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Is there a go to place to get gear fixed in the UK? I have some old units, preamps, compressors that I’d like fixed up,...

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OK GO 2nd June 2019
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Hello! I'm looking for the new (or used) channel strip. What is your opinion about Focusrite ISA430 mk2? I already have...

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tedmanzie 2nd June 2019
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I have just ordered the Sennheiser HD600 headphones. I intend to use them for mixing and listening to music. I have the Yamaha...

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sevelos 2nd June 2019
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Hi, Purchased Adam Audio Sub7 not too long ago (used/no warranty) Was working fine for couple months, and now doesn't turn...

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Bushman 2nd June 2019
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Hello. I've been on this home recording endeavor for a few weeks now with much help from a lot of people here. I'm recording in a...

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thismercifulfate 2nd June 2019
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When are we going too high end to the point it only sounds good on our system, and does not improve our mix on 90% of other...

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grega60438 2nd June 2019
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At the moment i have JBL LSR 305 at home. Really happy with the monitors (using only for listening). But since i have now a...

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Samgai 2nd June 2019
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hi all, I have had the JBL LSR305's on my desk for a few years and have enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I was moving some stuff...

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Murky Waters 2nd June 2019
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Hey guys, I don't know if I am gain staging wrong or something else. I am getting a hiss on my SM7 for background vocals. PT...

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who? 1st June 2019
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Hey guys. Prepare for what may be a stupid question. For all those using OTB Summing, but still relying on some parallel...

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bigdig 1st June 2019
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Which is the better VOCALIST microphone? Which one of these mics reproduces a voice with the most accuracy without having to use...

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fried fingers 1st June 2019
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So obviously im doing something wrong. I have tried a cmc6 and a senny 416, both are supposed to be top of the line voice over...

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ChuckyGold 1st June 2019
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My go to saturator is Vertigo VSM-3 and I’m quite happy with it. I also sometimes put Softube Saturaion Knob at a low setting...

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Jeff Hayat 1st June 2019
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Can someone suggest to me a modern day EV RE55? I'm not aware of many dynamic omnis that are widely praised. I have a 635a that...

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ShelGef 1st June 2019
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I've been watching various PureMix videos and I'm floored by the amount of processing that's being done on some of these mixes,...

Peter Craft
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Peter Craft 1st June 2019
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Gospel Musicians has implemented a new privacy policy. I can't sign into my existing account now, unless I consent to several...

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seacouch 1st June 2019
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Hello, I am working on building a small voiceover setup. The Shure SM7B and the Sennheiser MKH416 are two very popular mics...

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gearstudent 1st June 2019
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Anyone have an idea of the current going price for an AMS RMX16? I am having trouble finding any recent Reverb or Ebay auctions....

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Wiggy Neve Slut 1st June 2019
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Im looking for a nice hardware delay unit with a ping pong delay algoritm. Any tips?

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kragg 1st June 2019
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Anyone have both? Anyone like one better than the other? Would you keep one or the other? Why? Devon

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Deleted b738100 1st June 2019
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Hi! So I've had the 2 Bus Plus for awhile and love it. I'm currently debating going all ITB, but that's another story. I'm...

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Pcat 1st June 2019
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I'm trying to eliminate jitter from my studio. My gear is all pretty old, but I'm just wondering if I have things clocking...

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hazza26 31st May 2019
Avatar for soundmodel

Is there a hardware SSL G / equiv. which has non-stepped ratio, attack, release? I.e. continuously variable. elysia...

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soundmodel 31st May 2019
Avatar for turnstile

Hi, Noob to the community, but have been a reader for some time. Plenty of quality ears and minds here it seems! My question...

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gattismetal 31st May 2019
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Hello. I've been leaning towards picking up a pair of MC930s. I like the video's, recordings, feedback I've heard. I recently...

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Crowder 31st May 2019
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So I've been listening to a lot of music on headphones lately, and I've been surprised at how many tracks sound like they contain...

