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I will soon be moving a few states away from where I am now. In the past, packing my gear has been pretty simple, since I have...

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audiodef 18th May 2019
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Hi All, Has anyone compared these two mic pres? I'm wondering which would work best for poprock male vocals and elec guitar. ...

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szyam 18th May 2019
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Greetings! New user here looking for advice on something specific. I am providing examples of the doubling style I’m...

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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 18th May 2019
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Hi all, I've just about got my Otari MX5050 1/2" 8 track dialed in, but I'm having 2 problems. Hoping someone can...

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RBHan 18th May 2019
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Anyone use an "algo comp" + "preamp sim" ITB chain? Any good ones? How do they compare to real OTB in your...

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soundmodel 18th May 2019
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IMO and really just something I am wondering... I see more companies starting to offer small consoles (API, Trident, Audient)...

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spineless 18th May 2019
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After some time spend with my choice (Crest Audio...

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LonDonsen 18th May 2019
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Hello, I need help with deconstructing mixes like these: https://soundcloud.com/808-louie/fingersblue-w-vnsn (the first...

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Themrlavala 18th May 2019
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I am in the process of upgrading monitors from Tannoy Reveal passives and a consumer Cambridge A5 amp. I have just received a...

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4tune 17th May 2019
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Would you rather have an SSL style comp or a 3 band stereo comp for 2 bus glue final mix?

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emid 17th May 2019
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Which dynamic mics have the *widest frequency response* and *greatest sensitivity* ? -- Audix OM6 - The OM6 -- This one is wide,...

Happy Musicfan
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timgsun 17th May 2019
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I haven’t upgraded my PT LE setup for about 10 years. Need everything except monitors. What’s the best setup for the...

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dntknowsht 17th May 2019
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Technology has eliminated many "arts" that defined the day in/out workhorse music recording engineers... Some that...

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drezz 17th May 2019
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is it a different transformer? is the element actually much different? for many years i've loved my 2 vintage 545S mics for...

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Frankie Mumbles 17th May 2019
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I need some of those little screws that hold the 500 series pres in the lunchbox. Can I get them at Home Depot? What are they...

James Lugo
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rdfiii 17th May 2019
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Has anyone here ever modded an Event emp-1 preamp? If you have give me some advice or tips on this preamp.

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omordha 17th May 2019
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Hello, My guitar setup at home consists of an amp head that I run to a speaker and a line out that I run to my audio...

An Astronaut
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An Astronaut 17th May 2019
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In heading to Sweetwater today to pick up an acoustic guitar mic. It'll probably get used for other things as well... Cajon,...

Shannon Adkins
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NathanBarley 17th May 2019
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CJ Mastering 17th May 2019
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Hello! I got into a silly situation now. I'm trying to put a firmware into my ICON Platform M+ controller but I can't. On...

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b2dnb 17th May 2019
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I now have three MOTU 2408 mkII units. ALL have the internal jumpers set for +4 balanced operation. ALL have the software level...

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part12studios 17th May 2019
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Back when we were using mostly linear mediums, we also usually had only 1 of each effect box. Let's say we had only 1 of a really...

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TheLastByte 17th May 2019
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I've just acquired a quite large (56 channel) Allen & Heath live board; an ML5000. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on...

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WAIN 17th May 2019
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If its not clickbait-ey its not fun. Anyways enjoy the video. 20+ mics compared on guitar cab. More videos coming soon!...

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91sound 17th May 2019
Avatar for Sword in Hand

So I've been thinking about my home project studio and what might be a good next piece to improve the sound quality. Here's what...

Sword in Hand
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Sword in Hand 17th May 2019
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Hey guys. Just ordering some cables (usb, power cables, etc.) from Monoprice, and was wondering about ADAT cables. I have a...

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bgood 17th May 2019
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any users of this have problems selecting the necessary settings before you start recording a song (i can record patterns fine)?...

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donfromhongkong 17th May 2019
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Hello All! I'm really excited about writing my first post at the gearslutz forum. Recently I've been recording a lot (mainly...

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chrischoir 17th May 2019
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Hi I need stands for my 25's, however i don't have them around here at the moment to measure. For normal sitting height, what...

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Rea 16th May 2019
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My apologies if this is a duplicate post. My internet has been a little screwy at home. I tried to make this post earlier but i...

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szyam 16th May 2019
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Right now there's Townsend Sphere L22, Antelope Edge, and Slate VMS, but before I pull the trigger on one, I wanna make sure I'm...

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Piavoice 16th May 2019
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Hey! Thread is as titled. I want to pay a professional who has microphone companies on their resume to provide some nice and...

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GreySlothStudio 16th May 2019
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Hello! I have an Audient ID22 and have a budget of €1500 to get some new gear for vocals / workhorse mic. Im thinking of...

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noisebleed 16th May 2019
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Hi, I'm new to this kind of stuff so i don't know a lot about mics and your help is greatly appreciated. I'm looking for a...

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bowzin 16th May 2019
Avatar for AlanWalk

whether it is the male or female jack they always break! Literally always! I a 3.5 mm on my pc and plugging my headphones in...

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tymish 16th May 2019
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Hi Friends! I’m thinking about upgrade my audio interface and AD/DA converters. Now I’m working with a RME HDSP and 3 ADI DS...

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D_T_Music 16th May 2019
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Hello there! Long-time reader and first-time poster here! I've recently bought a Radikal SAC-2K Control Surface (20 years old,...

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WorldPowerLabs 16th May 2019
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I'm a huge fan of some of the synths on Robert Wyatt records. The dark pad sound. For...

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illia 16th May 2019
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Sorry if this isn't the right board for this. So I've had this Fasttrack Ultra for a few years, hadn't used it for a while...

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electrobiscuit 16th May 2019
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I'm fixing to get Yamaha motif but I want to get the xf 6. There's another digital piano who's keys I enjoy and I'd like to get...

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JayTee4303 16th May 2019
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Hi GS i'm thinking of upgrading from RME UFX to the new Metric Halo ULN-8 3D. any of you have experience with both?...

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zoro 16th May 2019
Avatar for Monaco

Hey gang, I have a Retro Powerstrip since almost 2 years. And although I love the Pre and EQ, there are a couple of things I...

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SydBeretta 16th May 2019
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I already have a Yamaha sk 15 which is great but limited but I still love it and got it for a steal a long time ago. Now I'm...

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mikemike1191 16th May 2019
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Help!! Is there anyone out there/here who has a service manual for the reverb Sony DRE 2000? All the best!!

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sw_ 15th May 2019
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Hi folks! How effing great is this album?!? Sharing ANY details or even trivia on it's production is GREATLY and MUCH...

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Elmbeatz 15th May 2019
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I decided to sell my midfields and free up some cash .They're overkill for what I need them for now as I use them nearfield....

Deleted 231be8b
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Deleted 231be8b 15th May 2019

Have not seen these headphones mentioned on gearslutz at all was wondering why that was anybody out there have an opinion on...

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paraudio 15th May 2019
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What do you think contributes to the sense of closeness/presence/proximity in recordings from the late 50’s to late 60’s ?...

Udi Koomran
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Udi Koomran 15th May 2019
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So, my question is rather specific, but hopefully you guys can walk me through how to think about this. Also, please let me know...

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sirjuxtable 15th May 2019
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I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment in Queens NYC with moderate outside noise. I just ordered all the equipment I need for my...

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Avatar for David W. Jones
David W. Jones 15th May 2019