. If not I apologise and please, move it to where it should...

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cavern 22nd March 2008
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We all use comps in series.. but anyone here ever try to use preamps in series for distortion or flavor or just plain slutty...

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SighBorg 22nd March 2008
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Can someone explain the difference to me (if there is one), other than that the Original Rosetta is A/D only and only goes to...

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Midiguy 22nd March 2008
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Hello, I am a multi-instrumentalist musician, and I would like to have my own professional studio (but no low budget!). I am...

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trollawszy 22nd March 2008
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I'm looking for a UK price for the Dangerous D-Box. KMR aren't stocking it and I can't find it in Turnkey or DV. Any...

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Dave12345 22nd March 2008
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It's happened a few times in the last few years but not as bad as this female vocalist in last night's session. She's a very...

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danbronson 22nd March 2008
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I was going thru some old junk boxes and I came across this gold-plated Shure 55SWG microphone. Apparently my father bought it...

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phaqu 22nd March 2008
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I have a friend who does FOH and is looking to rent a few 8 channel (analog in) --> light pipe interfaces. Something like a...

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Chunky But Funky 22nd March 2008
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Can you make a SPDIF a toslink connection

lj Potyk
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rackdude 22nd March 2008
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Hi, I'm recording some voiceovers for an extremely low-budget project. I've recorded most in my house which sound good (recorded...

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zoinks7070 22nd March 2008
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Hi all Picked up a wonderful sounding quad eight mm71 channel strip, and was doing some vocal tracking today. I love the sound of...

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PDC 22nd March 2008
Avatar for Sigma

Whats the key command to apply fades on every region on a single track? like if i was breaking a tom track up into hits...

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Sigma 22nd March 2008
Avatar for soupking

I mean aside from A/D converters etc. There's a lot of people talking about gear and this vs. that, and I'm like... The...

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RedWallStudio 22nd March 2008
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i'll start with the classic troggs http://mp34u.muzic.com/posting/1508

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trippy 22nd March 2008
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I have a $20,000 budget for an HD set-up and am curious as to what the best route is. At the studio, we record everything from...

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Dmendicino 22nd March 2008
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are there any FW or USB interfaces out there that have preamps with sufficient gain for ribbon mics? looking for something with...

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MaestroNYC 22nd March 2008
Avatar for Wheelomatic

And if so, where may I ask? Apologize in advance, but I've looked out there and I'm not finding a whole lot. However, my googlin'...

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Wheelomatic 22nd March 2008
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Trying to spec out a few channels of compression to match the "caliber" of gear that I have today: 4 Channels of...

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Yetti 22nd March 2008
Avatar for johnnydrama

If anyone has one of these or even both, please PM me, with your details, so we can discuss some prices! I'm after a pair of...

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johnnydrama 22nd March 2008
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Hello I'm planning to get a compressor to be used on the insert of my preamp (Summit Audio 2BA-221). The purpose of the...

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gar_lei 22nd March 2008
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I don't understand this company. Hopefully the merger with TC will make things better, but it seems like they're mis-managed...

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infopimpster 22nd March 2008
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Sorry if it's a dumb question. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

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Me_Likey 22nd March 2008
Avatar for passenger

I have a RME FF800 and I use a Presonus DIGIMAX LT to get a few extra pres and Line ins. I'm starting to need more analog outputs...

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passenger 22nd March 2008
Avatar for SparkyCanada

Hi there. Today I decided to do some spring cleaning and one of the pieces of gear sittin; around doin' nothing is my Tascam...

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stagefright13 22nd March 2008
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StyleFlip 22nd March 2008
Avatar for littlenemo

Hi, I'm looking for the best option for a mic around $500 that would be good for front of kick, bass, vocals and other...

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camus 22nd March 2008
Avatar for Lou

my first outboard efx box and I love it. Outboard verbs sound completely different than the plugins I have been using. I...

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solidstate 22nd March 2008
Avatar for Rea

i need a psu and a mic input xformer for a pair of quad eight 405 modules. where and what should i get? i know the psu should...

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larrykane 22nd March 2008
Avatar for StudioKing

have to put lists of their gear at the bottom of all their posts? I cant fathom why you would want to do that, does it give...

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sbs 22nd March 2008
Avatar for d. gauss

anyone use more than one echo audiofire8 or audiofire12 linked together to get more line inputs? and if so, any issues? thanks...

d. gauss
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d. gauss 22nd March 2008
Avatar for corruptmary

After a long day at work selling recording equipment, I have one small beef. If you buy equipment online, that's okay. I do it...

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Sid Viscous 21st March 2008
Avatar for thereaping

anybody have any suggestions? i know this all starts with the mic, i'm using an sm57 but have access to a 58. i've tried...

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stagefright13 21st March 2008
Avatar for analographi

Hi, I'm looking for some analog gear to warm up my digital world. It doesn't neccessairily need to be a compressor since I only...

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PrinsJan 21st March 2008
Avatar for Personnumber5

if i gave you 6,000 to build a small recording studio that will only be used for uploading beats from your motif 6 and recording...

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Avatar for George Necola
George Necola 21st March 2008
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Thanks to Gyraf and everyone at Prodigy Pro for making this possible...

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wakerickman 21st March 2008
Avatar for Pfraser

I have an Alesis MultiMix FW 16 channel that I've had for a little over a year now but want something better. I've always wanted...

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deuc647 21st March 2008
Avatar for StudioKing

I dont normally post up on here with technical questions because I know it is not that interesting or anything, but I am really...

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David R. 21st March 2008
Avatar for drummy

Hey guys. I am officially sick of MOTU gear. My 896 left output just gave out, and it won't come back. I'm going to sell it...

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Avatar for Antonio Agrusta
Antonio Agrusta 21st March 2008