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Let's say you have 2 dbx 160 running as stereo pair. Or you could get a dbx 166 stereo unit. Is it of any concern that perhaps...

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Kiwiburger 11th May 2008
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I recently picked up an AEA R92 and need something with a lot of clean gain, and wouldn't mind expanding my preamp section as...

Sean Sullivan
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staudio 11th May 2008
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For all of you who haven't been doing this, take heed. It's magic. We stumbled upon this solution nit-picking what wasn't...

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kafka 11th May 2008
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Anyone using one of these AEA's with an old ribbon? like a 44bx or 77dx? Im interested to know if they are just 85db of gain.. or...

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warhead 11th May 2008
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I find it interesting that there is so few posts on this piece. I've done several searches (P1 alone is too short) and have come...

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warhead 11th May 2008
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Hi All Just a techie question about My AD/DA Setup.. I have an Apogee AD-16X as my front end. I Mix in Protools LE with a...

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Adagio12 11th May 2008
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Anybody got any tips they would like to share? I am tracking drums Monday and was thinking of trying a (spaced) pair of km184's...

turk sanchez
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biggator6 11th May 2008
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So, I'm looking at new mics. I've had a project studio that I'm hoping to start improving. I've been using Audix i5s for guitar...

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theGeek 11th May 2008
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My intro to audio teacher said that analog gear such as Pres and compressors are better left powered on than being turned on and...

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Velvetfreddy 11th May 2008
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AMAZING! YouTube - Star Wars Trumpet Stacy Hedger

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nukmusic 11th May 2008
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I am in the process of upgrading all of my recording gear from lower to mid level, to upper mid to high end. I just purchased a...

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nicklas 11th May 2008
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Hello. Question: How important are the center frequencies on a consoles and would it be a drastic sonic difference. The older...

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Snatchman 11th May 2008
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Might get one and I was just wondering what the story is with it. I haven't gotten a chance to hear it yet.

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filthyrich 11th May 2008
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Just wanted to poll some of you dirty slutz on the U87 Ai. What does the Ai stand for, and is it significantly different from the...

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Anselmo 11th May 2008
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Hi Gearslutz. I know we have a lot of high professionals here at gearslutz. I haven been doing all my mixing in the last 5...

Deleted 99dc753
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Kronos147 10th May 2008
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Hi there! During a Businesstrip (coming from Germany going to Montreal), I have exactly 1 day off in NY. I want to buy a new...

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kittyboy 10th May 2008
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Hello, I wonder if I could get a better-quality signal if I changed the phono cables of my Technics SL 1200 MK 2 turntable to...

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Studioklocka 10th May 2008
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so i was watching that old early 80s movie "time bandits" the other day. (great terry gillaim movie . that guy is a...

Dirty Gear Pimp
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AMIEL 10th May 2008
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A friend got a touring gig playing new country. He was picking my brain today for amp suggestions - his current rigs aren't...

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soundchaser59 10th May 2008
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I am looking to buy a sound card with at least 8 inputs with a budget of about $400 max, so far all i have really seen is the...

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travisbrown 10th May 2008
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Hi. Anybody know of anyone who does mic mods in toronto. I picked up an apex 210 and would like to get it modded ( is that a...

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rghose 10th May 2008
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I'm going to need 2-3 reels of 2" tape for an upcoming project, and I can't get my beloved Quantegy 456. To me, no tape...

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Quint 10th May 2008
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Hi, Antares Filter is not being updated for intel macs - Is there a good Alternative for Intel Macs? Thanks

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gregohb 10th May 2008
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Hi. I was watching this music/studio video and I noticed that the vocalist uses what looks like two pop filters. YouTube -...

Deleted 55b0690
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ScumBum 10th May 2008
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Hello, for few days I've been trying to optimize my purchasing decision. I'm going to buy Radial X-amp (should be quality and...

Tommi Inkila
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Tommi Inkila 10th May 2008
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What is the bottom line cost to get an HD rig up and running?

