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Live & Work in Australia Free Visa Eligibility Assessment http://Ejobs.101free.net

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big country 17th April 2008
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So, today I picked up the new Anti-Flag album. Sounds f'ing ace. So, I was wondering, WOW, who produced this. Tony Visconti....

The Chemist
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The Chemist 17th April 2008
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hey guys... i am going to wire a snake from my upstairs control room to my downstairs live room... will be about 100 feet running...

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gainreduction 17th April 2008
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I have this beautiful tube mono power amp here, Benor Grand. It has 15 tubes, 14 of them are 6l6 type tubes (wild guess from...

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tubeydude 17th April 2008
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This might sound kind of vague or strange, but I'm getting a pair of monitors that I want to have a good reflection of the kind...

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analogjeff 17th April 2008
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Hello, A few questions I though someone might be able to answer... Do people think these are worth it? What exactly do they do?...

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allstar 17th April 2008
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For those of you that have an API A2D or 3124 or have heard one, have you heard a noticeable change between sample rates? I'm...

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Unknown soldier 17th April 2008
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I love the A2D, however in my quest for better conversion (am I on the right website for this? jummpp) I'm thinking of getting a...

Unknown soldier
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Unknown soldier 17th April 2008
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Not a product placement or anything :) Just thought you guys might admire the work of Wes Lachot. Wes Lachot Design || Studio...

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cgarges 17th April 2008
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Hi, Thinking of getting some old stuff, a Roland JV 2080 or a Roland XV3080 (or 5080). Are they sound wise both cool and is...

Roger Starr
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Jussi Kulomaa 17th April 2008
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or try listening harder

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jlongen 17th April 2008
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Hey Guys Trying to scrounge up some good mixing dvd's for some friends of mine but can't think of many off the top of my...

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Bara CoCain 17th April 2008
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Maybe because it is that I am completely unfamiliar with the hardware and I've never researched how and on what it was used, but...

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GSF 17th April 2008
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Anyone know where I can get half-unit rack blanks (I know, it's an odd part...) I've got a couple 1.5 unit patch-bays and the...

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dave-G 17th April 2008
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how good is the de-esser on a 525? compared to a BSS DPR-404 for example? - edit - ok no comparison necessary. how good is the...

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seaneldon 17th April 2008
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I'd like to know how BFD Andy Johns & Joe Barresi (Evil Drums)'s Platinum Samples collections respectively compare to dfh...

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jyeager 17th April 2008
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Can you guys help me? Every time I open up my session, I have to re-do all the Amplitube X-Gear settings...a MAJOR pain in the...

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Johnkenn 17th April 2008
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I'm talking about Tension and Release. A sense of Building pressure. How can you achieve this in arrangement? How can you...

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lanervoza 17th April 2008
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We all know that balanced is better than unbalanced (though I've heard people claim that it colors the sound in underiable ways...

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Podgorny 17th April 2008
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Ive read a fair few threads here on the much liked Shure M67 Mic Mixer and wonder about the M68 (looks the same without the vu...

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ramjac 17th April 2008
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There was/is a company in north florida making speakers/studio monitors and I can not remember the name of them at all. I had...

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peter-pan 17th April 2008
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When cleaning inside of a console is it better to vacuum any dust or blow it off with compressed air?

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Fruition2k 17th April 2008
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Hi, A client gave me an EKO Tivoli preset organ a few years ago. It looks cool but I've never been able to get it to switch on...

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baikonour 17th April 2008
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Hello, I need a volume controller and I don't want a toy as M-Patch, iNano and bla bla blaaaa...heh I have see the Presonus...

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SoniA 17th April 2008
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Anyone have anything to say about it? Most I know is that it uses an M7 capsule and sounds are between the U47 and the C12....

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dylansmale 17th April 2008
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Do a lecture forum for like synths, engineering, that sort of thing? please don't post saying that all the forum discussions are...

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dylansmale 17th April 2008
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I did the "prince trick" today... that's what I call it cause I heard he did this. Take a programmed snare and remap...

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andychamp 17th April 2008
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Hi Slutz, I accidently stumbled across this on YouTube a few days ago, and I'm not sure if any of you guys know about it...

Sunim Koria
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basho 17th April 2008
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Hey folks I will get to the point I just bought a pro vla I am plugging my bass into a radial JDI into VLA via XLR into 002. My...

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vrockob 17th April 2008
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I was looking over some spare 2" tapes I have in my studio. The place that charted the session mentions using NR. What NR...

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PlatinumSamples 17th April 2008
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I don't know if anyone has posted this so i apologize in advance if it has. A good friend (an animator) sent this to me and it...

Arturo Bandini
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Arturo Bandini 17th April 2008
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I'm a gearslut like the rest of you - but thought I'd show you guys what I do In an effort to NOT have to take every crap gig...

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danocaster 17th April 2008
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I remember seeing someone mention that they might be comparing a Peluso 2247LE with a Telefunken RFT AK47 - I can't find any...

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TonyBelmont 17th April 2008
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I keep seeing a ton of bashing of the DP 5 summing engine on here and as someone who splits my time between Pro Tools and DP, I...

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Tony Shepperd 17th April 2008
Avatar for the kid

I currently have a 48k AD unit ... Apogee WC is sent to RME Digiface which outputs to monitors ... I am considering a...

the kid
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mixerguy 17th April 2008
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Hi everybody, I got a simple question for you today. I'll be buying a tube guitar amp pretty soon, I've seen the fender twin...

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matskull 17th April 2008
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I am going to have to go try the Xenon Limiter because I just read an article that says that its pretty transparent and it rated...

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camerondye 17th April 2008
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Is the ADL a compliment to the GRs? I'm recording instruments, but mostly pop vocals using a 2247LE and am a bit worried that...

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asagaai 17th April 2008
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Hello All, After reading thread after thread about the advantages of analog summing, or disadvantages of ITB summing,a...

Sofa King
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thethrillfactor 17th April 2008
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I was told by IZ that while useing the same converters the new adreline systems sound better due to improved DSP. I thought the...

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StudioKing 17th April 2008
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So Focusrite had the ISA line where they were originally full channel strips like the 430 and the 220. Then came the 4 channel...

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woodfoot 17th April 2008
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It's crazy, my interface broke down so I had to hook up my system directly to my laptop while I get it fixed. Man, the sound...

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lockdown 17th April 2008
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show is overabduction

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drmmrboy 17th April 2008
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Alright the 4038's are a no brainer. However, I want to get into the world of Ribbons. I have yet to personally own one. We have...

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jchadstopherhuez 16th April 2008
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So I know this is an Audio forum but I need some help. So I have this assignment to post a question in a forum for a Digital...

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Superdrumskills 16th April 2008
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How does that sca a12 compare with the 3124? I've heard some claim that 3124 is not even the same as the older APIs- though I can...

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CrankyRayHanky 16th April 2008
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I just got myself a Presonus Digimax FS. This unit does not have balanced line inputs that bypass the preamps only unbalanced...

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stafs 16th April 2008
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I need to convert Opt ADAT out to 8 analog, one way. Ins aren't needed. What are my options above Behringer or Alesis?

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Mike Brown 16th April 2008
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hey guys Just curious if anybody has used this website for placements/reviews and networking...seems pretty legit and was...

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embrionic 16th April 2008
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Is anyone using at least 16 inputs of firewire interfaces succesfully? How? Which cards? What sample rate? I am tryng to get...

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tazman 16th April 2008