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anyone have any advice about learning the differences between them all or somewhere I can find a chart or something? also, I...

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Geoff_T 15th May 2008
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This is probably more appropriate for the musicians in you rather than the engineer, I'm making a business plan to further my...

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corruptmary 15th May 2008
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YouTube - Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (live at Later...) There are other songs too from the same set. The cymbal sounds...

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cbc459 14th May 2008
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i just bought a telefunken ak47 and am in love with it. totally flat through a neve 1272 it sounds just plain ole right. its...

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theom 14th May 2008
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....hehe..... Dream On Pro - Music Destruction Software.

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Hane 14th May 2008
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I haven't used BD yet, but I need to figure something out for a mix I need to finish this week. I finished the mix, the...

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fuzzface777 14th May 2008
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I recently installed lots of bass traps and some diffusion in my control room and the level of detail is way better. I can...

Slap Back
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Midiguy 14th May 2008
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No ADC/track limits/hardware limits etc it's bullsh*t!... I don't have 10g for HD so which program is the easiest change over for...

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nrup 14th May 2008
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I just scored this rather kewl pre-WWII Telefunken bottle mic on german eBay. But what really amazes me is the auction...

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Dan 14th May 2008
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Hi. I know there are similar threads in gearlutz, but I want fresh opinions. I have around 1500 dollars to spend on a...

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JPeters86 14th May 2008
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When I look at the "miced guitar amps in the studio" thread I see various positions for SM57 and MD421 mics on guitar...

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b808 14th May 2008
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Someone did it. Look here. UAD Forums • View topic - How to get the VirtuaVia box working with multiple UAD...

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bitman 14th May 2008
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Hi everybody, im new to your forum and it looks great! I've been poking around for info about my question but didn't find any...

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turnstile 14th May 2008
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I hear alot about the imaging and sound of tape. I wonder if I can get the same characteristics by just dumping my mix bus out...

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Sigma 14th May 2008
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Hello, After years recording with the bass of keyboards and sample, finally I am going to record really electric bass. My main...

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Toasterboy 14th May 2008
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I started the first phase of restoring a MCI 538c console yesterday. Money changed hands and it's MINE now... good or bad! I...

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Dan 14th May 2008
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Howdy, I live in Australia so this step down transformer question is an issue here if we wish to use USA gear without...

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nosebleedaudio 14th May 2008
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Current setup: -Inspiron 1520 (4 gigs ram, core 2 duo, sonar 7 producer edition running on vista x64) -Presonus Firebox...

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Zachary 14th May 2008
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Just got my Revox B77 mkII HS serviced! NOW... what tape should i use on it? i keep reading how ****ty 456 has become. goo...

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MickeySmid 14th May 2008
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Hi there. Just a quick question, I have a Fireface 400 and Cubase 4 Studio, but I am unable to activate any of my input and...

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toasteh 14th May 2008
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Greetings All, I wasn't sure where to post this. Apologies if it's in the wrong place. My band is looking for a studio to...

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woodfoot 14th May 2008
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Cheers, Tom __________________ Tom Guest - Sound Design & Music Production

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The dman 14th May 2008
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Does anybody know what the poles on a '3 pin male mini din connector' mean? Can't find an answer on the www... Thanks, Dirck

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gurubuzz 14th May 2008
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Does anyone know anything about the recording of this album? I read somewhere that it was recorded in 10 hours. surely that can't...

mic monkey
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mic monkey 14th May 2008
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So, the live venue at my college campus is being renovated and I'm looking for a new XLR cable storage/organization method...

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Fabi 14th May 2008
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I have the chance to buy an old MD 21 I could just use it on my voice through a yamaha DM1000 Though it needed some EQing I...

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Fabi 14th May 2008
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hello slutz, a friend of mine from finland(manager of a really good rock/metal band) asked me for help to look for a booking...

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DanielaPetri 14th May 2008
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Hi everybody I wonder what is some general opinion about that combo mentioned in the topic. Like I said, my primary use...

