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Hi everyone, I wanted to have your opinion on a situation i'm facing regarding DI's. I'm a bass player recording bass at home...

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kbjazzman 3rd April 2008
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Dear reader! THANKS FOR OPENING I'm currently searching for a decent SDC mic for 500 - 750 dollars whose frequency range...

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hanisch 3rd April 2008
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I'm mixing a project right now with nicely played and well-recorded drums, which is truly a joy. But there's one small...

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juniorhifikit 3rd April 2008
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Hey guys Im currently running a digirack 002 with a Akg perception mic wich is incredibly dull...(just to get me by for the...

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Homeaudiopro 3rd April 2008
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I'm using Genelec 8040 in my studio, and now I would like to complement them with a sub speaker. Thinking about buying a genelec...

Rasmus Faber
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lionheart 3rd April 2008
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Hey, Doing some re-wiring in my rack and I am considering patching up the buss inputs on my Portico compressor into a patchbay...

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joeq 3rd April 2008
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I'm looking for a great stereo mic preamp. The application will be primarily for tracking beats, but it needs to do well with...

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OLD BANANAS 3rd April 2008
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The more old gear I work with the more hiss I seem to accumulate. How the heck did the get rid of it all? Was it done in the...

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vernier 3rd April 2008
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It's got an xlr out and a parallel 1/4". If it's in bypass; it shouldn't color the signal and I can record a clean version;...

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steveschizoid 3rd April 2008
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I've been eyeing the Thermionic Culture Vulture for a while and told Jeff @ Vintage King to get me a demo. He finally dropped...

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hey_mavis 3rd April 2008
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Hey Gang, I'm looking for someone in Hobart to record some wild lines of an actor appearing in a play down there & email the...

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Blackfoot 3rd April 2008
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Who's doing it? Looking at a pair of Actions for an inexpensive alternative to my TG1. LOOVE my TG1, but it's not always right....

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indie 3rd April 2008
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Hey guys, I have a M-audio PCI 1010 lt soundcard, I’m pretty happy with it, but it does cause a problem when I record due to...

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user83248234 3rd April 2008
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check this out JRRshop.com : Groove Tubes MP-1A Mic Pre - $399.00USD boy-someone at JRR has some splaining to do!

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thermos 3rd April 2008
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What's up fellow Gearslutz........Ok here's my question........when is a piece of gear considered "Vintage"?confoosed...

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soupking 3rd April 2008
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well? heh

Teo Macero
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Outlaw Hans 3rd April 2008
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looking for a particular one. its the warner studio orchestral stage and/or other filmscore/orchestral stages besides the ones...

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Chaellus 3rd April 2008
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I know it's a stretch, but i need to get into contact with either of the two. I have something to offer them.

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PhonoquO 3rd April 2008
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Any suggestions on a good DI? Im wanting to reamp the signal eventually. Im going to split so I can send one to the POD and...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 3rd April 2008
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What do you think about it? I`ve tested 2-1176 on vocal and piano and i like this sound very much - it is fat and bright , very...

janek 68
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thermos 3rd April 2008
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The Mount Anthony Uniion High School is a powerhouse of young performers, there can be no denying. Each year they put on a Pop...

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Unclenny 3rd April 2008
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So I have a session coming up on Friday recording a small brass ensemble. I use a DIGI 002r with a Rosetta 800. The client...

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tINY 3rd April 2008
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I don't think this is an April Fools joke. New Details Revealed of Music Industry Plan to OK P2P New Details Revealed of...

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davet 2nd April 2008
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is there a secret agreement with manufacturers that they will all stay 24 bit? will the time/space continuum implode if we...

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rackdude 2nd April 2008
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Is this 2 units circuit board are the same? From my understanding...Multiface is the ADI 8 with out TDIF circuit board the rest...

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redroom 2nd April 2008
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k hers the thing. i know that i cubase 4 you can route lets say a reverb fx channel send to a track and then you can pan the...