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Deleted 1a30a04 10th May 2008
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Hey, just wondering if any of you guys thought it was a good idea of a bad idea to buy a used pair of Dynaudio BM6As. I am trying...

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iangomes 10th May 2008
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I've looked here in the forums and found many bad reviews about the original Focusrite Saffire. Now I'm hoping that maybe in the...

Guy Gabriel
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Guy Gabriel 10th May 2008
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Hi all Plug In Freaks!!! Does anyone knows if there is a similar native version (AU) to the McDSP AC1/AC2 McDSP - McDowell...

Deleted 99dc753
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Deleted 99dc753 10th May 2008
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OK.. Anyone know how to attach a picture or mp3..?? I used to be able to do it, but I'm being denied.. hidz Posting...

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Blast9 10th May 2008
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Say you signed up a band to an Artist producer development deal. You got paid a good hourly rate to produce and arrange...

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chris carter 10th May 2008
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I've been looking long and hard at both as of late. checking the spec. sheets and all. I wouldn't mind getting into the SSL...

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Klauth 10th May 2008
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Dude akai makes appliances??? AKAI oh this is the right site: Akai Professional - MPC EWI MPD MPK XR20 BEATS HEADRUSH nm

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hey_mavis 10th May 2008
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Wow! Let's talk about recording music.. in space! Did you know Neil Armstrong recorded his first transmission from the moon into...

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deckerluke 10th May 2008
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Hi. I was checking my ACP 88 for a switch ( 110V tu 220V ) a few days ago. I found out that there is no switch! Now i decided to...

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nubee 10th May 2008
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Hi GS, I did a search and couldn't find results. Searching for 2" tape online is a little tough anyway. Well, I'm looking...

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Toasterboy 10th May 2008
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So I'm starting my vinyl collection which I'm really psyched about. I'm really diggin the sound of records but I need to get a...

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dviola 10th May 2008
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My hard drive friend this morning, and I have a job due monday... I need about an hour of studio time to write CD-Text to a nine...

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Frost 10th May 2008
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Hey, Just wondering if there are any gearslutz in the Santa Barbara area? How things are as far as work out here? I may...

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DontLetMeDrown 10th May 2008
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I've narrowed it down. Does anyone have any experience with the Vintech 72 or Portico pres? I will be running acoustic/electric...

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Schmacko 10th May 2008
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hey guys, i've been thinking about changing the tubes in one channel of my peavey vmp-2 and comparing it to the original. has...

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violindave 10th May 2008
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So, I was looking at my local Craigslist today and came across this: Paul Reed Smith McCarty I drove like mad to get to the...

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SighBorg 10th May 2008
Avatar for phaedrus

I know folks "dump" tracks from tape to PT all the time. Would it be possible to simply insert a nice 1/4 tape machine...

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dbbubba 10th May 2008
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Hi I need you guys' help and knowledge. I'm re organizing my studio and adding a Argosy desk with a 40 HUI controler (tascam) I...

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mdjice 10th May 2008
Avatar for PheelTheMusic

My Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb reissue has recently developed some hissy/crackly sounds - all of the telltale signs of a blown/bad...

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PheelTheMusic 10th May 2008
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HI folks, my first post to a great site which i only just found.. I'll try to be brief. Anyone got feelings about the...

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Jimbo_9er 10th May 2008
Avatar for wakestyle

Which hardware sampler that is uptodate, with computer connectivity? Roland MV-8800 Akai MPC5000 Korg? Kurzweil? others?? I'm...

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wakestyle 10th May 2008
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Just wondering what others have experienced in terms of what works well (to your ear of course). I wasnt planning on buying one...

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turnstile 10th May 2008
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Hey Guys, Can anyone comment on the quality of the digital to analog converters in the Virus TI range - Cheers

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Dave12345 10th May 2008
Avatar for slaves666

I have a Fireface 800 and I want to add more ins and outs. I was looking at the Octamic D because it can do 16 ins and 8...

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chrysb93065 10th May 2008