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SveNaj 14th May 2008
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Hi fellow Slutz, Here is my dilemma...knowing the bass tone and frequency that I have is accurate. Like many, getting a bass...

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Jules 14th May 2008
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When making a stereo recording, we usually use 2 microphones on one instrument (for example, acoustic guitar). Does anyone ever...

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uncle duncan 14th May 2008
Avatar for beardsnotbeers

and drop 10 g's because it's the industry standard? My projectmix/m-powered set up is making me want to kill myself these days....

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Ronski 14th May 2008
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We have two studios. We recently added a Dynaudio BM9S sub to our studio that has Dynaudio BM6 monitors. We really like the...

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dubaifox 14th May 2008
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I'm always amazed when I read about an entire album that was recorded in a single day. Thought it would be interesting to put...

Al Rogers
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jagalactic 14th May 2008
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I've read numerous times about people gating room mics with close mics on the snare and/or toms to get them to...

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bgrotto 14th May 2008
Avatar for Renegade Prod

Tell me your thoughts, wrong? right? maybe? idiot? ok? you're amazing? Tight metal band (crushed, not very organic). Only...

Renegade Prod
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DeepSpace 14th May 2008
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And by portastudio I mean any cassette based recorder made by any manufacturer, not just TASCAM. What about ones that can do 8...

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vernier 14th May 2008
Avatar for AnalogBrain

Hey all, Just got a pair of Event ASP8s, and the mid-range is ridiculous!!! Just tried them out in my new studio, there are a...

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DeepSpace 14th May 2008
Avatar for soupking

I did a search on room compression. Huh, that's a laugh. Anyway, I've been curious to test room compression on drums, but before...

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manthe 14th May 2008
Avatar for Pfraser

Hey, I have a Korg Polyphonic Ensemble 1000 (aka PE-1000, K4, Poly Ensemble) but don't have the 5-pin pedal that controls the...

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Pfraser 14th May 2008
Avatar for Xspringe

I am looking for some advice on purchasing a studio drum kit. The band I'm in (http://www.thecrownsmusic.com) has always...

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Xspringe 13th May 2008
Avatar for deckerluke

Hello, I've got a pro tools mix with some stereo vocal tracks and mono, wondering what the best way to send it into my LA2A...

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peeder 13th May 2008
Avatar for Zorran

sounds really different to their previous stuff for sure in a good way. on first listen i think theyve just written stuff for...

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AMIEL 13th May 2008
Avatar for Phillystylec

I saw this add whilst perusing Craigslist for some used gear. RECORDING/ DUPLICATION BUSINESS FOR SALE not that I am...

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zkaudio 13th May 2008
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... That would be a good choice for the mix buss as well as tracking? Clean/linear/big. If I can find a way to rationalize the...

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feyshay 13th May 2008
Avatar for Jazzpunk

I've been trying to find audio examples of the Thermionic Culture Vulture to no avail. I am hoping someone here might be so kind...

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Avatar for Sam an huel
Sam an huel 13th May 2008
Avatar for fuzzface777

When doing my own demo's, MP3's, I master myself using L2007. However when sending my non dithered, non limited, 24bit audio...

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fuzzface777 13th May 2008
Avatar for j22

While setting unity gain on 8 mics, my analog Mackie 24/8 mixer appears to sum channel power at its outputs .i.e. with 8 singers...

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j22 13th May 2008
Avatar for spenceroo

I have very limited rack space in my home studio and wondered if it's safe to put my new Tascam HD recorder or a CD Player right...

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diamondjim 13th May 2008
Avatar for jaye b

This probably 's been asked before, i did a search but couldn't find any. I have to do some quick mastering on a few tracks. a...

jaye b
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stanmart 13th May 2008
Avatar for Matt Biermann

Thought I'd share my experience: First of all, the show was great. I wasn't able to be in the very front because my wife is...

Matt Biermann
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Matt Biermann 13th May 2008