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psycho_monkey 2nd April 2008
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trying to do some research on compatibility/sound quality. if the subject describes you, please share your thoughts! -JD

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IndieRockStudio 2nd April 2008
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Anybody interested in a wiseman quad case?? I don't play anymore so it seems pointless to have extra cases lying about.

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Igotsoul4u 2nd April 2008
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Hi, I would like to incorporate a patch bay in my rack so I can easily use outboard gear in my mixes and choose my chains on the...

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Crash 2nd April 2008
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Hello Everyone, I'm doing a custom panel, 2 space, about 32 connectors, XLR, 1/4", RCA, USB, etc It's for my DJ/Band...

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musiclee 2nd April 2008
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We are tracking some sleigh bells for some back-up perc on a rock song tonight, among other things, and I'd like to get done with...

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Sigma 2nd April 2008
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Hey, fellow sluts (and sluttettes). Again, not sure if here is the appropriate forum, so if I'm out of line here by all means...

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DJMostar 2nd April 2008
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I've got a Alesis HD24 updated and upgraded with the ec-2 24bit 96k ugraded converters, drive 1 is a 10 gig drive and drive 2...

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Depswa1 2nd April 2008
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Hey, can anyone recommend a repairman for fluke products (8060a) in the brooklyn/nyc area? mine is starting to go haywire, and...

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Geoff_T 2nd April 2008
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what mics are people using for room measurements? I hate to even mention the name but is the beh ECM8000 any good for...

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Ethan Winer 2nd April 2008
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Well, the title almost said it all: When you talk about RMS levels, do you mean sine-wave measured (AES-17), or square-wave...

Hepha Luemp
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Hepha Luemp 2nd April 2008
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Hey fellas... I've just completed my first A/V job. My deepest respect to those of you here that are in this line of work....

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severe 2nd April 2008
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I would welcome anyones experiences with these two mic's KM84's, Josephson C42's. I have a pair of 70's Neumann KM85's I use and...

Myopic Void
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Myopic Void 2nd April 2008
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I love the sound of tape. Bought an MCI JH110c. Everything I read about calibrating it tells me I need a tone generating...

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networkresearch 2nd April 2008
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Hello everyone, i know this may sound gooof... But I am in need of two sets of monitor/speaker stands for a pair of Event ASP 8s...

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Getafix 2nd April 2008
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Hey there I need someone who knows what their talking about when it comes to home recording. Currently I'm re-designing my...

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coppage 2nd April 2008
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Ok, so today, i'm supposed to receive my new LA-610 and I can't wait to try it out. One question I have that I can't figure...

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Lerxst 2nd April 2008
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howdy slutz, i've come for my first consultation. so i've been using the HR824s for about 4 years now. they're the only...

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Slaytex 2nd April 2008
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What is the best April fools joke you or someone else has done in the studio, at home, on location, etc?

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steffo 2nd April 2008
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about 90% of the time when i see a Purple Biz in someones lunchbox it's the only one in the rack, whereas i often see Ma5's,...

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thenoiseflower 2nd April 2008
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I have two Adam A-7 monitors, and when I first got them, I thought they were the greatest thing I ever bought. Now, though, they...

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cooker 2nd April 2008
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Have no clue about the brands or how they sound (except NS10's). Just curios what is Nigel Godrich...

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JStuart 2nd April 2008
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Hi Guys, Currently I have all my equipment plugged into a Mackie Onyx 1220 Desk which all feeds into my M-Audio 1010LT...

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tINY 2nd April 2008
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What's the "pre du jour" for acoustic guitars right now? I'm thinking something pretty transparent. Hoping I could find...

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barryjohns 2nd April 2008
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Realizing that I don't record drums in my basement studio, and never utilizing over two inputs at any one time in my tracking, I...

Brian Scherzer
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owlmonkeys 2nd April 2008