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Frankie Mumbles 31st May 2019
Avatar for SoulClops

changed the 220pf cap to a 680pf on the MXL V67g. I had the V67g hooked up to a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 interface. Pretty new...

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SoulClops 31st May 2019
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Hi all, After some forum skulking I got a Sennheiser e945 today for vocals. It goes through my presonus studio 2|4 into my...

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glinkot 31st May 2019
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I recently switched from using an RME babface with my Sony Vaio laptop (had worked great for 7 years) to an RME FF800 with the...

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brownj24 31st May 2019
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While I'm not connected directly with this You Tube Channel, other than being a subscriber... I'm a fan of Kenn Wingle's...

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chessparov2.0 31st May 2019
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Hey guys, Does anybody know what pieces of gear these are? I'm talking about the first two units from the top down (I...

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Drumsound 31st May 2019
Avatar for titlez

After some years of producing on yamahas (hs8) I want to upgrade my monitors to focal‘s shape 65 or twins. Quite recently,...

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Bushman 31st May 2019
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Hello, I recently bought a Beyer M88tg microphone and was amazed by its quality, big and clear sound (compared to the...

Deleted 1cebaa9
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yok 31st May 2019
Avatar for Dan E Brown

Anyone out there who has owned a set of 8030a's then updated to the newly revised 8030c's? Anyone had any experience with the new...

Dan E Brown
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Bigsoundseeker 31st May 2019
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Hey folks! I rented an RC-300 Loop Station to enhance the live performance of a songwriter I’m gigging with. I’ve been...

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kblair210 30th May 2019
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Hey All, I've recently posted threads about both my preamps and mic locker for a mobile recording rig that I want to build to...

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sirjuxtable 30th May 2019
Avatar for Maxcutch

So I'm currently looking at purchasing a Presonus Temblor T10 and was wondering what speakers to pair it with. I have a set of...

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Maxcutch 30th May 2019
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Hey guys, chatted with someone at B&H earlier and they werent much help. I have been doing some reading on here and it seem...

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jtcalls 30th May 2019
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I would like to know how one can get a series of tracks evenly loud in RMS while keeping the original dynamics? Can it be done...

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Musician 30th May 2019
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I currently have a Roland Tri Capture Audio Interface but the ASIO drivers keep crashing on my Windows 7 & the pre-amp...

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bowzin 30th May 2019
Avatar for SDunscombe

Hi Ya'll, I accidentally posted the power supply to my interface overseas (long story) and have had to find a solution at...

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Janne19691 30th May 2019
Avatar for mbf90

Hi all, I have had the mod bug pretty badly lately and an idea for my AKG C414 EB p48 struck me tonight. The mod turned out...

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roy_mattie 30th May 2019
Avatar for peterashermusic

Hi guys! I'll admit, I've been a longtime frequenter and beneficiary of this forum for many years but have not become a member...

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toledo3 30th May 2019
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Hi gearslutz! I don't know if this is the right subforum to post something like this. However, we were in the middle of a...

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mbvoxx 30th May 2019
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hi guys iam looking for a payable solution or the easiest solution as a app for ipad! i just want to connect the...

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drezz 30th May 2019
Avatar for soundmodel

SSL G is more versatile than "bus"? Particularly, I have a TK Audio BC501. This is marketed as a bus...

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TheLastByte 30th May 2019
Avatar for GZHN89

I'm currently working in the box using Ableton. I use a focusrite scarlett gen2 interface. I have a Behringer Neutron mono synth...

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GZHN89 30th May 2019
Avatar for DJ Bechara

Hello Guys, I am working on an iMac Pro running 10.13.3 and my main sound interface is an apogee thunderbridge connected to an...

DJ Bechara
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DJ Bechara 30th May 2019
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sE X1D


Hi ladies and gents, I do mostly live work, and I've fallen for the hype a little and I'm thinking about picking up an X1D as...

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Drumsound 30th May 2019
Avatar for goldylocks

AT4050 vs WA47 If you had to choose between these two microphones for recording mainly acoustic guitar and vocals, which one...

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s12512 30th May 2019