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Hi all, I'm thrilled to have just upgraded my HD24 to 96kHz recording, with better analog circuitry and converters (and perhaps...

PhatStax Drums
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PhatStax Drums 5th May 2008
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I love listening to music on my bose sound dock. And those are MP3s. Does that mean that I really need to get a good D/A...

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heisleyamor 5th May 2008
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Although I have been using PTHD for quite a while now, I don't think I completely understand delay compensation generally and...

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Deleted 1a30a04 5th May 2008
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I recently purchased some ten year old Hafler powered monitor speakers - model TRM 6.1. These were still new in-the-box and...

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captainjoe 5th May 2008
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I repeatedly got strange mails from this guy asking for studio time for his african/asian gospel groups. Strangely enough he...

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cbarrett92 5th May 2008
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This is kind of a stupid thing that happened to me. I got back from college and wanted to record some drums just for fun and I...

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cbarrett92 5th May 2008
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I signed up with TuneCore and uploaded my 11 song album today for digital distribution in all the major internet music sites....

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djwayne 5th May 2008
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for some information about this unit but curiously I haven't found much on the net. How many channels of...

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Oroz 5th May 2008
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My friend, Steve Orich (orchestrator - Jersey Boys), discovered the term “In The Box” while visiting the Gear Slutz site. ...

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pbotkin 5th May 2008
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hi, I bought an akg N46-C1 powersupply with 2 vintage 451's from madooma mics in germany, below is what martin from madooma sent...

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nicklas 5th May 2008
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I had just cleaned my rosewood fingerboard with some lemon oil, I noticed a smudge on the top of my guitar (spruce) and stupidly...

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travisbrown 5th May 2008
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Studioklocka 5th May 2008
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ImageShack - Hosting :: 24955837xv7.jpg ImageShack - Hosting :: 34561466he6.jpg Can any one help? Is that fake teak wood...

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joeq 5th May 2008
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Other than the API 512c, what 500 series pre are you reaching for, for snare... as of late?

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marty lester 5th May 2008
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Hi Guys, I'm looking for the best way to record a vocal track to my 2 track Otari machine, then transfer it into Logic. The...

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Rossco 5th May 2008
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we've got a u87ai and a tlm193. need to best match some interview dialog that was recorded on u89. haven't gotten to listen to...

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mixingengine 5th May 2008
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So I'm in the market for a Fender combo amp, what's everyone using for studio work? We have a Bogner Ecstasy, Vox AC30, a...

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TTatman 5th May 2008
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Hi! I got several sessions lately and I found out that in many cases in the BD tracks that if I could flip the phase of one...

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Daniel Antix 5th May 2008
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I was looking at stuff on Youtube and stumbled on a bunch of videos and music by The Residents. Please don't get offended by...

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jeangodard 5th May 2008
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For voice over music bed ducking (radio commercial) what do most people use? -Logic Pro has ducker plugin that reduces the music...

Patrick B.
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Daniel Antix 5th May 2008
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So, I want to validate that I understand this correctly. According to the Digi site, you can upgrade a Mix Core Card to and...

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Bounce 5th May 2008
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I don't get this... I worked in L.A., Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas...

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reid 5th May 2008
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would LOVE to see how you approach this, if you've never heard the song you're tracking with a client, how do you know how to...

Kadden Heart
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Kadden Heart 5th May 2008
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I need to buy a control surface that I can write automation with Pro-tools as well as Nuendo. I was looking at the new Mackie...

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Maison77 5th May 2008
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Hi i need a quicktime movie that is studio related, really does not matter what, a big mixer in the movie would be great,if not...

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vintagelove 5th May 2008
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I am (regretfully) putting my tube-modded Rode K2 on eBay tonight. While the sound is absolutely stellar, I am finding the tube...

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Steffmo 5th May 2008
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Hey all, I'm using a 002r with some outboard preamps and I have a couple questions. I currently have an Alesis AI3 that I...

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Colorblind 5th May 2008
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Ever since last night when they did some work to GS my email notifications for subscibed threads stopped working. I checked in...

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jho 5th May 2008
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I'm tracking a metal project. I have extremely annoying hiss that sounds like a vacuum cleaner in the faint background. Can...

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GlassPrisoner79 4th May 2008
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Am a noob here on gearsluts and would like to ask for a little advice. I have just bought an rme 800f but and I need more mic...

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turtlemoon 4th May 2008
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I'm looking for some advice on the sonic differences between the two. I have the software version and I am very pleased with...

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Protools Guy 4th May 2008
Avatar for primemeat64

I'd like some more pre's (to add to my ensemble) for my mobile setup and was thinking Audient ASP008... good choice? If I go...

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Mr XY 4th May 2008
Avatar for TocaLaGuitara

Ok, I need a little advice. I've already got a pair of KM184's, but right now my entire recording rig/business is mobile, so I've...

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Mike Brown 4th May 2008
Avatar for Bradahman

What combo's do you prefer. Thank you

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Newcleardaze 4th May 2008
Avatar for hoodun

i'm looking for a couple mics that are clearer in the highs than the mk-319. these will be used as overheads (glyn and recorder...

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tINY 4th May 2008
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This thread maybe more at home in the guitar forum because I'm primarily looking for a mono analogue flanger which would...

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wakestyle 4th May 2008
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LE8 does not come bundled with Waveburner like logic pro does. what mastering/CD burning software do you recommend for LE8? ...

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jnorman 4th May 2008
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Hi, I'm trying to figure out if I should move to Vegas. First of all I work as a day trader so making it in the music...

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surflounge 4th May 2008
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I just bought a pair of Fathead IIs and am very happy with the way they sound. I was wondering if anyone has heard the...

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chet.d 4th May 2008
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I just finished my studio diagram, i tought I would just post it, might be helpful to some, might also be improved by your input...

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mdjice 4th May 2008
Avatar for sONIC_jUNKIE

Hello ! Id like to ask you guys for assistance... I have cca 2000 $ for audio interface and cannot really decide which one to...

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tINY 4th May 2008
Avatar for BudgetMC

IMHO... Booker T and the MG's. 'Cause the whole band was a rhythm section.diddlydoo Your picks?

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CZ101 4th May 2008
Avatar for ddp

Hi all I am the original owner of a Marshall JMP1 guitar preamp. I love this pre. I have had it since the eighties. I used it...

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ddp 4th May 2008
Avatar for mds

Hey guys, Running leopard on a macbook pro...going off to do a remote and need some more inputs. Protools runs like crap right...

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G-lay 4th May 2008
Avatar for thingsbreak

I did an casual survey over the last number of months asking various clients who were in recording what the number one...

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joelpatterson 4th May 2008
Avatar for woodfoot

Can anyone suggest a transparent eq plugin in native AU format? Looking for something like the GML if it exists. Cheers

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lostinmusic 4th May 2008
Avatar for phaedrus

Well, here it is: my virgin post on gearslutz :) I have been reading threads for about 3 days non-stop, and finally decided to...

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Bosco 4th May 2008
Avatar for DesertDawg

OK, so i picked up this mic awhile back, and it was one of those NIB, closeout kinda deals where it was cheap enough to where i...

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chasman 4th May 2008
Avatar for djanogil

After reading a really instructive article in the tips section of GS about recording levels, I've started recording my new...

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u b k 4th May 2008
Avatar for thingsbreak

Kind of more an ear than a gear question...I just set up a wireless router for a couple computers here. Seems to be a subtle high...

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Avatar for tINY
tINY 4th May 2008