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PRobb 28th March 2008
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cool! the Chelsea Handler show. Woa!

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8thnote 28th March 2008
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When I'm listening to drums, if I change the phase on a digirack eq, will I hear the change over the monitors while the drummer...

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RMBittner 28th March 2008
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Maybe this will make sense, or maybe it'll bust... I see so much gear compared to sound like other gear, and it got me thinking:...

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johndykstra 28th March 2008
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Before I even get into this, may I say that before this weekend I had always placed hi-fi tweaks like fancy AC cables and spikes...

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dbbubba 28th March 2008
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Hi all, I'm looking for a new A/D/A converter. My setup is 2x Motu 1224 and 1x Motu 2408. I think I topped them after a few...

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judah 28th March 2008
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are there any programs for mac that will do what acid does but work on a macgruudge oh yeah i am a total newbie to all this so...

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bustdown 28th March 2008
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I plan to buy an Apogee Duet and/or Ensemble sometime this year. Of course, I'll be steamed if I make the purchase, and then...

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Duardo 28th March 2008
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Given a choice between bottom of the top end new stuff like the UA Solo or GT Brick etc.... or an old module from a Ward Beck or...

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rico52 28th March 2008
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Okay, I've spent lots of time with the search engine and I have read lots of info about different mics but I've come to a point...

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stevetothink 28th March 2008
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OK – It’s official…I’m a gear slut. I’ve been a member for some time and mainly just ask questions and make random...

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Anselmo 28th March 2008
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a la the old Columbia, Atlantic, EMI, etc. Any studios with consoles like these out there in operation?

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Silvertone 28th March 2008
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Hello! I'm just curious in how much gain a ribbon will need on a calm voice. Is there difference in ribbons? lets say an old...

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Kiwiburger 28th March 2008
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That's right! I bought it in may, sounded great but exhibited obvious sound problems, or maybe it was digestion problems cause it...

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Jam 28th March 2008
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Does anyone know of a good tech in the Nashville area who can service my Otari MX-55 1/4 machine? Thanks Pat Stockdale

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pstockd1 28th March 2008
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I was wondering how do other Australian slutz acquire gear/preamps and whatnot from the big companys API, Great River, CraneSong...

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anton foxx 28th March 2008
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Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this. I'm trying to decide on a monitor controller to replace the behringer MINIMON that...

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filthyrich 28th March 2008
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Oh Esteemed Gurus of Gear, I have a dilemna on my hands...I started my Project Studio with the folowing core infrastructure: ...

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HeavyG 28th March 2008
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Just wondering if this is something that could be pulled off? I know they managed to squeeze the ME-1NV in there... Dan? heh

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Brent 28th March 2008
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Do people ever use gating to help eliminate tape hiss when signals get quiet?

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vernier 28th March 2008
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First of all, thanks for your interest... I'm currently in need for a SDC mic for recording drums. I would like to work with a...

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AB3 28th March 2008
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So I just went down to LA to do a session at a big studio... The studio had a PTHD2accel rig, which is what I have at my studio...

Rain City Audio
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theblotted 28th March 2008
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bort99 28th March 2008
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I could not help but have the urge to vent and see how you guys feel about the A/V world as it is and coming to. I happen to...

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jammybastard 28th March 2008
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I'm trying to record vocal and acoustic guitar to seperate tracks simultaneuosly with an absolute minimum of leakage. I love the...

adathead 53
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adathead 53 28th March 2008
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im going from an echo audiofire4 to my monitors, and im pretty sure i know the answer, but i thought id aska anyway. i should...

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Spire 28th March 2008
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I've been working on a track for the past couple of months and have gotten pretty familiar with what it sounds like while I'm...

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TYY 28th March 2008
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I currently track/mix everything through a 002. If I were to use outside A/D/A conversion (UA 2192), outside pres (API 312), and...

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Me_Likey 28th March 2008
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Do you generally mix the drumkit between its parts to get it balanced in and of itself and then adjust it in relation to the rest...

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MarkRB 28th March 2008
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Fellas: I am needing to integrate more live drums into my sound and could use some recommendations from you experienced slutz....

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PlatinumSamples 28th March 2008
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Finally got a hold of someone at Elation. Anyone have experiences with these mics particularly the km201.

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Nu-tra 28th March 2008
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It's all i have to go with a new EV RE20 mic I got. I've used it for a few years with a Shure Beta 58 and wanted some views on...

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hebjam 28th March 2008
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I'm about to purchase gear for my first project studio and would like a little bit of advise about what mics I should buy. I'm...

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tINY 27th March 2008
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Ok, I think I want to get a Vox AC30. My options are to get the had and use with my Orange 2x12 or get the AC30 2x12 combo. I...

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gavinprovidence 27th March 2008
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Every one knows that Steve is a crotchedy opinionated bastard (in a good way) who many people think makes really cool sounding...

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EliasGwinn 27th March 2008
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Hey guys, I need your help! I record into Nuendo at 48k and 96k, using Direct Monitoring thru my RME 9652. During record,...

Mike B
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soundawg 27th March 2008
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ok guys, I´d like to know if any of you here know something about this studio in Paris.Thanx

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Emi 27th March 2008
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How can I make a male falset (voice-register) sounding like a chest reister/normal voice register? With which kind of technics...

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allencollins 27th March 2008
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When I use the lite version of waves autotune in Logic 7.x it gets all glitchy on the vocal track. Has anyone else experienced...

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embrionic 27th March 2008
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Man, this thing is becoming my secret weapon of guitar tone. Really dirty and nasty sounding - exactly what I need half the...

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Pfraser 27th March 2008
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Hello, I'm going to use Mackie 1640 with intergrated interface for drum recording, and two additional preamps for BD and snare...

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Tony76 27th March 2008
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HI, friends. I have experimented bass problems recently in my mixes. I see that my mixes are suffering from heavy bass. So I...

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squeegybug 27th March 2008
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Hi guys, Just wonder if someone has something to say how a large diaphragm dynamic mic like the AKG D3500 compares to an...

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hrn 27th March 2008
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Well,,, I've got to get into a bigger board ASAP.. Problem is,,, I really don't have the $5,000 plus laying around to toss into...

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StudioMan1 27th March 2008
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I have some sad news to announce, after a long illness Mikey Dread passed away this past Saturday. This is from his myspace...

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SecretAgent 27th March 2008
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I'm wondering more specifically about the PS Audio 2C and how it might compare with a Bryston 4B...if it's comparable I would...

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FireMoon 27th March 2008
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Hello - I was looking at the M-Audio Pulsar II mics to use for instruments and as overheads. Has anyone tried them? ANy...

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vodka gimli 27th March 2008
Avatar for Dougal The Dog

Hello all, So this weekend I'm going to be recording with a MacBook and a MOTU interface. The session hard drive is FW400 only...

Dougal The Dog
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loujudson 27th March 2008
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If any body has Direct email addresses for any of the Madison WI TV station GM's or News directors please PM me I will explain...

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ddageek 27th March 2008
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I have a track. It needs plug in automation. I open the plug in. Click the auto button. Add the things I want to automate. Set...

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Avatar for boyinthebox
boyinthebox 27th March 2008